Nithsdale Regatta 11 June

GRC athletes loaded a full trailer at the weekend and headed south to Dumfries for the long awaited return of the Nithsdale Regatta with the new boy Don towing for the first time and joining a small but elite crew of towing drivers.

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GRC had boats entered in single, double, quad and eights events and raced in mixed events and the generation double with Mairi and Jack Brown.  In mostly dry but unseasonably windy conditions we won medals in the W Nov 8+ with two Castle Semple ladies, W Nov 2x and a GRC/Clyde composite O Nov 4x+ and delivered some good racing across the board – a good warm up for our own regatta on 18th where hopefully the wind will abate and steering will become slightly easier.

Thanks to Don (the new boy) for driving and taking charge down on the riverbank.

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