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Annual General Meeting

The AGM was on Wednesday 14th November at 7:30pm in the Boathouse, Silverfir Street.

Main points:

  • No change to subs
  • New 'Coaches' membership - a snip at £1!
  • We will pursue 'Clubmark' accreditation.

Glasgow Fours Head 2012

GRC WR2 4x+ on their way to a 1 second victory!

GRC only had 2 crews entered at our own event this year, winning the women's R2 coxed quad in a close-fought contest where good coxing counted. Well done Jules (and Beth, Katharina, Lynne and Kathleen).

Other GRC-related success came from the SUBC win in MRes2 Fours, with Cap'n Don as a late sub in the crew coached by Race Secretary Doug.

All photos.Race results.

GRC Fours Head

Glasgow Fours Head - RESULTS

Some pictures from Division 1 are here.



On Saturday at Dorney, in the combined W 2x events, GRC/Vesta were winners of the 'E' final (3rd U19 crew) and GRC were 3rd. On Sunday, in the combined 4x event, GRC/Vesta won the 'C' final (13th overall).

At time of writing, no results are posted on the regatta site, but some results sheets are here.


British Championships mk II

Q: When is the British Championships not the British Championships?
A: When it's split in two and the second part is run in October and called the "Diamond Jubilee Rowing Championships".
Did you say 'stupid idea'? Couldn't comment on that...

Anyway - there are GRC Crews taking part:

  • Amanda and Kelly in W 2x
  • Emma and Rowan (Vesta RC) in W J19 2x (current British Junior Champions, from July, in the pair)
  • Amanda, Kelly, Emma and Rowan (Vesta RC) in W 4x



Scullers' Head - Results and pictures

Well - yesterday was all about Don "the Don" and "his boys"... or so he tells us!

What is indisputable is that Christoph & Jonathan won Novice in their first head race and never having raced in a double before - well done both! What might merit more discussion is that Don "the Don" is "GRC's top sculler". Form an orderly queue...

GRC winners were -

  • Emma - WJu18 1x
  • Helena - WJu16 1x
  • PT - Vet G 1x
  • Amanda & Kelly - fastest W2x
  • "Don's boys" (Christoph & Jonathan) - Nov 2x

Malcolm has provided a splendid set of photographs, which can be seen here.

Full results are here:

Junior LTR final exam

Photos:Malcolm and "new staff photographer Elaine"

The juniors who survived the "crash course"* got a taste of racing in their final session, along with the delights of ergo competition.
* well, not quite!

PD even gave them a masterclass in the dangers of "bending the rules"...

All photos.


2 Heads are better than 1

Updated details of Saturday's "Scullers' Head", featuring lots of GRC rowers, are here....

..and the Glasgow Fours Head - our very own - will be on Saturday 3rd November - so keep that date clear!
Details are here.


New junior rowers

If you took part in the recent 'taster' sessions, you should by now have been offered a regular session on Saturday or Sunday. If you are wanting to continue, and haven't been offered a session - let us know by email to .



Silver medal for Sam in the Ltwt 4- at the European Championships! Unfortunately, the Eurosport coverage where we are stopped just before we got to see Sam getting his medal - but we did see the race and it was a cracker. So near...




Scullers' Head - Entries now open... details.


Sam's back!

Good to see ex-GRC man Sam Scrimgeour representing GB again, in the Ltwt 4- at the European Championships at Varese next week.

Junior Learn-to-Row Saturday


Some of the host of new rowers, enthused by the Team GB performance at London 2012, take to the water at one of the Glasgow Rowing Club 'introduction to rowing' sessions.

GRC, in common with every other rowing club in Britain, has had a huge surge in applications and enquiries. Here are some photos from the Saturday junior sessions.
All photos.


We're very sorry, but -

Learn to row sessions are full!

We've had so much interest since the Olympic regatta that we've had to start saying no - which we've never done before.
Keep looking at the web site to see when we are next taking beginner applications.
You could also have a look at the Scottish Rowing web site, as they may also be offering more 'taster' sessions.

  • Over-18s: If you have filled in the enquiry form, or been in touch by other methods recently, but have not heard from us, please contact
  • Under-18s: If you've already sent your details via the 'Enquiries' link (on the left) and you haven't had a reply yet, please send an email to

Beginners, beginners everywhere!...

