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This is the archive of news items from 2009.

Happy New Year!

By any measurement, 2009 was a good year for our club.

Let's make 2010 a great one.


Merry Christmas!

Now that we've got the formalities out of the way....

Get your 2010 licence if you want to race!

Valid date is on reverse of licence
Valid date is on
reverse of licence

The club's 2010 licence applications will be going in in the next couple of days. If you want to race, and your licence does not have '2010' on the back of it, you'd better get the relevant completed form and fee to Kenny NOW!

Here is the latest GRCMembers item on this topic. Forms can be got on the SR web site.

First race you need your licence for is Western Head on 30th January.


Bright Sparks

  1. Clap, who managed to close one of the electically-driven shutters while some boats were outside wanting in, some were inside wanting out and then the shutters wouldn't work at all.
  2. Dreggy who went off in search of CR2016 batteries on a wintery last Sunday before Christmas. *
  3. George, who provided tools to allow Clap to rewire the electrical connections so that the shutters would work, in one direction, one time only....
  4. Jonny, who arrived in time to stop Clap doing something desperate and probably short-circuiting the entire boat house and
  5. Sam, who is simply indispensable.

* And left his kit behind, in all the excitement. It's in the changing room.


Glasgow Fours Head 2009

After weeks of anticipation, we finally had two well-populated divisions of good quality racing across a wide range of categories. GRC were successful in three events: women's Res2 quad (Beth, Joanna, Jen, Katharina and Jules), men's Res1 four (Graeme, Matt, Uncle Alan, Doug and..... Willie?) and winning the overall prize for fastest crew of the day, the men's open quad (Jonny, Sam, Iain and Chris).

The deluge, after.

River Clyde at GRC, 24 hours after the Fours Head
Sunday, 2nd division!

Paul Mackie took these pictures on Sunday afternoon. Looks like the weather was kind to us after all!

pdf files:

Thanks, as ever, to the Umpires led by John McKinney and to all of the people who do all of the jobs that are necessary to make our event work.


More pictures, please!


Belated AGM news

The usual business was transacted at the club AGM earlier this month.

The new Committee was elected, new members are Marianne Flynn (Secretary), Alan Holmes, Steph McDowall and Bryan Stewart.

There is also a delightfully un-simplified subscription structure: Membership costs

Finally, the club has conferred two new Honorary Memberships. This is the only gift that the club has to offer and it is used sparingly. The two previous recipients have been Lindsay Dick, in recognition of her World Championship Bronze medal, and Ronnie Goldie, on retiring from the club Presidency after 25 years.

Joining them this year are George Lawson and Sandy Walker. Anyone who has had any contact with GRC over the last 27 years, or with Glasgow Argonauts before that, will be aware just how much the club owes to Sandy and George. They have been intrinsic to the success of the club on and off the water since before many of our current winners were born. Many of our, er, more mature rowers were given some of their earliest coaching by them, they've taken our boats to regattas for us, they've Umpired for us, encouraged us, rowed themselves into coronary care for us, made rolls and sausage for us - and we would probably not have a set of steps to boat from, never mind anything else, were it not for their unstinting efforts.

The honour is really ours.



There are some pictures from Inverness on Niall Darroch's website. A few good ones of the GRC crews leading both races on Sunday, but Saturday's are not so good. Any in-house offerings?


Location, location, location.

Dan, Nov-09

Malcolm's latest pictures are on his Picasa album. Some are of GRC people training recently, others are simply showing what a lovely stretch of water we row on.

It isn't just us.

Sad to read that the London Fours Head had to be cancelled. We know how they feel...

Not the best use of a rowing weekend for our two crews who had travelled down for the race.

Meanwhile, in Inverness:

Vet 'D' in Inverness
Peter D has a few snaps in his Picasa album from the Saturday races at Inverness.



On Sunday, GRC cleaned up: Sam, Iain and Al S led the way in the singles (3 fastest scullers, Sam and Iain also beat all of the doubles and pairs), as did Willie and Colin in the double, winning the first division.

On Saturday, the results were... less stellar. Best quote so far:

It was definitely the most entertaining race I've ever had...

Sports report ( P&J).

Inverness rowers triumph on home water

Wot? No mouse?

Grainger named Scottish Sportsperson of the Year - Scotsman


Another big weekend.

GRC squads are travelling in opposite directions this week, going to the extremes of UK competitive rowing.


