Membership Payments

Please pay the fees using the following details. If you chose to pay by PayPal, there will be a PayPal administration charge added which is approx 3.4% plus 20p of the total payment.

To avoid the Paypal charge, you can transfer the funds directly to the GRC bank account. For any payment to the club, be sure to use your name as the reference and email the treasurer with the amount you have paid, what it was for and the reference you used.

Account No: 00384886
Sort Code: 80-07-52

We’ve calculated Membership and PayPal fees to the following charges….

Subscription Amount Paypal Total
Full Membership £264.00 £9.18 £273.18
J18/Student/Unemployed/Graduate £144.00 £5.10 £148.90
J16 £96.00 £3.47 £99.47
Country £72.00 £2.65 £74.65
Associate £60.00 £2.32 £62.32
Coach/Cox only £1.00 £0.29 £1.29
Rack Space – Boathouse £120 £4.28 £124.28
Rack Space – Container £90 £3.38 £93.38