Clyde Power Sprints

Another AMAZING day of racing for the club and a sneak peak into the new fancy boathouse over on the dark side of the river 👀
Huge thanks to @clyde_rowing for putting on such awesome day of racing…..again 😁🤷 if anything it was a bit too hot ☀😎🥵

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W Nov 1x 🥇👑
O R2 2x 🥇💪🏼
O Nov 2x 🥇👍🏻
W Nov 4x+ 🥇😎
Mix 4x 🥇&🥈 👀
Mix Nov 2x 🥇💃🕺
W J14 1x 🥇👸
Mix R2 2x 🥈🤏🏾

Special shout to the two LEGENDS that are Hannah & Ruairi for winning 3/3 events they raced 🥇🥇🥇+🥇🥇🥇

#Winning #Rowing #Racing #Summer #Sprints #Racing

Spring Regatta @ Strathclyde Park

Pretty awesome opening weekend of racing for the club 🚣🏽‍♀️ Saturday was a tough day for our crews in the strong crosswinds 🌬️🌊 Sunday brought some better conditions and the medals came in hard and fast 🚂☀️😎

@scottishrowing @scotsturowing @csrc_rowing @strath_skinnies #Rowing #Spring #Racing #Winning #HappyFaces #WhoCarriedTheirCoxBetter