Club Training Times
Club training times are below. Remember, a boat booking system is in place on Saturday and Sunday mornings. To book a boat, please go to the boat booking page:

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The club is open in the afternoon and evening; there is no boat booking system in place.

The club is open in the morning. Boat booking slots are:
– 8:00-10:00
– 10:00-11:30
– 11:30-13:00

The club is open in the morning. Boat booking slots are:
– 9:00-11:00
– 11:00-13:00

Training squads are at the club on most weekday evenings in-season and on some weekday mornings in Spring/Summer. If you would like to train outwith the club training times but do not have a key, link in with other club members on GRCmembers or speak to the Committee about becoming a keyholder.