GRC C-19 Guidance

The full advice from Scottish Rowing may be found on their dedicated website page here:

Scottish Rowing C-19 Guidance

Please follow Scottish Rowing and government advice, with some finer details that are specific to our own club:

  • Please wear masks inside and maintain social distancing as before.
  • The changing rooms can now be used to leave bags. Please do not gather in the changing rooms as there is zero ventilation.
  • The toilets in the changing rooms are now in use.
  • The showers are not in use.
  • The gym is small and has no ventilation. The best place to use the ergs is either outside or in the boatbays.
  • The crew room can be used by a small number of people only if the side door is open for ventilation.
  • Meeting others indoors in this room is very much your own risk assessment. Time indoors should be minimised, and distancing maintained. 
  • Please wear a mask inside apart from while eating or drinking.
  • Please be sensible, considerate of others, and maintain a high standard of hand hygiene and cleaning and tidying away all equipment.
  • You will have noticed we now use paper hand towels, for reasons of improved hygiene. Please take your turn changing the bin bags, keeping the place tidy and taking rubbish to your bin at home or to the dump. Thank you! 
  • Book your attendance on the online attendance sheet, even if attending for admin or to use an erg. 

Whilst we operate within these guidance notes there are several GRC specific documents which we have developed to protect club members and maintain a degree of rowing activity at the Club:

Cleaning Guidance Document

Attendance Booking Sheet

Revised Risk Assessment – December 2021

Thank you for your help with all of this.

Our Covid 19 Officer is Mary Rouse the Club Captain