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'S no rowing

Doug makes a bid to be 'Mr January'
Doug, trying out for an Athena Calendar contract .
Beth wishes she never said "bet you can't"
Mighty Legs vs. Super Fly

What do you do when it's too cold to row?

Well, you could just do some rowing-posing on an erg with some wintry scenery behind you... or you could try and install your sister's head as a light fixture!


Scottish Rowing Newsletter

The 7th Scottish Rowing Newsletter is now available to download.

Glasgow Fours Head - Cancelled.

The re-scheduled 2010 Glasgow Fours Head has been cancelled.

Three races in one day - 27th November

Jonny L. at the Vesta Scullers Head
Jonny in the balmy South.
(Big Blade)
Beth has just heard the weather forecast...
Calm. (Before the storm.)

Clyde 3 Heads: Above is the video from Division 3, Neil braved the elements through all 3 divisions, standing still most of the time (Brrrrr) to record them for future generations.

Also, David Nolan took photographs:

Tideway: Jonny found things slightly warmer at the Vesta Scullers Head.

Rutherford Head: The GRC women's IM3 8 also took to the road, and found some seriously foul weather at Newcastle. The picture below shows what the conditions were like (picture: I.Herrema.).

Coach Kenny has uploaded some more: slideshow.

The earlier one, above right, is from the "Coach" Davison family album.

GRC women 'storming' to victory in Newcastle (I.Herrema).

Campaign news

So how did our three-pronged attack on the world of rowing turn out? Not too bad:

  • the intermediate women won their IM3 8s event (26th overall) rowing through blizzard conditions at the Rutherford Head in Newcastle
  • Jonny was 4th in Elite Lightweight (28th overall) at the Vesta Scullers Head on the Tideway, just behind Sam (now rowing for IC)
  • back at home, we had good wins in the Clyde 3 Heads event:
    • Helena and Kathleen (on her racing début) won WJ16 doubles - not bad for J14 scullers
    • Willie won Res1 sculls
    • 1st race for the women's novice quad - nearly a win!



AGM update   -   Shock-er-ooney!

With Mandelson-like bouncebackability, Ronnie is again President. Alan Holmes is Captain, Graeme Dreghorn is Treasurer and we have four brand new Ordinary members: Doug, Don Kate and Jo. Marianne is the only officebearer to continue in-post!

Subs have gone up slightly - full senior sub is now £170 (first increase in 5 years), the rest are to be adjusted pro rata.


It's YOUR club AGM on Wednesday at 7:30pm

For the last few years, our club has had some great successes on the water. Certainly, our performance has been disproportionate to the size of our membership. That means that there's a constant need for people to help run the club; to organize and do the necessary background tasks while the young, fit, hard-training rowers get on with the job of winning major prizes. This Wednesday night, we'll be electing the new Committee that will take us forward into, hopefully, another successful year.

Please be there - it's your club, too!

Is this a first?

There will be GRC crews racing at three very different venues on Saturday. We've had crews at two competitions simultaneously before, but is this the first time we've had three?

  1. At home on the Clyde, we have various crews and scullers racing in the Clyde 3 Heads event. (More details will be published before the weekend.)
  2. Meanwhile the women's intermediate 8 are off to sunny Newcastle to race in the Rutherford Head.
  3. Not least and certainly not last, Jonny is starting in 119th place on the Tideway in the Scullers Head. There's a familiar name starting just in front, also in Elite Lightweight - Sam, now racing for IC.

More Inverness photos

David Nolan's pictures are now on-line. Links in the photo column, right.


Glasgow Fours Head - update - the race is ON

The race will now be run on 11th December.


More success for Polly

GB U23 W4-, Brest 2010.
GB U23 W4- Polly at stroke
Photo: Peter Spurrier/ Intersport Images

At the 2010 Sports Council for Glasgow Awards ceremony, Polly Swann received the "Senior Outstanding Individual Achievement" award in recognition of her progress into the GB squad and 4th place at the under-23 World Championship regatta.

More details soon.


Home Counties bias!

In a clear case of favouritism, the London Fours Head of River went ahead as planned on Sunday.

Sam's IC lightweight quad was 4th overall, but 3rd lightweight quad - with 6 seconds separating 1st and 4th.

There was some other Scottish success, including a winning performance from 'big brother' and friend of Take That - the following is an extract from the SR press release.

Alan Sinclair from Ross-shire stroked the winning Leander Club Mens Elite quadruple sculls crew to cross the finish line in a time of 18 minutes 20.88 seconds in 2nd place overall.


Snapper Ron's artistic view of Inverness quads.
Click to see where the deadweight was.
Katharina makes it look as though there's 80 kilos of deadweight in the boat!

Snapper Ron has a selection of images from three of the four divisions at Inverness, including some very scenic shots like the one above.

David Nolan has slideshows of GRC crews:

Below, Helena and Shona on their way to winning Novice doubles at Inverness.(R.Sinclair)

There are some more in the Davison family album.

Helena and Shona on their way to winning Novice doubles. (R.Sinclair)


GRC took an extended entourage to Inverness for both days' racing - fours on Sat. and small boats on Sun. It's fair to say that the weekend's 4th race on Sunday afternoon might have been one too many - and it had got a bit parky by then, too.

Winners over the weekend were the girls Ju18 quad (Emma (Semple), Helena, Kate and Olivia), WNov 2x (Helena and Shona) and WJu18 2x (Olivia and Emma). Emma had a further win in Ju18 1x.
Katharina and Beth were the fastest WRes2 2-, too!

  • Results (highlighted).
  • Some pictures from Peter and Charlie the happy campers.

Take that, 'Take That'!

Don (the Simon Cowell of Colombo) has discovered a new band.