The yanks are coming.

From the SR web site:

Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships: Details for the 2010 Indoor Champs are now available on the Indoor Rowing page.

Clyde Head

Winning quad sculls
You talkin' to ME?!

Photos from Clyde Head © Super Monkey - in his Picasa album.

David Nolan has posted his photos:

Some great pictures - some not-so-great technique to be seen. (Call me Mr Bendy-Arms).

Weekend wash-up (not wash-out!)

Results are hard to find, but I believe we had wins in Open 4x (Matt, Graeme, Alan and Doug) and W Res2 4x (Róisín, Mo, Joanna and Beth) at the Clyde Head. An interesting 3-way tie emerged between the GRC 1st division scullers who were too busy looking good to notice someone from the Dark Side sneaking the win..... Any clarification is welcome.


Results: pdf file on the Clyde web site.

It's been pointed out that we also won

  • W Open 1x (Amanda),
  • W Open 4x (Steph, Jen, Jenny [GUBC] and Amanda),
  • W Open 2x (Steph and Amanda) and
  • W Nov 1x (Jen). Not sure about the 3-entries rule... My only excuse is lack of information!
  • - and Matt won Res2 1x!.
  • Best performers on the day, however, were definitely Jules and Fergus in J13 double sculls.
  • Best face-pulling prize joint winners: Kate and Olivia.

News from the GB trials at Boston is also elusive....

Update (thanks to Graeme)
Sam 9th in U23 Lwt, Iain 10th, 17th & 18th overall. Al S 40th in
U23 Heavyweight, 73rd Overall.

Other folk we know, Alan Sinclair was 5th overall, Andy Holmes was
12th in Heavyweight and 26th overall and Murray was 32nd overall.
Kelly Limond from Strathclyde Park won womens lightweight as well.


Clyde Head
  • Link to the provisional draw [link] (Thanks Graeme.)
  • Big GRC entry in 3 divisions, at 10:30, 12:30 and 2:30. (See note from Al)
Boston GB Trials
  • Good luck to our 3 triallists: Al S, Iain and Sam.

Last week in Stirling

Al S was the sole GRC representative and fastest single sculler of the day!*

More local rowing news

This from the Herald this week: Part-time model Fowler looking good for 2012 and beyond - The Herald

Wrong club, but the world loves a trier.

* No other scullers raced - but he'd have won anyway.


Scullers Head

Iain wins Res2 at Scullers Head 2009
Iain wins Res2
Akbar's eighth outing
Akbar's eighth outing

Another excellent day's racing from GRC. Malcolm has recorded some of them in his equally excellent photographs - in his Picasa album.

Unfortunately, there are no photos of our winning crews (unless YOU have some?) but still plenty of meat for the armchair coaches to get their teeth into.

Scullers Head - no news, but it's all good!

  • Sam won the overall Head pennant in the traditional single sculls race - a classy performance.
  • Joanna and Katharina continued their winning run, carrying off the Res2 pennant in the double sculls race.
  • Alan and Sam (again) smoothly sculled to the overall victory in the doubles race.
  • Good performances all round from the GRC entry, reduced as it was through illness.
  • At time of writing (Sunday p.m.) I still can't find results on-line. Feel free to send links.
Update (Sun. evening) - Results 1x 2x
  • Iain won the Res2 pennant - 4th overall. (Apologies for missing this earlier.)

Some pictures from Malcolm in the photo column, more welcome - particularly if you have them of the winning crews.

Also in the news

While by no means belittling Uncle Alan's achievements, nephew Andy's exploits in domestic and international arenas have got him in the papers.


Oct 17 St Andrew Head, Stirling (poster, entry form, information).
Pairs Head (Tideway)
  24 Clyde Small Boats Head (details and entry form)
  31 Aberdeen Fours Head (Committee of the Dee website)
Nov Sun 1 Aberdeen Small Boats Head (ditto)
  7 GRC Fours Head
  14 Inverness Fours Head
Fours Head (Tideway)*
  15 Inverness Small Boats Head
Veteran Fours Head (Tideway)*
  Sun 29 Loch Lomond Fours and Eights Head

(From the SARA (d'oh!) SCOTTISH ROWING web site.)


Scullers Head this Saturday

The provisional start list (pdf file) is now on the CARC web site.

Nineteen GRC crews are competing. Wow.