All GRC members can help, tomorrow at 10, to introduce our HUGE number of junior applicants to the delights of rowing, ergo, circuits, roll 'n' sausage...

More (or less) GRC in the papers:


More GRC in the local papers:

GRC in the local papers:

  • This one should really be titled "And on the Seventh day...".
  • Thanks to what the man above provided, Kathleen and Helena were able to get in the local paper too.

What's all the excitement?

Is there a regatta on, or something?


HIR Results on IARU web site...

Uh-oh: read 'em and weep

HIR 2012 - a Scottish win!

Girls just wanna have medals
Emma and Helena in their favourite place - top step of the podium.
Photo: @ScottishRowing

GRC got into 2 of the winning Scottish boats at HIR 2012. Pictured is the WJ4x of Rowan (Broxbourne), Emma, Helena and Pauline (Clydesdale).

Earlier, Rowan and Emma had won the WJ2-.



UPDATE - (Sun. 22/7)

  • Yesterday saw wins in Scotland colours for Emma and Helena in the WJ4x, and in the WJ2- for Emma.
  • The overall result for Scotland was not too good, however, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the selection process.
    There doesn't appear to be a full set of results available on-line, which might be a good thing!

The Home International Regatta takes place this Saturday in Cardiff.

GRC athletes representing their country are:

  • WLtwt 1x, W 2x - Maureen
  • WJu 2-, WJu 4x - Emma
  • WJu 2x, WJu 4x - Helena

Come on Scotland!


Sunday - GOLD for Emma

Emma joined Hel-Kat on the top of the podium, adding a gold medal to her British Championships collection. No addition to the GRC tally, though, as her boat was entered as a Broxbourne/Castle Semple composite.

British Championships - British Champions!

Hel-Kat are British Champions
Hel-Kat are British Champions
Photo: PD

GRC were victorious at the British Championships - Helena was on the podium to collect a Bronze medal in WJu15 1x, then one hour later she and Kathleen were back, this time on the top step as the 2012 British Champion WJu15 2x.



On Saturday at the British Championships:

  • Emma and Rowan (Broxbourne/Semple composite) were 1st in heat, one of 2 crews directly into today's final.
  • Amanda qualified for today's semi-final.
  • Helena won the Bronze medal in WJu15 1x.
  • Helena and Kathleen won WJu15 2x - comfortably - to become BRITISH CHAMPIONS.

UPDATE: Amanda  finished 5th in the semi-final of W Elite 1x.
Congratulations to Emma and Rowan (Broxbourne/Semple composite) who won GOLD and are WJu18 2- British Champions!


Nottingham - British Championships

GRC has five people competing at this weekend's regatta:

  • Today (finals tomorrow): Hel-Kat are in WJu15 2x, and also WJu15 1x.
  • UPDATE - Friday: Hel-Kat were fastest in the heats and won their semi to qualify for tomorrow's final; Helena went to the repechage in the single which she won, so will also be in that final. Kathleen missed out on the Rep by 0.55 sec.
    Laura (Emma's sister) also qualified for the final of her WJu14 1x event.
  • Tomorrow (finals Sunday): Amanda is in WElite 1x, Maureen is in WElite Ltwt 1x, and - confusingly entered as a Broxbourne/Semple composite - Emma is in WJu18 2- with Rowan (Broxbourne).

Check the 'What's Happening?' drop-down for the occasional Twitter update from @GRCWeb.



It was easy to miss.


Henley finals day

Some very close races in today's finals - some friends of GRC were on the presentation stage:

  • Alan Sinclair (brother of Colin and son of frequent photo-contributor, Roy) was half of the winning Leander Double Sculls combo, following up on last year's Prince of Wales (quad scull) success.
  • Andy Holmes (cousin of Willie and nephew of ex-ex-Captain, Alan) was part of the Harvard eight that won the Ladies' Plate - by one foot!




In addition to the @GRCWeb updates that our Henley squad are occasionally supplying, the drop-down, above, displays the contents of a Twitter 'List' that aggregates a lot of rowing-related feeds - mostly Henley-related currently. However, for reasons best known to the top people at Twitter, the list will not display on mobile, so if you have trouble with the drop-down on your phone... sorry!