Races coming up


Sad and shocking news

It's saddening to hear that 1984 and 1988 Olympic champion Andy Holmes has died due to complications from Weil's Disease. Although there is only a tiny risk of contracting this illness, the outcome can clearly be devastating. More on this topic on the SR website and on the BR website:


GB Trials

GRC interest:

  • Sam was 12th in Ltwt, rowing for IC now.
  • Jonny was 16th

Gavin, from Clydesdale, was 28th, and Heriot-Watt had a couple too. Don't see anything in the women's side of Scottish interest. Alan Sinclair ('big brother' and friend of Take That) was 14th in Hwt, rowing for Leander.

Corrections always welcome.

GB trials page.


New Take That video - "5 go sculling"

Here's something to get Matron's heart rate higher than any amount of rowing ever could...

Rowing on TV

With the World Championships about to start, there will be some rowing on your telly.



There is even more photographic record of last week's racing: David Nolan has posted his photographs in his usual convenient club-chunk-slideshow format.
So, if you can bear to look:


Scullers' Head

Bryan and PT - Vet 'F' 2x
Bryan and PT in their first competition together.

Malcolm took a few pictures of GRC boats at the Scullers' Head from his station in the safety boat in both divisions.

Meanwhile, Kathleen's dad, Neil, was busy with his video camera.

Racing - first wins of the Head season.

3 wins on Saturday -

  • Jonny won the Scullers Head of the River on Saturday, retaining the title that Sam won for GRC last year.
  • Helena raced for the first time in a single and celebrated by winning the WJu 14 pennant.
  • Sister Olivia, not to be outdone, picked up the WJu18 pennant in the second race, in a composite boat with Emma from Castle Semple. (Emma had already won the WJu 16 prize in the Scullers Head.)

It was above all an excellent club turn-out and all of our participants deserve recognition for their efforts - well done!

Results: Scullers and doubles.


Racing - first Head of the season this Saturday.

There are 14 GRC scullers racing in the Clydesdale Scullers Head on Saturday. The race is a 4k time trial, starting at Dalmarnock at 12 noon.
Ten of these are new starts, ranging from Jonny L at the Open end of the scale to Jules and Helena at the Ju14 end. The other four earned their positions from last year's race, which was won by Sam (not racing this year).

Later, at 2:30 pm, there is a race over the same course, for double sculls. We have six crews (inc. 2 composite) racing in that one, which was also won outright by GRC last time (unlikely to be repeated this year as we don't have any M Open entries in).

Draw and info.


Check the calendar!

Very confused when on the river on Sunday and someone on the bank shouted "there's a race coming down!" - but there wasn't. Eedjit.

The next race is the Clydesdale Scullers' Head on Oct 9th. Entries to Al, if you haven't already done so.

You can get information on Scottish events on the SR web site, and David Biddulph has a list of UK-wide events on his excellent web pages.


GB Worlds squad announced

Details are in this Press release on the British Rowing web site.

No sign of any recently Scottish-based rowers, sadly.


Barbie, Aberdeen... what's next?

The barbecue went ahead on Saturday, in much better weather than we expected - any pictures?

Aberdeen Sprint goes ahead this Saturday, but no GRC competitors are racing. Sandy will keep things under control, though.

The squads are starting to assemble for the 2011 campaign... and so it begins!


World Masters Regatta, Canada

Peter Craig racing at the 2010 World Masters Regatta
Peter sculling for GRC at the World Masters
(Photo: James Aulenback,

Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized photo of Peter C. leading the field at the 2010 FISA World Masters, held on the Canadian Henley course at St. Catharines, Ontario (a popular venue for GRC rowers this year!).

More from Canada - World Masters

Looks like Peter was 3rd in his Vet 'E' single on the Friday. No sign on Saturday, then a couple of participations in mixed 8s - 'C' and 'E' - on the Sunday. Looks like an enjoyable regatta.

Picture opposite.



Now it's the European University Championships

Here's an explanatory note from the British Rowing web site :

Largest Team Ever to Represent Great Britain at European Universities Rowing Championships

"Yuss, M'Ladies"

GRC personnel involved include Jen (Reid) - EUBC, Steph and Jenn (Alex) - GUBC and George 'Parker' Warnock as EUBC/GUBC coach and 'driver'.


World University Championships - on NOW!

The World University Rowing Championships are on this weekend in Szeged, Hungary.

In the repechage of LM2x, Sam and Jamie Kirkwood were involved in an incredibly tight race over 2000 metres, with never more than 3 seconds separating the first three crews and less than a second at the end. Unfortunately it was our boys who lost out - by 2 tenths of a second - on a final place, and they thus qualified for the 'B' final.

In that race there was again a very close-fought contest for first place, this time between GB and Canada, which was won by Canada by a margin of only 0.56 sec. Hard lines, Sam!


More recognition for Sam

Sam has been selected in the GB Lightweight double for the forthcoming World University Rowing Championships.

Team GBR announced for World University Rowing Championships


Canadian Henley

Chris, Jonny and Steph are still in Canada, racing at Canadian Henley under the 'Scottish Rowing' banner.

Regatta info.


Chris and Johnny went out in the semis of the Championship pair, Steph also missed out on her final. However, Scottish interest continues: Andy Holmes is in the final of Championship Singles and is also, with Alan Sinclair, in the Championship Pair.
There was also a 'Scottish Niagara' 8 that finished a very close 2nd in something called the 'dash-for-cash'.

Update 2

The official Scottish Rowing press release is here: Scots Crews challenge at ROYAL CANADIAN HENLEY


Commonwealth Regatta, Canada

Scotland, placed 2nd in the 2010 Commonwealth Regatta
Scotland's Commonwealth Team
Steph and Polly on the podium (Photo: Rowing Canada Aviron)
Steph and Polly on the podium
(Rowing Canada Aviron)

Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized photo of the three top teams from the 2010 Commonwealth Regatta - Canada, Scotland and Australia.