Everyone knows that...

  • There have been changes made to the 'ARA' veteran handicap table, and
  • these were adopted at the Scottish Rowing half-yearly meeting in March this year.
  • The changes only appear to affect the 'head race' distances.

This new table will of course be used for handicapped events at the GRC Fours Head on 7th November.

You can find more information at these links:


Glasgow Fours Head

7th November 2009

The details of our own Fours Head are now available.

FC will be looking for help from EVERYONE on the day - but you can still have a race, if you're able. Please if you are NOT able to help.

Another Thank-you

A long-standing friend to the club, Styles and Wood, have again made a kind contribution towards our equipment budget.


Aberdeen Sprint

Jules does a diCaprio
Sacrifice to the
River Gods

Good racing from GRC at Aberdeen (except for the codgers), with wins in fours, doubles and singles. More in Peter's Picasa album.

Click on the following link to see an example of the Aberdeen medal.

Weekend round-up

Congratulations to our winners at Aberdeen on Saturday:

  • Joanna, Olivia, Kate, Katharina and Jules were comfortable winners in Women's Novice fours. Not bad for (some) people who had vowed never to row sweep again. The same crew were very close to gaining their first Res2 quad win in their first attempt. A little more racing experience and the win would have been theirs.
  • Don won Men's Novice sculls, racing Keir in the final - both showed a lot of improvement on the day and were complimented by others on their performances.
  • Joanna won Mixed Res2 doubles, with exiled GRC man Jonny Stevenson (who won 3 events!).

Losers were Clap and Kenny, who need to do some proper training... and, er, 'Belvedere' is no longer straight.


The next few head race fixtures are:

Oct 10 Clydesdale Scullers Head (poster & entry form)
  17 St Andrew Head, Stirling (poster, entry form, information).
Pairs Head (Tideway)
  24 Clyde Small Boats Head
  31 Aberdeen Fours Head
Nov Sun 1 Aberdeen Small Boats Head
  7 GRC Fours Head

(From the SARA (d'oh!) SCOTTISH ROWING web site.)


Aberdeen Sprint this Saturday

Loading on Friday evening - all hands please! All the events are running, everyone with at least 2 races (except Kenny the driver).

Everyone needs to be at Aberdeen Boat Club (see below for maps) by 10 a.m.

1st Race on Saturday - 11:28 (Mix Vet 2x). Last race 17:12 (M Nov 1x final).

The draw
  • is now available on the CofD web site, either as an Excel file or a pdf
  • Maps and course information are on the CofD maps page

Thank-you to YBS from GRC

Yorkshire Building Society, Gordon St Branch, have made a generous contribution to our equipment purchase budget.

Thanks also, no surprise, to Ronnie Goldie, LXP.


GRC at Aberdeen is... GO!

There WILL be a trailer going to Aberdeen sprint on 19th September.

If you want to race, speak to Kenny, Clap or Katharina (sounds like a 60s folk group).

Details are on the CofD web site (pdf).

[Proper rowing] World Championships

As mentioned previously, this season, all of the World Cup Rowing action is available to European users via the FISA web site.

The World Championship Regatta from Poznan starts this week and is viewable on-line.

If you want to see how the good guys do it, here's the link:

Also, there is quite a lot of TV coverage available: details here.

Faskally Coaching Weekend

A poster for the Faskally Weekend (24/25 October) is now on-line. Booking forms for the camp are available from club secretaries.

(From the SARA (d'oh!) SCOTTISH ROWING web site.)



Spot the veggie(burger)
Spot the veggie.

Dawn and Jules took one or two photos at the barbecue. Peter has installed them in his Picasa album, even though he was AWOL.

Next regatta...

No GRC crews at this weekend's Inverness event. Next one is Aberdeen on 19th September.

No junior session this Sunday!

Summer barbecue - Aug 1st - get your tickets!

There will be a lot of back-slapping at the traditional GRC Summer Barbecue on August 1st - BRING YOUR MEDALS!

More information.

eagerly awaits your ticket order - all welcome.


New member

a strange looking girl
I love rowing!

This is Trixie. She has just started rowing and wants to race in Junior sculls next year.

HIR round-up

The annual Home Countries International regatta was run today.

Wins were recorded by Jonny and Chris Logan in men's lightweight - pairs and double sculls. The latter was most impressive, as they hadn't raced in a double since...?