Semple photos - Photos of medal-winners at Castle Semple Regatta have just appeared.



Unfortunately, the luck didn't stick, and the GRC guys went out of the Britannia this morning, closely followed by EUBC in their event.
Oh, well... there's always next year!


More Henley

GRC race at 9:15 on Wednesday.


Henley - follow GRC

GRC's Britannia four were the only Scottish-based crew to avoid Friday's qualification races and go directly into the main draw.
Only EUBC 'A' (in the Prince Albert) have made it through from the qualifiers to join them.

Other Scots taking part include Imogen Walsh in the Princess Royal and Alan Sinclair in the Double Sculls.

Racing, including the first round of the Brit, starts on Wednesday.

23 June


Er, sorry, again -

Metropolitan wins: A small but successful group of Scottish women... Including Amanda Larcombe of GRC, who won Senior 1x.

(D'oh! Must try harder - this is what happens when you report 3 weeks after the event!)


Barbecue weather?

Thanks to Doug, Don, the cooks and everyone who turned up on Saturday in the rain to celebrate the summer in the traditional way. Anecdotes and raffle prizes were exchanged at almost the same rate and hardly any healthy salad was left uneaten.

18 June


Er, sorry, forgot - National Schools Regatta (two weeks back)

Congratulations are (over)due to all the rowers who produced the great Scottish performances at this year's National Schools Regatta, at Nottingham on 1,2,3 June.

Eight medals for Scottish crews - ASRA finished ninth in the overall table - brilliant!

  • Gold medals:
    • Girls Championship 4+ : ASRA
    • Ju17 1x : ASRA (Lewis McCue)
  • Silver medal:
    • J16 2- : ASRA
  • Bronze medals:
    • Championship 2- : ASRA
    • J14 2x : ASRA
    • J15 2x : Clydesdale
    • J15 4+ : George Watson's
    • Girls J16 2x : GLASGOW ROWING CLUB

Regatta News!

Two major events happen tomorrow (Friday):



An Extraordinary general meeting of the club members will be convened at the request of the club committee on Wednesday 4th July at 7:30pm in the GRC Clubhouse.

More details on GRCMembers.

Scottish Championships

WInt quadPhoto: D.Nolan

The first big tranche of photos has appeared; from David Nolan

WJu 15 coxed quadPhoto: D.Nolan

Before that, just a few pictures from Malcolm from part of Saturday - excellent pictures they are, though!

Rowing off into the sunset

Scottish Championships

full results

Day 2 results - Rainy day!

  • WVet 2x (A-C) : Gold medal for Lorna and Caitie (Clyde)
    - sorry for not spotting this one earlier!
  • WJu18 2x : Gold medal for Emma and Olivia
  • W 1x : Silver medal for Amanda
  • WJu 1x : Silver medal for Emma (GRC qualified 4 of the 8 finalists)
  • WInt 4x : Win for Katharina, Sally, Lynne and Beth
  • M 4+ : Gold medal for Matt, Mike, Danny, Chris (FINALLY! MEN!) and Kerra

Day 1 results - Ladies day!

  • WNov 2x : Silver medal for Sally and Lynne
  • WJu15 4x+ : Gold medal for Laura (Semple), Gill, Kathleen, Helena and Jules
  • WJu18 2- : Gold medal for Emma and Rowan (Broxbourne)
  • WJu18 4x : Gold medal for Olivia, Pauline (Clydesdale), Rowan (Broxbourne) and Emma
  • WJu15 1x : Gold medal for Helena
  • WJu16 1x : Gold medal for Kathleen
  • WLtwt 1x : Gold medal for Maureen (Brilliant result!)
  • WInt 1x : Win for Jenni

Scottish Championships

Representatives from ALL Saturday crews must be there to help - please.

The UPDATED draw is out. A GRC-highlighted version (first races/straight finals: yellow, subsequent races in other colours) is linked below.

Enjoying the sun??