Scotland's 8-strong team collected 6 wins to finish in 2nd place. The team included 4 GRC members: Polly Swann, Steph McDowall, Jonny Logan and Chris Logan.

There are more pictures on the Rowing Canada Aviron Facebook pages.

Commonwealth Regatta - 6 Wins for Scotland

Sounds as though there were excellent performances from the GRC contingent - any pictures?

There are full press releases describing the Scots' performances, on Saturday and overall.

In the overall team result, Canada were first, followed closely by Scotland in second place, Australia were third with England in fourth place and Wales in fifth place.
Brothers Chris and Jonny Logan from Glasgow Rowing Club successfully defended their status as Commonwealth champions, winning separate lightweight pairs events on Saturday and yesterday, and Jonny Logan won in lightweight single sculls on Saturday.

Full results on the 2010 Commonwealth Rowing Championships web site.


WORLD U23 Champs - Medal!

Polly and bronze medallist Sam, World U23 regatta 2010
Polly and Sam (with medal) at the World U23 Regatta
GB U23 lightweight 4x - Brest 2010.
GB U23 lightweight quad scull - Sam at 2.
GB U23 W4-, Brest 2010.
GB U23 W4- Polly at stroke
Photo: Peter Spurrier/ Intersport Images

We had 2 rowers from GRC taking part in the 2010 World Under-23 Championship Regatta in Belarus.

Sam won the Bronze medal in the Lightweight quad scull.

Polly just missed out on a medal, 4th in the Women's 4-.

Photos of the regatta are on the World Rowing web site.

More photos on Intersport images.

World Rowing Bronze Medallist

World U23 Bronze medallist.
GB success for Sam
Photo: Peter Spurrier/ Intersport Images

We now have two of these in the club!

Sam has joined Lindsay on the World podium, winning his Bronze in the GB U23 lightweight quad scull (the similarities continue).

The regatta took place last week in Brest, Belarus. As well as Sam's success, Polly was also representing GB and raced in the final of womens fours, finishing 4th. Also amongst the medals was Andy Holmes - cousin of Cousin Willie, Cousin Shona and nephew of "Who's-the-daddy-and-don't-forget-Cousin-Kate".

Commonwealth Regatta

The four-yearly Commonwealth Regatta is being held in Canada this weekend. Each national team comprises only eight individuals. There are four GRC members in the Scottish team: Steph McDowall, Polly Swann, Chris Logan and Jonny Logan are racing for Scotland in the regatta and will also be racing under the 'Scottish Rowing' banner at Canadian Henley on 5th - 8th August.


British Champs - Medal!

Silver medal, British Championships 2010
Emma and Olivia - Silver medallists

At the British Championships, Olivia and Emma won the Silver medal in J16 double sculls.

There are excellent pictures of the weekend's racing at Strathclyde Park, from the usual outlets:

HIR 2010, Cork

Amanda and Jenn - representing Scotland in Cork, 2010
Amanda and Jenn - Scottish W2x 2010

Jenn has posted an album of pictures from the HIR regatta, mostly of the GRC contingent, and featuring some strange behaviour from "who's the" Daddy Holmes.

It's catch-up time.

Apologies for the quiet week - here's what you've been missing:

  • at the British Rowing Championships on 16, 17 and 18 July: -gold medal
    • Olivia won the Silver medal in WJu16 2x, with Emma from Castle Semple
  • other finalists:
    • Alan and Matt were 4th in Open 2-
    • Willie and Graeme were 5th in Lightweight 2x
    • Steph (for GUBC) was 6th in WOpen 1x

      Nat Champs results page

  • at the Home International Regatta last weekend, there were a number of GRC members in the various Scottish boats:
    • Amanda and Jenn were in the 2x and 4x
    • Willie and Graeme were in the Ltwt 2x and 4x,
    • Alan and Matt were in the men's 8, coxed by Marianne, whose participation was sponsored by Pathfinder Energy Services.

      HIR results on the IARU site.

More updates pending... World U23 (see photos on right) and Commonwealth regatta..........


Le Crunch!

(it's Bastille Day today)

This weekend, Strathclyde Park is the venue for the British Rowing Championships.

GRC has a number of athletes taking part. The following list may not be complete, apologies for any errors.

Name Event First race Final
Kate WJu16 1x Friday 12:55 Sat.14:44
Olivia WJu16 1x Friday 12:55 Sat.14:44
Olivia and Emma WJu16 2x Friday 13:30 Sat.16:09
Al Sarahs U23 1x Sat.10:00 (TT) Sun.15:27
Steph (GUBC) W 1x Sat 10:50 Sun.12:39
Amanda W 1x Sat 10:50 Sun.12:39
'Cousin Willie' & Dreggy Ltwt 2x Sat 11:15 Sun.13:09
Chris & Jonny Ltwt 2- Sat 12:00 Sun.13:33
Op 2- Sat 12:20 Sun.13:39
Matt & 'Daddy' Op 2- Sat 12:20 Sun.13:39
Jen Alex & Amanda W 2x Sat 15:15 Sun.15:45
Iain Ltwt 1x Sat 16:50 Sun.16:09

The full - provisional - draw is here.

GRC rowers in National Squads

A number of GRC athletes will be rowing in Scottish colours at this year's Home Intenational Regatta and the 4-yearly Commonwealth Regatta.

This is in addition to our 2 representatives at GB under-23, Polly and Sam. The World Championships U-23 regatta is later this month in Belarus.

More details after the weekend.


Henley updates



At Nithsdale, Olivia won Ju18 doubles, along with Emma from Semple.

At Henley this week, in addition to the 2 crews mentioned below, GRC will also be supporting Sam who is racing in the Prince of Wales in the Agecroft Rowing Club and Durham University boat - GB U23 squad.

And finally...

Katharina's cousin Heike would love to wave her flag in support of Jonny, Chris, Jen and Sam this week, but has had to stay a bit longer in South Africa.