Scotland also won women's eights and were second in men's eights, again featuring GRC members; Marianne Flynn, Kieran Docherty, 'Uncle' Alan Holmes and Alistair Sarahs. Sam Scrimgeour competed in men's under-23 sculls and men's under-23 fours (alongside Al S).

Overall, Scotland finished in 2nd place in the women's competition behind England by a single point, not sure about the other results yet.

Twitter updates:


Next... HIR

A number of the senior squad will be representing Scotland at the annual Home International Regatta (at Nottingham this year) next weekend.

Anyone who understands the vagaries of the selection 'rules' is welcome to correct this, but I believe these are the GRC representatives:

  • Men's eight: Marianne, Kieran, Uncle Alan and Al (Sarahs).
  • Ltwt single: Sam.
  • Ltwt double: Jonny and Chris.
  • Ltwt pair: Jonny and Chris.
  • U23 four: Sam and Al (Sarahs).

...and Inverness

Entries close on Friday 7th August; details now published - Info and events list.

Pictures from Nat Champs

  • There are some pictures of Scottish crews at Nottingham, including the GRC guys getting their Gold medals, on the Scottish Rowing web site.
  • There is a link, in the 'photo column' on the right, to the official regatta photos.

More welcome.


Nat Champs 2009

British Champions
GRC setting out on the
way to becoming 2009
(©Birdman Photography)

Excellent   results from GRC at this year's British Champ-ionships:

  • four crews in finals,
  • 3 medals including
    • GOLD in Lightweight fours and
    • GOLD in Lightweight pairs.
  • Best senior Scottish performance, again.

The thumbnail photo is from the official Nat Champs photos by Birdman Photography.

Nat Champs

Update2 - British Champions in fours and pairs

Sunday - finals day; lots of GRC interest, with the following outcomes:

  • Iain and Willie finished 3rd in the rep. of U23 doubles, just failing to progress to the final.
  • In the semi-final of U23 sculls, Iain won and Sam just missed out in 4th. gold medal
  • Chris and Jonny won the Lightweight pairs by a long way. - GOLD!
  • Chris, Kieran, Jonny and Sam got their revenge on their LRC adversaries in the Lightweight 4 - GOLD!
  • Iain finished 6th in the final of U23 sculls.
  • SILVER medal for Marianne in the final of Women's eights (Inc. Mrs Jonny and coached by GAW).
  • Al (Sarahs), racing for Watson's, was also in U23 2x and in a composite Open 4- that just missed a place in the final.
In the news:
Scots excel in Nottingham

The details for this year's British Championships are now on-line:

Glasgow crews are racing in

  • Open Lightweight pairs (Chris and Jonny),
  • Open pairs (Doug and Alan), (there is another open pair, but I think that's an error - correction welcome) ,
  • Open Lightweight fours (Sam, Jonny, Kieran and Chris),
  • Under-23 doubles (Willie and Iain),
  • Under-23 sculls (Sam),
  • Under-23 sculls (Iain) and
  • Women's eights (Marianne, and coached by GAW)

All racing on Saturday 18th July.


Nat Champs

The details for this year's British Championships are now on-line:

Glasgow crews are racing in

  • Open Lightweight pairs (Chris and Jonny),
  • Open pairs (Doug and Alan), (there is another open pair, but I think that's an error - correction welcome) ,
  • Open Lightweight fours (Sam, Jonny, Kieran and Chris),
  • Under-23 doubles (Willie and Iain),
  • Under-23 sculls (Sam),
  • Under-23 sculls (Iain) and
  • Women's eights (Marianne, and coached by GAW)

All racing on Saturday 18th July.


Spotted on the Rowing Service:

Boris Mavra is swimming the Channel on 30th July in aid of the Willow Foundation which helps seriously ill adults.

Summer barbecue - Aug 1st - get your tickets!

There will be a lot of back-slapping at the traditional GRC Summer Barbecue on August 1st - we just don't know how much, yet!

More information.

eagerly awaits your ticket order - all welcome.

More Henley pics

There are three more pictures of the coxed four at Henley (Wednesday, beating Thames) on the GRC Picasa album. Thanks to Roy Sinclair of Inverness RC.

[more] Proper rowing

This season, all of the World Cup Rowing action is available to European users via the FISA web site. If you want to see how the good guys do it, here's the link:

Be careful - don't try this at home!