Well then, make a date with the GRC Sunny Summer BBQ*:

  • We will be cooking up a storm and having some fun at the GRC clubhouse from 12 noon on Saturday 16th June.
  • Tickets £5
  • Bingo, raffle and games with prizes to be won!
  • Friends and family most welcome.
  • BYOB (over 18s)
  • So that we have enough food, please reply on GRCMembers or the facebook page with numbers, at the latest by the end of Scot Champs weekend. (include any dietary requirements).
  • We want to see as many people as possible there!
  • Don has created a poster worthy of the back of anyone's toilet door.
*Sun not guaranteed

More photos

David Nolan has posted lots of pictures from recent regattas at Castle Semple and Clydesdale

Bronze medals at Nat Schools

Hel-Kat shone brightly at 2012 National Schools', on the sunless lake at Holme Pierrepont.



Sunday - Just missed another medal!

At Nat Schools, Helena qualified well, with an inside lane in the semifinal and a strong performance to finish 2nd in that. In the final, she was constantly in the hunt for a medal, but was closed out to 4th in the last few metres. A great weekend's racing from Helena and Kathleen.

At Metropolitan, the senior men just failed to qualify from a very tight heat, while the lightweight women got 2nd in IM1 quads and Amanda improved on Saturday's performance by winning the Senior 1x event.


At Nat Schools, the bronze tradition continued - Hel-Kat were stunning in all 3 races to gather up the bronze medal in WJu16 2x (a 2000m event), out of a field of 25 crews.

At Metropolitan, Amanda was the most successful GRC boat, claiming a hard-fought 2nd place on Senior 1x, only 1 sec off the winner.


At Nat Schools, Kathleen had 2 strong performances, to qualify from the first round eliminator and then finishing 4th in the semi-final. Quick times - there were records set in several events in the strong tailwinds.

Scottish success on the day came from the Clydesdale Ju15 2x - the boys won bronze in a very strong-finishing race won in a new record time, while earlier, ASRA had won bronze in Ju14 2x.

Nat Schools Results:

Regatta updates

There will be some info on the drop-down 'What's happening?' link, above - also available directly on Twitter.

Anyone Tweeting from Met? Want to use the GRC account?

A sight you seldom see

Malcolm was on hand to make a photographic record of the annual (is that fair?) outing of the George 'n' Sandy double.
Apparently (as told by a source desperately trying to make up for inadvised website critique), they first into a boat together 50 years ago and have rowed every year since

Sandy and George are always nice about the website, and about the juniors. Just ask Bob.

Oscar and Felix

BIG regatta weekend for GRC

No Scottish regattas on the coming weekend, with the Scottish Championships looming one week later, but two discrete GRC squads head South to step up one or two levels above recent competition:

  • at Nottingham (scene of the recent BUCS bronze-fest), for the National Schools Regatta,
    • Emma (WJu17 1x),
    • Helena (WJu16 1x & WJu16 2x) and
    • Kathleen (WJu15 1x & WJu16 2x) are representing GRC over the full 3-day schedule,
    • the draw
    • Results:
  • meanwhile, at Dorney the senior men and women will be sporting the GRC colours at the Metropolitan Regatta:
    • Amanda in WSen 1x (Sat and Sun)
    • Chris, Danny, Iain, Mike and Marianne* in Sen 4+ (Sat) and
    • Chris, Danny, Matt, Mike and Marianne* in Sen 4+ (Sun)
    • Cap'n Jane, Anine, Beth and Katharina in WIM1 4- (Sat) and WIM1 4x- (Sun)
    • provisional DRAW

Apparently - there's some sort of Jubilee thing going on as well. (They obviously don't know we've got a President.) Lots of not-so-serious rowers are taking part in a 'pageant'... yes, really..
But at least we get an extra holiday, to recover from our exertions.

* Who she? (Ed.)

Castle Semple

WJu15 4x+ Winners - Helena, Gill, Laura, Kathleen and Jules

GRC Juniors saved the day at Semple, with 6 wins (including WOp 2x from Olivia and Emma).

Pictured here are the victorious Castle Semple/GRC WJu15 4x+ having just received their medals. First win for Gill.

Lots of photos from David Nolan


Regatta latest:

Scottish Championships - entries by Saturday at the latest!
Details of events etc. are linked below. Please add your entries to this spreadsheet (GRCMembers sign-in required).