Heike says 'Go GRC!'

Shame, that.


Henley and Nithsdale

More top-class racing!

  • The Henley qualifying races are on tomorrow (Friday). GRC involvement is in two events - Jonny and Chris are mixing it with the big boys in the Goblets, for which qualification alone is looking pretty hard, while Jen Reid has a berth in the Tideway Scullers/Sport Imperial boat that is contesting the Remenham. The GRC one-piece could just about do for the Scullers colours. Good luck to both crews.

    UPDATE - Both crews have qualified (pdf file).

  • On Saturday, the TV cameras* move location to Dumfries for Nithsdale Regatta (draw) . Our only competitor will be Olivia who is racing with Emma in a Castle Semple/GRC composite Ju18 2x.
Henley results info

There are a number of ways to keep up-to-date with Henley results. Details are on this linked page.

The HRR Twitter page is an easy way to check on the latest news, including live race results. There will be a link to it from this page once the regatta is under way.

* It's a joke.


Top class racing

GRC crews were racing last weekend at two of the UK's top regattas-

  • at Henley Women's Regatta Polly was the only Scottish-based success, winning Elite 4- in her squad composite crew, while her erstwhile crewmates Lorna, Jen, Steph and Amanda, coxed by Marianne, were competitive in their semi-final of Elite 4+ but lost to the event winners. Jen Alex lost out on Friday in Senior 1x.
    HWR results .
  • Meanwhile, at Marlow Regatta, the Logans were involved in some top-class pairs races where they clocked under 7 minutes and still only got a 5th place. Next stop Henley qualifying this Friday.
    Marlow results .

More 'rowing'...

Good start for Irish women at Henley

NB - there's a list of 'rowing' news items to be found every day under the appropriate link in the left-hand column.



...if any was needed, that Coxes are the closest thing we have to Almighty Beings in rowing.

God! She's good!
Nice one, Ron!

- the photo is part of the extensive collection from the 2010 Scottish Champs by Snapper Ron.


Latest news

The draw for Marlow Regatta is available online

Rowing upgraded to optional sport for Commonwealth Games -

More 'rowing'...


Scottish Championships

Scottish Open Eights Champions 2010
Olivia and Emma - Scottish Junior Champions
Olivia and Emma
Graeme and Willie - Scottish Lightweight 2x Champions
Graeme and Willie
Jen and Steph - Scottish Women's 2x Champions
Jen and Steph
Coach Kenny - wins in eights (2) and quad
Coach Kenny


'Snapper Ron' has published his photos, including the astonishing one of Marianne running across the loch to escape J-Lo's smelly pits.

David Nolan's are on his Flickr site - there are slide shows of GRC crews:

First photos are appearing: Malcolm has an album of images from the early part of Saturday, while Peter has some from the later part of the regatta.

Scottish Championships

GRC Wins and places -

  • 12 Gold medals - 4 in eights,
  • 3 silver medals (shown as 2* below)
  • 39 crews in finals


Saturday   Sunday
M 1x 2nd (JL) M2x 1st
&   4th (Iain) &   5th
&   8th (JS) &   6th
WJu18 2x 1st (comp) WJu18 1x 8th (Olivia)
W 4+ 2nd (comp) MLw 2- 3rd
MLw 2x 1st W2- 2nd
WInt 8+ 1st (comp) W 1x 5th
W 2x 1st (comp) MLw 1x 2nd*
&   3rd WNov 8+ 1st (comp)
M 4x 2nd MVet 1x scr
M 4+ 4th MNov 2x 2nd*
MNov 1x 2nd* (Paddy) MVet 2x scr
M 2- 2nd OJu12 1x 5th
&   4th WJu16 2x 2nd
W 8+ 1st (comp) W4+ 1st (comp)
WJu16 1x 2nd M4- 2nd
WInt 4x 1st (comp) WU23 4+ scr ?
MVet 4+ (A-C) 6th MU23 1x 1st
MU23 4+ 2nd (comp) MInt 1x 1st
WInt 1x 3rd W4x 2nd
WU23 1x scr &   4th
    M 8+ 1st (comp)

What happens now?

It never stops... the coming weekend sees GRC crews racing at Henley Women's Regatta - and at Marlow - while the Rowing World Cup moves to its second stage in Munich.


Met. Regatta

Polly and pairs partner with their Elite pairs medals.
Winners of Elite 2- at Met

'Snapper Ron' was at Met and took this lovely picture of GRC's most successful participant (sorry, boys).

More from the Snapper.

Met Update - there, there, boys

The pain has been great, but perhaps we can kiss it better by mentioning that Alan and Matt also won their event at Met last Saturday. At least they got their round of applause from the women last night (though... it wasn't as spontaneous as the one for Willie and Dreggy). Noticed that the SR website ignored them, too.

Better point out that Polly won two events... which means she's as good as four men.

Met results



The draw and associated info for Henley Women's is up:

  • Click here to download the draw
  • Click here to download details about crews in time trials
  • Click here to download detailed time trial instructions

GRC racing in Elite 4+ and Senior 1x. Also Polly's crew in Elite 4- ? (Corrections always welcome!).



Entries close soon for Marlow Regatta and Henley. See 'Next!', below.


Scottish Championships - one week away

The provisional draw has been published on the SR web site.

The GRC version is on Google Docs - with heats and finals highlighted.

Met Regatta

Check the Twitter updates on the right - some great performances by GRC crews, including what sounds like a fine win by Willie and Dreggy.


Good luck to our racers

Good luck to everyone racing at Met. this weekend.

And finally...

A 'good news' story from the BBC.


Nat. Schools Regatta

Olivia after the time trial.

Some pictures, from a dark and blustery Nottingham, of Olivia and Kate competing in Ju16 doubles and singles. Photos by dad Peter, who also took the farewell picture of the family car...

