Clyde Power Sprints 2024

The sun came out and regatta season kicked off in style with Clyde Power Sprints on 20th April. Glasgow Rowing Club had a strong presence on the course with entries in multiple events.

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First on the water were Cameon and Dan in ONov 2x. They put in a good effort but lost out to the more experienced crew from Castle Semple.

We then had our first guaranteed medal in ONov 1x where it was GRC vs GRC. Ruairi came away with the win this time against Rylan. Will we see a rematch later in the season..?

It was two for two for Ruairi in the next GRC vs GRC event: OR2 2x. Not a bad effort from Coastal Joe in his first ever regatta racing with Don against Ruairi and Josh. You’ll get them next year!

Next up to defend their second place title from last year were Katie and Don in the Open Mixed 2x. They fought off some tough competition from the SUBC crews – some of the closest races of the day. After 4 back to back races they ended again in second place.

The Max 2x of Pete Mowforth and Jonathan also faced some intense back-to-back racing in the round robin format. Sadly no medals here either.

Our next win came from Sophia in WR2 1x. Fantastic kick off to her racing season considering she was racing up a category!

Last on the water were the ONov 4x+ of Cameron, Dan, Coastal Joe and two-medal-Ruairi coxed by Katie. These guys were racing up 2 categories to face the O4x+ of SUBC. It was a valiant effort but no win for the guys this time.

As always, our neighbours at Clyde Rowing Club put on a great event and all those who raced had a lot of fun on the water. We just wish they would share their contact for Clyde weather control with us 😛

GRC Spring Regatta Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to low entries we have had to take the tough decision to cancel this event. We will look forward to welcoming you to our Fours and Eights Head in the head race season. Until then, keep rowing and we will look forward to competing with you in coming events in Scotland.

We are pleased to invite everyone to our Spring Regatta on Saturday the 13th April 2024. After some rather windy and wet weather, we’ve also booked in some sunshine to aid the enjoyment of competing and watching some fun and exciting events on the River Clyde in Glasgow.

Details are available on our GRC Summer Regatta page and we’ll look forward to welcoming you soon.

GRC Fours & Eights Head 2024

We finally got back to racing the full 5km course one the river Clyde with some optimal weather conditions 🌤️

Massive thank you to everyone that made the event possible and all the clubs and crews that entered 🤩

Also thanks to @jamesrayrowing_coaching for capturing the crews zooming by 📸

Less than two months to go for the 2024 GRC Summer Regatta ⏳

Saturday 13th of April 👀 Save the date 📆


GRC Fours & Eights Head

Bored of long straights, no stream and zero obstacles? Have some fun: Come to the Clyde!

Give your Cox a bit of a challenge, getting round turn 1 💥.

Check if your handbrake works and be a drift king going round sewage works bend 💩.

And if 5k isn’t long enough, take the long way around GRC bend and wave to the fans 👋.

Lots of fun to be had on the wonderful River Clyde!

more info here…

Happy New Year

Happy new year to one and all (yin an’ awe). Best wishes through 2024 to and from everyone at Glasgow Rowing Club.

Inverness Head Race 2023

Last weekend, 23 members of the club headed up North to Inverness for the Caley Marina Fours and Small Boats Head 2023. With 4 divisions of racing, approximately 150 boats in each division and most clubs in Scotland (plus Tees from the North of England) attending, it’s the largest time trial race in Scotland.

Caley Marina  Fours and Small Boats Head 2023

This is notice of the Glasgow Rowing Club Annual General Meeting which is to be held on Wednesday 4th October at 7:30PM in the GRC Boathouse.

All committee positions are up for election. Positions voted at the AGM include President, Captain, Boathouse manager, Secretary, Treasurer and Ordinary members of the committee. Election will be by a show of hands with proxy votes counted.

We have made some updates to the Constitution which will be reviewed and ratified by a vote.

If you are unable to attend, please send apologies to GRC Secretary along with who will present your proxy vote. Please also send nominations for the committee positions and these will be voted on at the meeting.

Happy 80th Birthday

One of our founding members celebrated his 80th birthday at the end of March. Sandy who has done so much for GRC and is the bedrock on which the current club stands. Sandy created GRC from the amalgamation of several clubs on the Clyde and was instrumental in building the current boathouse. He oversees the canteen at the club and from the proceeds has invested in several boats for the the club.

GRC celebrated this in time honoured fashion with a punt out on the water for the octagenarian and his former crewmates and friends. Wishing you many more years of good health, fitness and events at Glasgow Rowing Club.

Saturday for the GRC Fours* Head

*This year including 8s

This race will be hosted at the Glasgow Rowing Club Boathouse, Gorbals, G5 0JZ There will be 2 Divisions of Racing over approximately 5000m starting halfway up the straight of Belvidere.The finish will be at the platform in Glasgow Green. Divisions will start at 10.00 am and 1:30 pm.