Castle Semple results
GRC took a small contingent to Castle Semple. (Some of the rest stayed home to dabble in the GU/EU boat races - EUBC would have had more success if they'd gone to Hampden for the Cup Final.) All the wins came from junior members:

  • WJu18 1x - Emma
  • WJu16 1x - Helena
  • WJu18 2x (composite) - Emma and sister Laura
  • R1 Mix 2x (composite) - Olivia and Lorne (Clydesdale)
    (Beating Don and Chloe in 'the battle of the love-boats'.)
  • WJu15 4x+ (composite) - Laura (Semple), Gill, Kathleen, Helena and Jules
  • WOp 2x - Emma and Olivia - excellent race!
  • full results

Castle Semple

Boat loading TODAY
The trailer will be available for loading from approx. 5pm.


Regatta news

Castle Semple

Scottish Championships


In memoriam - A sudden end to a long career.

It is our onerous duty to report that Don " -the-Don" is no longer a Novice Sculler. The end came suddenly and unexpectedly in a Restricted 2 sculling event at Clydesdale Regatta.

For some years, Don had been competing at regattas in the Novice division and was deeply proud of his "always first at 250 and always back for more" philosophy. His admirers were looking forward to many more years of such entertainment.

Don is survived in Novice sculling by numerous competitors, all no doubt thinking "must have been a freak accident".

C'dale regatta 2012

WR2 2x Another great picture from
David Nolan
Ex-Novice He'll never not win Novice sculls again.

Malcolm (the Sorcerer), and Peter D (the apprentice) , took an eclectic selection of photographs from the early part of the regatta.

There are two new kids on the GRC photographic block:

And here are some more from Roy Sinclair, our friend in Inverness. (Also a few more from Roy added to the album with Christoph's pics,)

...and some more from David Nolan

GRC shine in the sun

Some of GRC's newest competitors enjoyed the brief glimpse of the sun on Saturday and came away with a few notable wins and other good performances.

  • Mix 4x - Don, Olivia, Emma .... and Christoph (what a début!)
  • MNov 4x+ - Kevin, Jonathan, Christoph (again!), Fergus and Jules
  • WJu16 2x - Hel-Kat
  • MRes2 1x - Don
  • WJu18 1x - Helena
  • WJu16 1x - Kathleen
  • full results

Regatta this Saturday

The provisional draw for Saturday's prestigious event is available here.

2012 unisex unisuit?

This trend-setting young athlete, modelling the latest in unisex multi-use rowing/sleepwear, wanted to remain anonymous.


GRC win 12 3 bronze at BUCS!

(Shurely another mishatke? - Ed.)

Racing at Nottingham, for GUBC, congratulations are due to

  • Anine and Cap'n Jane, who won Bronze for GUBC in Lightweight 2x,
  • and again to Anine who went on to win another Bronze in Lightweight 1x...
  • and finally to Anine, Cap'n Jane, Beth and Katharina who won ANOTHER Bronze in Lightweight 4x.

(Good luck with that BUCS web link - if you find any results, please pass them on!)

Thanks to Jenny for helping with web site results-finding:


Belgrade World Cup Regatta starts today

Sadly - NOT featuring Polly in the stroke seat of the GB women's eight! - Our correspondent, R.M. Reid, Umpire of this parish says:

According to a 'reliable' source ... Polly Swann withdrew from the women's eight and was replaced by "Aberdeenshire's"* Vicky Meyer-Laker.

* - our quotes. They could have said "would you like a kilt on that?"

GRC racing at BUCS

(Surely shome mishtake? - Ed.)

It's true - GRC stalwarts Anine, Beth, Katharina and Cap'n Jane*, all winners at last week's SUC competiton, head to Nottingham in GUBC colours this weekend, to race at the premier UK University regatta.

* (The Cap'ns dead, long live the Cap'n.)


SPR is over.

GRC won 8 SPR events, GRC crews rowing as GUBC won 3 SUC events, Jules coxed the winning Clydesdale (!?!) Junior 8 and there were lots of other good performances; the results are now out - see for yourself. (More details will be added later.)

A lot of excellent pictures, from Malcolm (usual place if you can't wait) and Neil, will be along presently.