Last week, this week, next week....

At Nat. Schools, Kate and Olivia qualified for the semi-final of their doubles event - but that was it for Saturday. Conditions were dull and wet.
Sunday was bright - and breezy! The Ju16 singles event was a little too hot to handle for our girls (who haven't been single sculling so much) and neither got past the first round. It was a good experience of top competition and we're stronger for it.

Turn the boats around and head back south - this time to Dorney for Metropolitan Regatta, which is on Saturday and Sunday, with several GRC crews and friends competing (see below). Look out for Polly and Sam in their squad composite crews.

The Scottish Championships are less than 2 weeks away - the folowing Saturday and Sunday. How time flies!


What's happening?

Two huge events this weekend, one directly involving GRC, the other less directly connected.

  1. Nottingham - National Schools Regatta.
    Kate and Olivia will have their first taste of top-level competition, racing in JG U16 2x and JG U16 1x. Wish them luck. Twitter updates will be on this page as usual.
  2. Bled (Slovenia) - 1st 2010 World Cup Regatta.
    No GRC competitors at this one, but a GRC competitor got a standing ovation from the grandstand at this course in 1995....
    • Sunday 30 May - 9:00am - 1:00pm - BBC Sport Interactive (red button)
    • Monday 31 May - 12:55pm - 2:00pm - BBC2 Scotland (Digital)

What happened?

Last weekend's Semple regatta was a long sunny day of racing - results were mixed - we'll call it a 'development regatta' (!).

The Res2/Res1 women had a win in WR2 quads (Jane, Jo, Katharina and Mo) and also boated 2 eights, in composites with SUBC and Semple, both of which looked very competitive in their first outngs (first race for Semple's Emma in the eight).

Kate and Olivia had a share of the Inter-regional victory in the mixed 8.

Other than that, pickings were a little slim, but good performances were produced - in particular by Helena, Fergus and Jules (in composite and GRC boats).


More 'rowing'...

Secret millionaire Scott hands museums £1m

Balfron rower's Olympic bid

NB - there's a list of 'rowing' news items to be found every day under the appropriate link in the left-hand column.


Clydesdale Regatta

Jules and Helena.
J14 2x - Jules and Helena
Jonny S in single.
Mixed 2x.
Where's Joanna?

Lots of sunny images from the second Clyde- based regatta of the season. Pictures from Malcolm, Peter and Clap.

And now, David Nolan's pictures are posted (slideshow of GRC images).

Racing - winning, losing and crashing!

Lots of success for Glasgow Rowing Club on Saturday - and some near things too! In roughly chronological order:

  • Don and Joanna won very early, then narrowly lost in the semi-final of mixed doubles
  • Jules and Helena did well in their first race together but were out-gunned in Open Ju14 doubles
  • Joanna furiously hot-boated to join Beth, Katharina and Mo winning all three rounds of Res2 quads
  • Kate and Olivia cruised through 2 rounds of Ju16 doubles, but fell short in the final
  • more hot-boating saw Olivia join Emma (Semple) in Ju18 doubles, losing a close-fought semi
  • while Kate jumped in beside Jane, Jenni, Joanna, Shona, Beth, Katharina and Claire to win Res2 8s after a massive clash on the corner in front of the club - cox Jonny S was not moving aside
  • through the course of the day, Uncle Alan, then Dreggy and then Uncle and Matt and Willie and Doug all fell victim to youthful opponents.... next time!
    Correction - Uncle and Matt fell victim to a stealthed bridge... apparently
  • Peter C was narrowly defeated by the overall winner in Vet 1x
  • while Bryan was the eventual victor of a GRC-dominated and very confusing Vet Novice 1x event
  • Don and Paddy won first-round races to meet in the final of Novice sculls - victory to Paddy
  • Matt cruised serenely through the rounds to win Res2 sculls
  • Don and Paddy joined forces to win Novice double sculls
  • Fergus, racing alone for the first time, was unlucky to lose by 1 foot in one of the best races of the day in Ju12 beginner sculls

Numerous GRC personnel also took part in the GUBC/EUBC and SUBC races in both graduate and under-graduate boats. Some won prizes.


(A temporary re-naming of the 'News' column, in recognition of the wave of red that swept our nation overnight.)

Saturday - racing

There are early starts for Jo, Don (8:46!), Raphael, Russell, Peter D, Paddy, Jules and Helena - see the highlighted draw.

Be there at least one hour before your first race!

Uncle Joe would be proud

BBC Radio Scotland has entered into the spirit of 'Pravda' - they've airbrushed us out of their 'Sport Weekly' challenge race which is to be contested tomorrow between two of Scotlands 'wee teams'.



There was some promotion for the sport on the Radio Scotland 'Sports Weekly' programme today*.

Clydesdale were advertising next week's regatta and issued on on-air challenge to St Andrew to a race in eights over 500m.

You might wonder, "Why didn't they ask us?" - after all, we share the same river - but the answer is probably contained elsewhere on this page, under 'results'.

A source remarked "Think of it as the rowing equivalent of the Alba Challenge Cup".

* Listen again, for 7 days from 1/5/10. Rowing item starts at about 44 mins.

"To the Bat-boat, Robins!"

More river-related 'news' on the radio, on Shereen Nanjiani's programme on Sunday.


Strathclyde Park Regatta

Ronnie and his new imaginary friend, Mumbles.
"Try this one - it has a fishy finish."
Silverware at SPR - some mistake, surely?
Beth and THAT trophy.
Winners of SUC Women's pairs: Polly, Jen and...(mouse over the front of the boat)
SUC W2- Polly, Jen and...
mouse over for the 3rd name

There are already loads of photos for you to see, and lots more to come.

Picasa albums from Peter D (Sat. and Sun.), Clap (Sat) and Uncle Alan (a.k.a. Karen) are already online.

