Nithsdale Regatta 2017

This year’s Nithsdale Regatta was an absolutely glorious day with some extremely fun racing and delicious cakes on offer. The course, with it’s excessively tight course, proved quite daunting for many competitors with steering being the letdown of many a capable competitor.

GRC had limited representsation with the 3 veterans, 2 seniors and 1 junior representing the club in a number of events. Combining with SUBC, ABC and CARC made for quite a busy event for us. Having an early departure (4:30am), we utilised the towing hire services of 4×4 Hire Scotland to get a vehicle capable to dragging ours and Strathclyde Uni’s fleet of boats all the way to the South Scotland town through their Guid Nychburris celebrations (24hr drinking and horse riding event – they don’t go together 🙂 ). We managed to come away with a number of successes on the day.

Winner Crew Names
OJu15 2x Clydesdale ARC/Glasgow RC 1 Matthew Fielding Clydesdale ARC 2 Adam Robertson Glasgow RC
Vet 2- Glasgow RC Mas(C) 1 Stephen Dear Glasgow RC 2 William Slimmond Glasgow RC
OJu15 1x Glasgow RC – Robertson
MVet 1x (A-C) M. Hughes Trophy Glasgow RC – Dear Mas(B) 1 Stephen Dear Glasgow RC

The Vet 1x (h) and Vet 2x (d) were narrowly beaten by Nithsdale’s own powerhouse Gordon Kerr and his long standing Worlds partner, so no shame there either.

Young Adam Robertson also competed with his Clydesdale counterparts in the Mens Open 4x being narrowly beaten by a much larger and stronger university crew.

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