GRC Fours Head

GRC 4s Head 2019

02nd November 2019

5km Downstream on the River Clyde.

Competitor Information
Safety Info
Final Draw
Provisional Draw
Entries must be submitted via the online entry system by
5pm, Sunday 27th October.


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Glasgow Rowing Club Boathouse, Gorbals, G5 0JZ
2 Divisions of Racing over approximately 5km starting half way up the straight of Belvidere. Finish will be at the platform in Glasgow Green on the River Clyde with the races starting at 11.30am and 2.00pm


Entries cost £8 per seat for Seniors and £6.50 per seat for Juniors (incl. SR Levy). This must be paid prior to racing on the day via one payment per club, preferably via BACS (with remittance sent to the email below) or via cheque made payable to Glasgow Rowing Club. Entries should be made via rowing entry online system. Any problems contact the following email address:

Entries Date and Date of Draw:

The entries will close on Sunday 27th October 2019 at 17.00 and the draw will be made on Monday 28th October 2019, with any changes being made by Wednesday 31st October 2019 with final draw being released after this date.


The following events are offered:

Division 1 Division 2
Senior Master Junior Senior Master Junior
4x Mas 4+ J18 4+ 4- Mas 4x J18 4x
R1 4+ W Mas 4x J16 4x+ R2 4+ W Mas 4+ J16 4+
R2 4x+ J14 4x+ Novice 4x+ WJ18 4+
Novice 4+ WJ18 4x W 4x WJ16 4x+
W 4- WJ16 4+ W R1 4+ WJ14 4x+
W R2 4+ W R2 4x+
W Nov 4x+ W Nov 4+


Prizes will be awarded in categories, where 3 or more entries have been received in that division.

GLASGOW FOURS HEAD 02nd November 2019

Regatta Information


Approximately 5000m half way up the straight of Belvidere finishing at the platform in the Glasgow Green.


Please boat in plenty of time for your race. There will be a Steps Marshall at Glasgow Rowing Club to ensure crews boat as efficiently as possible. Please make sure every member of the crew has their oars down, cox boxes ready etc. before getting to the steps to prevent any delays.

Crews MUST arrive upstream of the Railway Bridge 20 minutes prior to the division start time. Crews arriving at this checkpoint within 20 minutes of the race start time will not be allowed to pass upstream and will be instructed to return to their boating point.

Crews must be in their marshalling positions five minutes before race start time. A five second time penalty will be added for each minute thereafter.


Boats should proceed upstream to the start on the North Bank (Stroke side/Port Bank) of the river, passing through North arches of all bridges. Whilst racing, crews are encouraged to pass through the centre arches of all bridges but may take any arch they wish. The only exceptions to this rule are at Rutherglen Bridge where the south arch must not be used, and the Railway Bridge, where crews must pass through the centre arch ONLY.


All competitors and coaches must make themselves aware of the rules and guidelines covering the River Clyde. These rules and guidelines along with the SCOTTISH ROWING safety rules should be adhered to.

The regatta committee would like to draw particular attention to the rule stating that all coaches and club assistants on the tow path should carry throw ropes. Life belts are positioned at intervals of approximately 100m along the river bank. Another safety point we wish to emphasise is the turning of boats well clear of the gates of the tidal weir which is located downstream of the finish line.

Medical assistance will be available from the Glasgow Rowing Club boathouse. In the event of any emergency, however, please contact the emergency services yourself immediately on 999 or 0141 532 3000 (Strathclyde Police), prior to seeking further assistance from the regatta organisers.


Competitors, coaches and visitors are invited to Boat and visit Glasgow Rowing Club Boathouse with directions on the website:, if more information required please contact

Tea Room

Competitors, coaches and spectators are invited to visit the GRC boathouse where our tea room will be serving hot and cold rolls as well as home baking, teas and coffees throughout the day.

We at Glasgow Rowing Club wish all competitors well and hope that the day will be fun and enjoyable for all in attendance.

Previous results:

1018 Both Divisions Finish Order

2017 Both Divisions Finish Order

2016 Division 1 Finish Order

2016 Division 2 Finish Order

2013 Division 1 Finish Order

2013 Division 2 Finish Order

2012 Division 1 Finish Order

2012 Division 2 Finish Order