As usual, we had a fantastic effort from the whole club - and their families - to make the catering operation a success, in what was a long and cold weekend for many.

We also bid a fond farewell to Cap'n Jo who is leaving us for a new opportunity in the Far East (no, not Embra - even further than that!).

SPR 2012

Malcolm, abetted by Peter D, took lots of pictures like the one below, and says:

I think my abiding memory of this event will be : "Will I ever be warm again"?
- That or the chanteuse in the tea room doing an oddly appropriate cover of "Comfortably Numb".

Photographs from David Nolan:

Womens Novice 2x WINNERS Sally and Lynne winning WNov 2x.

GRC on the WWWeb

Don spotted this, and says

Olima in a GRC boat go all over the internet!

Explaining rowing to a non-rower

Gonnae no' dae that...

It's that time of year when the sap is rising and we like to look beyond the bounds of our own little club in search of amusement. Thank heaven for SPR...


Clydesdale's Summer Regatta Secretary would like to invite all fellow rowers to this prestigious event.

Now... where did I put that quote from Jim MacRitchie?


Racing news:

This weekend - Strathclyde Park Regatta, both days, with GRC doing the catering again. Have you signed up to help yet?

UPDATED - AGAIN! - Here is the latest version of the catering rota, on GRCMembers.

Lots of GRC races at SPR; here is the UPDATED draw, with GRC races and finals highlighted. If any are missing, contact the webmaster.


Well done, Polly!

Following from her recent success at GB trials (see below), Polly has been selected for the GB eight at the next World Cup regatta, in Belgrade.

GB Rowing Team announces crews for first 2012 World Cup

Mr Warnock, Snr. will be very pleased!

Young People's Sport Panel

From the SR Web site:

... ensure Scotland's younger generation play an active and significant rôle in developing and influencing policy in sport. If you are between 14 and 25 years old and are interested in getting involved, the job description and application forms can be downloaded at: Applications close on Friday 20th April 2012.

Well done ladies!
(Brownlee Outpatients Charity Row)

The ladies of Brownlee outpatients at Gartnavel Hospital do an NHS challenge every year. This year they elected to do rowing. Over the past couple of weeks they went out in the tub doubles and last week in an 8 for a short outing prior to their row. A number of GRC members helped with this including Don, Jane, Marianne, Jo, Beth, Katharina, Malcolm and no doubt several others. The ladies involved were (positions in the 8):

Brownlee Outpatients ladies 2012 Brownlee Outpatients ladies 2012
  • 3. Janice Breslin
  • 4. Gillian Mulholland
  • 5. Eadie Connelly
  • 6. Elaine Rarity
  • 7. Ann Hainan.

More pictures from Malcolm.

They are collecting on behalf of TARA (Trafficking awareness raising alliance) which raises money in order to offer support and advocacy services to women who have been trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation.

First regatta of the season - SPR

Gonnae no' dae that?

Snapper Ron has some excellent pictures from Tideway, mostly of Aberdonian crews, but also other Scottish boats, including GRC and Clydesdale.

Long lens, obviously.


MORE photos

David Nolan has added pictures of the Scullers Head and the Double Sculls. Look in the column to the right, below the HoRR photos.

Roy (Colin's dad) Sinclair of Inverness RC has kindly sent on some good photos of GRC finally getting past the crew in front at Tideway.

Look in the right column for lots of 8s & 4s Head photos, from David Nolan.


GRC Boating at Tideway 2012 GRC boating at Putney for the 2012 race...

GRC were starting 64th and top Scottish crew at this year's Tideway race. Bob was there to observe.

Photos from the usual outlets:

GRC rowing through at Tideway 2012 (R.Sinclair)

Tideway - GRC 41st!

Feeling was that they did well but were badly obstructed by another crew.

Top Scottish crew, again, by a long way. Only 10 seconds would have raised them to 30th - that's how close the racing is at that event.

Rotten weather by the sound of things.

Nice to see St Andrews Uni do so well...