Here are Malcolm's photos:

Niall Darroch has put up a mountain of photos. There's some GRC gold buried within.

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SPR - All this and a tea tent too!

GRC Wins and places -

  • 13 wins (3 in eights),
  • 34 crews in finals
Saturday   Sunday
MVet 2x D-F 4th W2- 1st
MRes1 4+ 1st (comp) WJu18 4x 3rd
&   2nd (comp) WRes2 2x 5th
WJu18 1x 6th (Olivia) W1x 2nd
&   7th (Kate) &   4th
MRes2 4+ 6th W4x 2nd
M1x 2nd WNov 1x 1st
MNov 1x 3rd (Paddy) M8+ 1st (comp)
&   5th (Don) &   3rd
W8+ 1st MRes2 1x 6th
M2- 1st WNov 8+ 1st (comp)
&   3rd OJu13 2x 5th
W4- 1st MVet 1x F 2nd
WJu16 2x 1st M2x 1st
WRes2 4x 1st (comp)
MRes2 2x 1st
W2x 2nd
M4+ 1st
&   3rd (comp)
&   7th


  • Loading -
    • Wed. night - boats derigged, riggers & seats taped up
    • Thu. 5pm - LOADING #1 - ALSO- 2 UN-LOADERS req'd at Strathclyde Park - read this message for details.
    • Fri 5pm (?) - LOADING #2
  • Catering - look at this message on GRCMembers to figure when and what
  • RACING! GRC-highlighted UPDATED draw
    (both days on single page... dunno why.)
    NB! - this is a COPY of the file published on the SR web site (Thursday evening - 22nd)
  • Re-loading - Some boats will be coming back on Sunday lunchtime, the rest after all our crews are finished racing on Sunday - so make sure you're available when requested to get YOUR equipment back where it belongs!
    The first lot need to be loaded by 12:00 noon on Sunday - read this message for details.

GRC Spring Regatta

1st GRC win of the day - Vet. 1x.
Peter C. sets the ball rolling for GRC.
Bird's-eye view from the footbridge.
View from the top.

Photos from Malcolm and his new (Peter's been dumped) snap- dragoon TK, on Malcolm's Picasa site.

David Nolan has got his usual excellent crop of photos on his Flickr site, including this slideshow of GRC crews.

You can please some of the people...

The complaints are pouring in (well... one) that there is no news on the web site. So can someone create some news, please? The obvious candidates would be Iain, Sam and Polly, off to Hazewinkel this weekend.

And there's a regatta coming up.



Tideway Head

Results are on-line.

Not much to report from a Scottish perspective - well done to GUBC as fastest Scottish crew, though.


Women's Tideway - WIN!

Put the mouse pointer on each person to see who's-who.<br />
Picture courtesy of Darroch Photography
Picture from Darroch Photography

Another fantastic GRC (and Clyde, EUBC, GUBC and SUBC !) effort at the Women's Head of River Race.

Our Novice girls beat all comers - 63 other novice crews - to win, finishing 98th overall.


Jane (GUBC) Jenni (SUBC) Kate Joanna Shona (SUBC) Olivia Katharina Beth Clap

Women's Tideway - result!

The GRC composite crews at Women's Tideway were respectively 1st and 4th of the 12 all-Scottish boats entered.

The Novice crew WON their category, beating 17 Novice Club and 46 Novice Academic crews and jumping from a start position of 280 to finish 98th overall.

Photos from BigBlade & from Birdman Photography.


(Thanks to D.Biddulph)

Start Status Crew Finish Time
4 Sen Clyde/EUBC/ GRC/GUBC 20 19:38.01
24 Int3 Clydesdale ARC A 35 20:04.08
50 Int3 EUBC A 38 20:07.27
95 Int3 Aberdeen University BC 129 21:12.15
131 Int3 GUBC A 120 21:08.70
167 Nov Acad GUBC B 267 22:50.69
179 Nov Acad EUBC B 256 22:37.18
201 Elite Canford/ Glasgow Academy/ Gloucester/ Latymer/ Nottingham/ Runcorn/ Stratford 14 19:29.48
225 Int2 Clydesdale ARC B 100 20:54.69
234 Int3 Clydesdale ARC C 264 22:47.42
235 Int3 EUBC/St Andrew 225 22:12.57
272 Nov Club Aberdeen BC 238 22:23.84
280 Nov Acad
GRC/GUBC/SUBC 98 20:53.94

Crew #4 pictures: Jet, Big Blade

Crew #280 pictures: Jet, Jet, Big Blade


Women's Tideway this Saturday

The club is sending two composite crews to Women's HoRR this weekend, with starting positions almost book-ending the race:

  • the first crew are starting 4th and contesting the Senior category, while
  • the second crew will take their place 276 crews further back and will be trying to win Novice.


Boat loading today, Wednesday, around 6pm.


Mar 6 Clydesdale Head (poster) Entries close: 28th Feb.
  13 Women's Head of the River (Thames), 3pm Entries close: Fri. 19th Feb (OR AT 300 ENTRIES)
  20 Scottish Schools Head, Dullatur
    North of England Head (Chester)
  27 HEAD OF THE RIVER (Thames)
  Sun 28 Vesta Veterans Head (Thames)
Apr 17 GRC Spring Regatta banner
  24 Strathclyde Park Regatta (Kenny's favourite)

(From the SARA (d'oh!) web site, and from David Biddulph's calendar.)



CARC 8s and 4s Head - 4/4 again!

  • Four eights - four wins - plus girls quad.
  • Fastest men's boats in both divisions.
  • Fastest women's boats in both divisions.
GRC/Castle Semple/GUBC on their way to a convincing win at CARC 8s Head
More on the IRC web site.

Roy Sinclair ('Dad') has posted some good pictures of GRC crews on the Inverness web site.

Kevin is promising great numbers of images on-line soon.

