Spring Regatta @ Strathclyde Park

Pretty awesome opening weekend of racing for the club 🚣🏽‍♀️ Saturday was a tough day for our crews in the strong crosswinds 🌬️🌊 Sunday brought some better conditions and the medals came in hard and fast 🚂☀️😎

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WJ14 2x 🥈
WJ14 1x 🥇
WMas 4x 🥇
ONov 4x+ 🥈
WNov 8+ 🥇
SSS Champ 1x 🥇
SSS Champ 4x 🥇

Big shout out to our WNov 4x+ that came a strong 2nd in the TT and Finished 4th in the A final and the WMas 2x that came 3rd in their category. Also to our friends from CSRC that jumped into our WNov 4x+ and 8+, the LTW boys from SUBC and finally Brother Anderson at CARC 💔

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