FINISH - Scottish crews in The HoRR:

Finish Start Status Crew
41 64 S GRC
105 122 Lt 1 Scot. Argonauts I
126 133 IM 1 Scot. Argonauts II
159 217 IM 2 Edinburgh Uni I
192 285 IM 3 St. Andrews Uni
200 75 IM 3 Clydesdale I
241 170 IM 3 Aberdeen Uni I
262 251 IM 3 Deeside Scullers
270 190 IM 2 Clydesdale II
284 149 IM 3 Strathclyde Uni I (Don)
288 234 Nov Edinburgh Uni II
361 137 Nov Glasgow Uni
364 257 Nov Heriot-Watt Uni
373 383 Nov Strathclyde Uni II
375 386 Nov Aberdeen Uni II, that's it. Corrections welcome!

GB Trials success

Our most recent GB team members - Polly and Sam, who both rowed in successful GRC boats before competing at the World Under-23 championships in 2010 - have recorded great results at the GB Senior trials at the weekend.

Polly was 4th in the women's pair, while Sam was 6th in lightweight sculls.

Full report and results

C'dale 8s & 4s Head and Scullers' Head

Gavin Murty, 2012 Scullers' Head winner Gavin winning the 2012 Scullers' Head

Photos from David Nolan:


CARC Scullers' Head / 2x Head

  • Results:
  • Here are some pictures from Malcolm (and Peter).
  • Scullers' Head -
    • Gavin was fastest sculler
    • Don won MNov
    • Emma won WJu18 (fastest woman)
    • Helena won WJu16 (2nd fastest woman)
  • 2x Head -
    • Beth and Katharina were fastest women's 2x
    • Emma and Olivia won WJu18 (2nd fastest W2x)
    • (Hel-Kat were 3rd fastest)

Eights head - GRC eights win again

At Saturday's CARC eights head (billed as the 63rd*), both GRC eights were victorious again. The men's crew were easily the fastest crew of the day. Later, the Women's Novice crew won their pennant - unbeaten in Scotland this season.

However, the BIG news was the win for Tom in his first-ever race for GRC in MVet 4s.

* Described eloquently thus:

...pretentious historical tosh...

(© JMcR)

Women's Tideway 2012

Lt. Pin, minding her P's 'n' Q's Lt. Pin (Chris)

Chris took loads of pictures, in between driving/unloading/feeding/loading/driving duties.

GRC 'A' were 55th overall while the novice crew were 200th.

More pictures from the usual outlets:

Please make special note of the new 'groovy' GRC blade design!

Stepping up!

GRC's 2012 Novice Women's squad - on their way to Tideway.

Malcolm has more photos.

Scottish crews in WEHoRR:
FINISH Start Status Crew
25 42 IM2 Edinburgh University BC A
55 61 IM3 GRC 'A'
57 189 IM1 Aberdeen BC/Clydesdale ARC
154 149 IM3 Edinburgh University BC B
168 234 IM3 Strathclyde University BC
193 79 IM3 Aberdeen University BC
200 269 Nov Club GRC 'B'
210 204 IM3 Aberdeen BC A
213 266 Nov Ac Edinburgh University BC C
229 223 IM3 Heriot-Watt University BC
267 205 IM3 Aberdeen BC B


  • The UPDATED draw for the men's head is now online (GRC still at #64), while
  • The FINAL draw for the women's head has been posted.

More SUBC photos

Look in the right column for lots of SUBC Head photos, from David Nolan.


GRC women's senior eight winning at Inverness Photos

All 3 GRC Eights won their events - again!


Weekend results

At Inverness, every GRC competitor was in a winning or fastest boat:

  • Senior men's eight was the fastest crew overall (even with a strangely large and wheezy bowman).
  • Senior Women's eight won the R2 event very comfortably and would have loved to be racing in Div 1 if boats had allowed it.
  • Novice Women's eight were the fastest crew, though given a 'dead heat' by the organizers - still unbeaten this season.
  • Kathleen was proud to (ahem) win the WJu16 1x prize...


Meanwhile, at Boston:

  • on Saturday, Emma, Olivia and Helena were 31st, 51st and 21st in their respective 1x classes.
  • on Sunday, Emma, and Olivia were 11th pair while Helena came 18th overall in the 2x in a scratch combination with Charlie Dyer from Haberdasher's.

Results: Sat, Sun

Women's Tideway

The provisional draw is now online. GRC crews starting #58 (2nd Scottish crew?) and #267.


