GRC Wellbeing and Protection

Glasgow Rowing Club Wellbeing and Protection Policy

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Scottish Rowing Wellbeing and Protection

  • Glasgow Rowing Club makes a full commitment to the wellbeing and protection of all children, young people and vulnerable groups with involvement in our club, and to promote their opportunities in our sport.
  • All members of Glasgow Rowing Club, adult and junior, have a responsibility to ensure safe practice and to respect the rights of all young or vulnerable people in the club, and to respond to any wellbeing or protection concerns in line with our policy and procedures.
  • Parents or others who bring and collect young people to and from the club have a responsibility to support wellbeing of the young people and to make any concerns known to coaches, committee members or either of the Club Wellbeing and Protection Officers.
  • All GRC coaches and volunteers are required to abide by the child protection policy and procedures, including the Code of Conduct for working with children, and are required to be registered on the PVG scheme associated with Glasgow Rowing Club.
  • The Club Wellbeing and Protection Officers are trained in the safeguarding of children in sport and we use the 10 STEPS TO SAFEGUARD CHILDREN IN SPORT guidelines by Children 1st.

If you have any concerns about the wellbeing of a child at our club, please do not hesitate to contact the Club Wellbeing and Protection Officer:

If you have an immediate and serious concern about the safety of a child, contact the police and/or your local social work child protection team. Contact details of social work can be found on Glasgow City Council’s website

Further details are available on GRC website or by request, and from Children 1st