GRC/Castle Semple coxed quad winning at CARC 8s Head
Quad win on 2nd outing

There are photos from Div.2, like this, on Niall Darroch's web site.

Oops - we did it again!

What will people think? - we enter 4 eights events and go and win all of them. That's just greedy.

CARC 8s and 4s Head Event WINNERS

  • MOp 8 - GRC/Semple/GUBC
  • WOp 8 - GRC/Clyde
  • MRes2 8 - GRC
  • WRes2 8 - GRC/Semple/GUBC/SUBC
  • WJu16 4x+ - GRC/Semple

Full results.

Oddly, there's very little about the event on Clydesdale's web site and only a very brief report on Hello! SARA. Funny, that.

Wild mink on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow Green
caught this guy watching from the far bank.

Nice to see SUBC win WRes2 4+, with a crew including Shona and Jenni, both rowing in next week's Women's Tideway composite crew.

Happy anniversary

This event is one year on from the first-ever race for 3 of the WRes2 winners - Kate, Olivia and Joanna all took part in this as their first competitive outing, last year.


More racing!

This Saturday we'll have 4 eights, 1 quad and 4 coxed fours racing in the 2 divisions of the “61th Clydesdale Head.

Start lithp.

  • 1st race is at 12:00 (NOT 12:30 as was on here earlier!),
  • 2nd is at 2:30.

(Men's) Tideway

The draw for the 2010 race includes a number of Scottish crews.

HoRR draw.

Start Status Crew
101 Int 2 Edinburgh UBC I
187 Int 3 Glasgow UBC I
204 Nov Aberdeen UBC
207 Int 2 Clydesdale I
208 Int 3 Strathclyde UBC I
251 Int 3 Dundee UBC
292 Int 3 RGUBC
296 Int 3 Clydesdale II
302 Int 3 Glasgow UBC III
328 Int 3 Deeside Scullers
338 Int 3 Heriot-Watt UBC I
341 Nov Edinburgh UBC I I
363 Nov Glasgow UBC II
365 Nov Heriot-Watt UBC II
382 Int 3 Strathclyde UBC II

As always, corrections are welcome: send them to


More 'rowing'...

Coastal rowing boat kits (Scotsman, 27 Feb)

NB - there's a list of 'rowing' news items to be found every day under the appropriate link in the left-hand column.


It never rains, but.

Following this week's snow-and-rain fall, the river level has leapt up. It's just at the 'no-rowing' point today. High tide is at mid-day on Saturday, which should make outings in the morning easier than those after, but it might be a 'musical ergos' weekend!


Women's Tideway

The draw for the 2010 race has been published. Lots of Scottish crews including 2 GRC composite crews, starting 4th and 280th (you have to earn that position!).

Women's Tideway draw.

Start Status Crew
4 Sen Clyde/ Edinburgh University/ Glasgow/ Glasgow University
24 Int3 Clydesdale Amateur RC A
50 Int3 Edinburgh University BC A
95 Int3 Aberdeen University BC
131 Int3 Glasgow University BC A
167 Nov Acad Glasgow University BC B
179 Nov Acad Edinburgh University BC B
201 Elite Canford/ Glasgow Academy/ Gloucester/ Latymer/ Nottingham/ Runcorn/ Stratford
225 Int2 Clydesdale Amateur RC B
234 Int3 Clydesdale Amateur RC C
235 Int3 Edinburgh University/St Andrew
272 Nov Club Aberdeen BC
280 Nov Acad Glasgow/ Glasgow University/ Strathclyde University

As always, corrections are welcome: send them to


SUBC Small Boats

GRC WRes2 2x at SUBC Small Boats
Jen and Polly go hunting

Photos from Malcolm and his snap- dragoon Peter, on Malcolm's Picasa site.

And David Nolan's images are now up on Flickr:

SUBC Small Boats

A cold day, but good racing conditions, and very photogenic. Solid GRC performances across the board in both divisions.

Thanks to Graeme:

  • Men's Open 2x - Willie & Graeme. Fastest Crew of the Day
  • Women's R2 2x - Polly & Jen - Fastest Women's Crew & 4th Division 1, 5th Fastest Crew of the Day overall!
  • Women's J18 1x - Olivia
Runners Up
  • Men's Vet 2x - Bryan & Malcolm (2/3)
  • Men's Novice 1x Don (2nd) Raphael (3rd)



Inverness Eights Head - CANCELLED.

Feb 13 Aberdeen Eights HOR. Entries close: Monday 8th February.
  13&14 GB Trials - Dorney
  20 SUBC Small Boats Head Entries close: Mon. 16th (sic) Feb
  20&21 BUCS Head
  27 Inverness 8s Head Entries close: Thu. 18th Feb. CANCELLED.
    Tyne Head [changed from 20 Jan]
  Sun 28 Head of the Trent, Nottingham [changed from 14 Feb]
Mar 6 Clydesdale Head Entries close: 28th Feb.
  13 Women's Head of the River (Thames), 3pm Entries close: Fri. 19th Feb (OR AT 300 ENTRIES)
  20 Scottish Schools Head, Dullatur
    North of England Head (Chester)
  27 HEAD OF THE RIVER (Thames)
  Sun 28 Vesta Veterans Head (Thames)
Apr 17 GRC Spring Regatta banner

(From the SARA (d'oh!) web site, and from David Biddulph's calendar.)


Yorkshire Building Society logo

Yorkshire Building Society are first to sponsor the GRC Spring Regatta

Our friends at the Gordon St. Branch of the Yorkshire Building Society have made a further generous contribution to Glasgow Rowing Club as sponsors of the 2010 Glasgow Spring Regatta.

If you or your company or organisation would like to help Glasgow Rowing Club as a sponsor, please contact .

more information 15/2/10

Shame again, please!

