Membership Fees

We offer a few sessions to see if you like it so don’t worry about having to pay a fortune to have a go.

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If you do find it is an enjoyable way to get fit (and we all do), then we will ask for membership fees.

There are usually pro-rata discounts available if you start part way through the year but these are calculated by the committee and notified on application. The membership year runs from September to the following September at the clubs Annual General Meeting.

The current fee structure is as follows:

Membership Type Monthly (12 payments required) Yearly (1 payment required)
Full member £27.50 £330
J18/Student/Graduate £15 £180
J16 £10 £120
Unemployed £12 £144
Country £7.50 £90
Associate/Parent £6.25 £75
Coach/Cox £1
Honorary £0 £0
Rack space – Boathouse £12 £144
Rack space – Container £9 £108

Non-members: If you are interested in joining GRC please make first contact via the Membership Secretary. Email:

Current GRC members: Please email the Treasurer if you have any questions regarding fees. Also please email the Treasurer if making any payments and enter a suitable reference. Email:

GRC Bank account details:

Glasgow Rowing Club
Sort Code: 80-07-52 (Bank of Scotland)
Account number: 00384886

To apply for membership, please email the GRC Membership Secretary who will discuss your options.