Kit Order

Club Kit is ordered once a year, most often in the Autumn.  The various items that are available are shown below.

All prices depend on the quantity of each item ordered and therefore those shown are approximate based on last years order.

For each item the suppliers apply minimum order numbers, usually four items, this is the main thing that limits us to one order per year.

If you are interested in buying club kit contact the club committee via email at or in person.

             JL Leggings – Approx £54                     JL One Piece – Approx £62

LeggingsOne Piece

            JL Turtleshell Gilet – Approx £72            JL Sequel Splash Top – Approx £86

GRC GiletGRC SplashTop

JL CoolMax Tech Top = Approx £40                             Wacky Sox – Approx £7ish

                                                                                                     (min order 12 items)

GRC TechTopGRCWakySox

                                                            Hoodies – £25- £35