Scottish Championships 2023

What a difference a year makes ⏰😱

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The club was back at Scottish Championships with a pretty strong group this year 💪🏻🥇🥈

  • W J14 1x 🥇
  • W J14 2x 🥈
  • O 2x 🥇
  • O 4x 🥈
  • O Ltw 1x 🥈
  • W Nov 4x+ 🥈
  • W Mas 2x 🥈
  • O Mas 8+ 🥇
  • W Int 4x 🥈

And the now customary Anderson family medal photo 🥈🥇🥈

Finally thanks to our friends from @csrc_rowing @subc_ @strathstinkies @strathclydeparkrc @standrewbc1846 @stirling_rowing_club for racing with us 😍 and @scottishrowing for booking some awesome weather ☀️🥵

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