Big racing weekend

GRC crews are racing at opposite ends of the UK this weekend:

  • Inverness Head on Saturday has GRC boating 3 eights and a number of small boats. The improved version * of the draw has been posted here.
    (* Thanks, Roy.)
  • Meanwhile, Olivia, Emma and Helena head South to Boston for the latest GB junior trial.

Nat Champs News

On the British Championships website:

the 2012 regatta will remain largely unchanged

Looks like a nasty outbreak of common sense.

SUBC Small Boats

GRC women's Open quad. Photos
(by: Malcolm)

Good GRC performances and some wins at this event. Malcolm has a large selection of pictures from both divisions.


More pictures, from David Nolan:



...wanted more names on the web site, so this is a birthday present.

SUBC 4s & Small Boats: Good GRC performances and some wins at Saturday's event.

Malcolm has a large selection of pictures from both divisions.


Fairly self explanatory, winners in bold and medal winners highlighted.


Entries are now closed for the Women's Tideway Head, and we've got two of the 298 entries!



SUBC Head on Saturday - the FINAL start order has been published and our Leaderene has put out a boat allocation list.


GRC in the Super-Mother-Well Times

Kathleen and Helena feature in this article about the recent Junior Camp at Strathclyde Park. Emma and Olivia were also participating.

Rowing stars of future are put through paces

NB - there's a list of 'rowing' news items to be found every day under the appropriate link in the left-hand column.


In case you were wondering...

The new membership rates are finally here on the web site. (Slight communication issues following the webmaster's enforced stay in the Alps.)

Western Head 2012

GRC/CSRC Men's Open winners at the 2012 Western Head. Photos from the Western Head
(by: Willie (D1) and Malcolm (D2))

The GRC winning tradition in Eights Heads continued this weekend, with three eights wins - the WRes 2, M Open and W Novice prizes all fell to our crews.


Winning ways return

It's that time of year again, when I get to write about the new season beginning with winning GRC performances on and off the water.

Yesterday, at the GUBC Western Head , we had wins from 3 of our 4 starting crews:

  • Women's Res 2,
  • Men's Open and
  • Women's Novice

Results (E&OE)

(Just boating 4 different eights for 1 event is a great thing for the club!)

There was no let-up today at the Scottish Indoor Rowing Champs, where we had four competitors. Our 3 junior girls all did PB performances.

  • Gill was 13th overall in her J15 event, which was her introduction to indoor competition.
  • Kathleen was in a really tight race in J16 where she won the Bronze medal in the last few strokes, while
  • Helena stepped up to the J17 event and was never in trouble, leading from the off to win the Gold medal in a sparkling 7:41.
  • Later, Bryan completed the GRC medal-set, winning Silver in the Mens 60+ event.

Excellent performances all round!


Competitions and stuff

  • There will be 4 GRC crews racing in this Saturday's GUBC Western Head , on the Clyde:
    • Div 1 (11:30 am)
      • MVet
      • WRes2
    • Div 2 (2 pm)
      • MOpen
      • WNov
  • There are 4 GRC people racing in the Erg-monster-champs on Sunday:
    • Gill, in WJu15 (4 min race)
    • Kathleen, in WJu16 (5 min) and WLtwt (2k)
    • Helena, in WJu17 (2k)
    • Bryan, in M60+ (1k)
  • Stuff - there was an EGM last week, and the subs went up... more later.

From the BR web site:

Advice for the prevention of Weil's Disease

British Rowing has been advised of several new cases of Weil's Disease on the River Itchen, Southampton.


Safety next

As part of the revised safety provisions that are currently being implemented in our club, please note that there is a new boat/outing log book in use.

Please make sure that YOUR crew is logged in and out for every outing.

Break with tradition

Tickets are ALREADY on sale for the GRC Burns Supper Evening.

  • Date: 28th January, 7:00 for 7:30pm (after the GUBC Western Head)
  • Venue: The Boat House
  • Dress code: Pink socks/Kilt *
  • Tickets: £tbc, Contact with your order.
  • We have enough room for 50 members, family and friends !

* The 'traditional' GRC Burns Supper on or near Valentines Day has reverted to a more usual date, but we can still honour the dress style originated by M.Mouse.

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