Strathclyde Uni Boat Club – Fours and small boats Head of the Clyde

Congrats to all those competitors who managed to make it across the start and finish lines at this years SUBC HoRR on the Clyde. GRC had a couple of exciting entries of which we had 2 veteran double sculls competing in the Masters event.

Bryan and Peter managed to pull a powerful shortened course in a time of 9 minutes and 16 seconds having had to suffer freezing temperatures and lengthy weights in tough water conditions before being set off.

Pinoke and PT (we have to name all our Peters differently :-D) set off shortly after and stormed down the course in a quick time of 9 minutes and 19 seconds and with the correction of the Masters Handicaping System, managed to lift the pot for the event.

Our university students, Katie and Robyn were down to compete in the Women’s open singles event (far above their points tally) to get a measure of each other in the time trial event. Unfortunately Katie was unavailable due to illness but hopes to be back to fitness for the next races and trials. Robyn powered down the course in a time of only 9 minutes and 34 seconds. Here’s looking forward to the rest of the season for this competitive pair.

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