Henley 2009

Britannia Cup quarter-finalists
Henley quarter-
Wyfold quarter-finalists
...and Henley

The GRC squad broke new ground for a Scottish club, qualifying two crews for quarter-finals. Here are some pictures.

Graeme's pictures from Henley include some lovely ones of Alan and also an intrepid tree-climbing rower.

From Big Blade:

Henley - review.

Update - with photo links

At Henley Royal Regatta the GRC crews upheld the excellent standards that the senior squad has set in competition this year. In The Britannia Challenge Cup, the crew of Graeme, Alan, Matt, Doug and Marianne won a really tough race to get through to the quarter-finals. Meanwhile, the Wyfold Challenge Cup crew of Sam, Jonny, Kieran and Chris were justifying the Stewards decision to award them 'selected' status by beating their first- and second-round opponents easily.

On quarter-finals day, Friday, GRC were in the unique position for a Scottish club of having crews that had raced their way into the last eight of 2 separate events.

The coxed four went into an early lead against a strong crew from Fermoy RC (Ireland), but were unable to hold off that challenge (photo from Jet Photographic).

The coxless four were involved in one of the fastest races of the day in which the two crews were never separated. Trailing for almost the whole length of the course, the GRC crew battled past their opponents from Star Club of Bedford in the last fifty metres only to be deprived of their place in the semi-final when the two crews clashed just before the line (photos: Jet Photographic and from the HRR site). Star crossed the line a canvas ahead and in the absence of any appeal the decision was theirs.

It's always painful to lose, but the attitude of both crews - of the whole squad this year - was inspiring. Those of us who travelled to Henley to watch were full of pride in the performance of Glasgow Rowing Club.

Henley latest

(This is the official HRR service.)


Henley stuff

The GRC crews and followers will be using Twitter to post the occasional message to let us know what's happening, on the column on the right ("Henley Twit").

On the far right ("Henley Latest ") is the official HRR twitter update which will include race results as the regatta progresses.





Belated mention to our well-travelled senior squad; the 4- were racing at Marlow this weekend - a close second place in their event, finishing fast-but-not-quite-fast-enough, it looks like.

However, the people you want to impress are the Henley Stewards, who have published the list of crews required to qualify for this year's regatta. Quite a few Scottish crews on the list, but none from GRC. Well done, team.

More on GRCMembers.

Pictures from the Scottish Championships are now up on David Nolan's Flickr page.

Scottish Championships

Scottish Champion Women's Novice quad scull
Jules and his crew -
all medalled up.

There   is   no shortage of pictures of GRC winning crews and be- medalled rowers. Here are some to be getting on with, on GRC (Sat and Sun*) and Peter D's Picasa albums.

Caption opportunity

If ever a photo was crying out for a caption, this must be it - from Malcolm, along with others on his Picasa album.

More welcome!

Will these licences ever float again?
"There's a hole in
my licence..."

Graeme's photos are here.

Some from Niall Darroch too.

* Sorry, some of the Sunday pictures are a bit over- exposed.

Just Champions

At the 2009 Scottish Rowing Championships, Glasgow Rowing Club won

  • Men's open coxed fours
  • Men's open pairs
  • Men's under-23 coxed fours (with George Watson's College)
  • Men's veteran coxed fours (D/E category)
  • Women's novice double sculls
  • Men's open coxless fours
  • Men's open eights
  • Women's novice coxed quad sculls
  • Men's lightweight single sculls
  • Women's intermediate double sculls
  • Silver medal in Women's novice sculls.

We went home tired... but fairly happy.

On the Scottish Rowing website

Glasgow RC were dominant

- Results:

Summer barbecue - Aug 1st - get your tickets!

There will be a lot of back-slapping at the traditional GRC Summer Barbecue on August 1st - we just don't know how much, yet!

More information.

eagerly awaits your ticket order - all welcome.


Loading tonight (Friday)

Scottish Championship - boat loading; see Al's note on GRCMembers.

1st phase of loading is this afternoon at the club - target time is 4:30. Boats de-rigged in advance would be good!



Scottish Championship draft draw is out.
Here is the usual GRC version.

More photos from Met: see the photo column on the right.