They say the camera never lies, and there is photo-evidence of some shameful behaviour at Saturday night's Burns do. What some people will do for an extra helping.

'Burns Special' web edition.


GB trials - good news
[16/2/10 - Results now posted]

At Dorney today, on the first day of the 2-day trials format, Sam demonstrated quality and consistency in finishing 10th in the first, time-trial stage of Lightweight 1x. He then matched that performance, finishing 5th in the semi-final race. The top 3 from each semi will be racing in tomorrow's final.

Day 2 Update: Sam remained rock-solid, finishing 4th in the 'B' final, i.e 10th overall. Iain was 18th overall, Polly was 4th in the 'G' final. Just to clarify, these are the positions within the Elite category, i.e. all 3 finished significantly higher in their U-23 rankings.

Update - Results:

Burning briefs!!!!

Are you being secretive about your Haggis'n Hearts habit?

PLEASE tell NOW if you are intending to go to tomorrow's Burns-Valentine night - the caterers need to know how many guests there will be!


Wish them luck!

GRC will be represented at the GB trials this weekend by Iain, Polly and Sam.

It's Official - Mr Walker will be our sole representative at Aberdeen.

Lost and found

Can you help?

  • Sense of humour - a grumpy man has misplaced this item, probably while over-reacting to some gentle banter.
  • Evidence relating to the above - More information, in the form of a sermon, was available, but has been 'lost' by a Government department.

Some witnesses indicate that both items were last seen in Mornington Crescent.

More 'rowing'

NEW Rowing Boat On Show At Greenock - Inverclyde Now

Burns' Night party raises £2000 - Henley Standard

Rabbie rousing

Tickets are still on sale for the now-traditional (2nd year) GRC Burns-Valentine Supper Evening.

  • Date: 13th February, 7:00 for 7:30pm
  • Venue: The Boat House
  • Dress code: Pink socks/Kilt *
  • Tickets: £10 each, 1st drink free. Contact with your order.

* Dress style originated by M.Mouse.


Western Head

GRC/GUBC Winning at Western Head

All 4 GRC crews were dominant at the GUBC 2010 Western Head.

GRC/CSRC/GUBC Winning at Western Head
GRC/CSRC/GUBC Winning at Western Head
GRC Winning at Western Head

Photos from Malcolm, on his Picasa site.

There's also a movie blockbuster of epic proportions from Dreggy on YouTube.

World Record holder Matthias' photos are now on Picasa (they've been SuperMonkeyed): Western Head by Matthias Auer.

Western Head - it's official, we won everything! *

Results (both divisions)

* OK, OK... we only won the events we entered.


David Nolan has posted his photos:


Chain snapped

Scottish Champion Helena
Helena discovers how to use the chain as Clap's volume control.

Snapper Ron has an album of Photos from the Indoor Rowing Champs, featuring Olivia, Helena, Don and Uncle.

There are more photos on Niall Darroch's web site.

Davison double

A small but dedicated group of GRC rowers made the journey to Edinburgh to compete at the Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships. Powerful performances were produced by Fergus, Jules, Kate, Don and Uncle (loved the handshake!), but the stars in our firmament were Olivia who won Bronze in the girls' under-16 category and sister Helena who was the convincing winner of the girls' under-14 race.


Proud dad Peter (a.k.a. CaptionManUK) has posted video of the girls' performance, and yesterday's winning GRC crews at the Western, on YouTube:

Marathon man

We've also been sent some photos of 3 of Saturday's crews from Matthias Auer, the man who regained his erg-marathon World Record (avg. pace 1:45 for 42k!).

Matthias' photos are on Picasa: Western Head by Matthias Auer.

OK corral

The 'Western' Head poster promised a showdown for "...the biggest guns in the West". Don't know about that, but although we're still waiting for the smoke to clear (no published results yet) news is that all four GRC crews were left standing tall at the end - played 4, won 4.

How to keep up with GRC Goss

(*without filling your email in-box)

As we all know, a lot of the GRC news is sent by email to 'GRCMembers' on Google groups.

Remember - members can choose to receive every email as it arrives, *or can choose to receive a single daily email - or none at all.

Every member can send and reply to email, and also view correspondence on-line; new and archived. Details on how to join and how it works are on this page.

More 'rowing'

From the P&J - Pupils get rowing machines health boost

NB - there's a list of 'rowing' news items to be found every day under the appropriate link in the left-hand column.


This weekend

Saturday - GUBC Western 8s Head

Four GRC crews taking part - Provisional draw

Sunday - Indoor rowing (UPDATED 29/1/10)

Record entries, apparently - so the youngest competitors are starting at 9:30.....

Updated information:


Brains and brawn?

If you want to show the world that we're good at everything... read this.

More rowing-in-the-news

From the Borders Herald : Jack rows into Institute of Sport .


Love is in the Ayr

Tickets are on sale for the now-traditional (2nd year) GRC Burns-Valentine Supper Evening.

  • Date: 13th February, 7:00 for 7:30pm
  • Venue: The Boat House
  • Dress code: Pink socks/Kilt *
  • Tickets: £10 each, 1st drink free. Contact with your order.

* Dress style originated by M.Mouse.



River Clyde and GRC clothed in snow.
'Tis the season...

Paul Mackie (again) spotted this familiar location in the background of the BMI web site.

Photo by David Farrell

Happy New Year!

By any measurement, 2009 was a good year for our club.

Let's make 2010 a great one.

On other web sites..

There are other web sites?

The Tideway Slug has gone quiet recently, but the long-running series of 'interesting' coaching comments has been collated into a single page. Language a bit risqué, but worth it.

From Rachel Quarrel's Rowing Service:

Also from FISA, notes on the recent changes in the WADA anti-doping rules and list of prohibited substances. The FISA anti-doping page remains by far the most useful and comprehensive resource for rowers.
Click for Top 100 rowing sites