GRC Summer Regatta

GRC Summer Regatta 2022 GRC Summer Regatta 2022

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Dear Fellow Rowers,

Glasgow Rowing Club Summer Regatta – Saturday 18th June 2022

Continuing political turmoil and international uncertainty lay the very best foundations for the brightest and best sporting event of the 2022 calendar, Glasgow Rowing Club Summer Regatta.

The club is delighted to invite you to the GRC Summer Regatta. Races will be held over an 1100m side by side course, from the ‘Smart’ bridge on Cowans’ Bend to the GRC Clubhouse (passing through the reconstructed Polmadie Bridge), with a shorter course for cadet events.

The Regatta offers a number of events, suitable for the seriously competitive (on a day off 😉 ) but also for people who just want to get together and represent their club. Including our fun invitation event for the whole club to take part in, involving a relay of sprinters building points for the event, fastest overall club wins. Emphasis will remain squarely on fun.

An excellent selection of food to fuel the competitors and spectators will be available from the GRC Tearoom and Barbecue.

Please contact the Race Secretary with any questions ASAP.

Entry fees should be paid by BACS transfer the day before the event (Please contact the race secretary for the necessary bank details)

All competitors must possess a current racing licence issued by Scottish Rowing (or other governing body).

Please note that any competitor racing under a ‘foreign’ licence must race for a club that belongs to the body that issued the licence, i.e. you may not race for a Scottish club unless you are in possession of a Scottish licence.

Licence numbers must be supplied or else competitors may need to apply for a Scottish Rowing Day Ticket.

For any questions, please email the Race secretary: Katie Perrie at

Event details:


Mixed (must be 50/50 split) Open Mas (state category in comments)
Mix 8+ O 8+ W 8+ O Mas 8+ W Mas 8+
Mix 4x O 4+ W 4+ O Mas 4+ W Mas 4+
Mix 2x O 4x W 4x O Mas 4x W Mas 4x
Team Relay O 2- W 2- O Mas 2- W Mas 2-
4x+ O 2x W 2x O Mas 2x W Mas 2x
2x O 1x W 1x O Mas 1x W Mas 1x
Res 2 Novice Junior 16
O R2 8+ W R2 8+ O Nov 8+ W Nov 8+ O J16 4x+ W J16 4x+
O R2 4+ W R2 4+ O Nov 4+ W Nov 4+ O J16 2x W J16 2x
O R2 4x W R2 4x O Nov 4x+ W Nov 4x+ O J16 1x W J16 1x
O R2 2- W R2 2- O Mas Nov 2x W Mas Nov 2x Junior 14 (500m)
O R2 2x W R2 2x O Nov 2x W Nov 2x O J14 4x+ W J14 4x+
O R2 1x W R2 1x O Mas Nov 1x W Mas Nov 1x O J14 2x W J14 2x
O Nov 1x W Nov 1x O J14 1x W J14 1x


Entries should be made via the spreadsheet attached.

Entries fees for this even will be £8 per seat for seniors and £6 per seat for juniors which includes the Scottish Rowing Regatta levy.

Entries must be paid before race day. Entry fees may not be settled on race day.

There is a cap of THREE entries for each competitor.
This does not include the mixed events and the club team relay.
So competitors could potentially enter up to 7 events.
The club team relay will be the final vent of the day.

Entries will close at midnight on Sunday the 12th of June 2022.
This is so that clubs can include any changes of racing status following the Nithsdale regatta.
The draw will happen online the day after.

Any questions regarding entries can be sent via email to:


Prizes will be awarded for all events with 2 or more entries.
These will be presented at the prize giving ceremony after racing has concluded.

2022 Summer Regatta Poster

2022 Summer Regetta Info

2022 GRC Summer Regatta Entry Form