Next regattas

June 13-14 Scottish Championships; draw now available.
  19-21 Henley Women's Regatta
  20 Berwick
  21 York Summer
  27 Nithsdale Regatta - poster, information and events list.
July 1-5 Henley Royal Regatta
  4 Talkin Tarn
  10-11 Henley Veterans
  17-19 National Rowing Championships of Great Britain (Nottingham)
  25 Home International Regatta (Nottingham)

( from the Scottish Rowing Web site and David Biddulph's rowing calendars)


Big regatta weekend

Kenny's girls
Kenny's girls

A few pictures from early on at Semple on Saturday.

Dorney lake

Graeme has uploaded Uncle's pictures from the Met. Regatta . (Have I got that right?)

Any more?

- yes, from David Nolan, on his Flickr site:

Next - Scottish Champs

A bit disappointing at Semple, but still looking good for the Scottish. A couple of good 2nd places and good racing efforts but only the veteran 'D' four returning with medals. Photos on the right, more welcome.

Any report or more pictures from Dorney?

Big result from GB at Banyoles, on BBC iPlayer.

Entries for the Scottish close tomorrow (Tuesday) - so make sure Al knows what you're racing in!


This weekend: 1 - racing at Metropolitan (Dorney)

GRC senior men are going South to play with the big boys.

This weekend: 2 - racing at Castle Semple

GRC women, juniors and veteran men are racing at Castle Semple regatta from dawn 'til dusk.


There will be a junior session at 10:000 on Sunday - confirm by if you want to take part.


Rowing tourism?

Dial 999!
Don't try this at home!

Milesh has supplied some pictures of rowing back home in Colombo, where in-boat gymnastics is obviously not so frowned upon. Is there no Colombo Humane Society to put a stop to That Sort Of Thing?

Scottish Championships - 3 weeks away!

All the event information for the 2009 Scottish Championships has been published:

Entries close on 2nd June - and you NEED to have a licence!


More pictures of GRC people from David Nolan, look in the 'photo' column, right.

Proper rowing time again

Results found in TV listings (Radio Times):


New club kit

Lynda has got the whole kit thing organized: we now have 2 kit suppliers:

  1. Splash tops and one-pieces from JL. (Crewroom is UK supplier.)
  2. Loads of other kit items from Godfrey. There are designs and price guidelines on this dedicated page on the Godfrey web site.

If you would like to order, speak to first, to ensure that any such orders are consolidated to gain the best price deal.


Clydesdale regatta

Remember KT?
Spot the ex-GRC
Milesh and Keir
More pics from Peter D

A few photos of GRC - and ex-GRC - performers at the regatta on 16 May.

More pictures of GRC people from David Nolan, this time at Clydesdale regatta:

Milesh has added some more pictures to the album.

Any more?

Novice win 1...

One hundred percent - raced one, won one - for the GRC Novice women's quad; Joanna, Olivia, Katharina, Kate (I) and Jules. Well done! (Any pictures?)

...novice win 2...

Winning Novice sculls - and not novice any more - was Kate (D not I), racing for SUBC.

..a surprise win...

Also - in what must have been the day's most exciting finish for the spectators*, the Vet 'D' four won their race after it was re-scheduled over 1500m.

* Pretty exciting for the participants too, judging from the whooping noises FC was making.

...and finally -

'Mauler' Matt's coaching must have paid off, as GUBC's 1st Men's boat, featuring Kieran and Chris, gave the EUBC boys a lesson in winning. Very painful to watch, so it was.

Next - Castle Semple

If you intend racing at Castle Semple on 30th May, get your entry in pronto: discussion on GRCMembers.


David Nolan has some great pictures on his Flickr site of GRC people at SPR: use this link to start a slideshow at the appropriate point.


Saturday race schedule


The final draw is now available in excel and pdf formats.

Special GRC marked up version: draw.xls.
(Sincere apologies for not giving due prominence to the catchweight contest that is the GUBC vs. EUBC graduate race, featuring 'Mauler' Matt (East coast) and 'Ten-pak' TK and 'Kick-ass' Kenny (West Coast).

Please check your race times and let Al know a.s.a.p. if you see a problem.


Next regattas

May 9-10 North East Regatta, Aberdeen (CofD website)
  16 Clydesdale Regatta and EUBC/GUBC Boat Races
poster, invite letter, events list, rules and competitors info
  23 EUBC Regatta, Strathclyde Park cancelled
  22-24 National Schools Regatta (Nottingham)* (NSR website)
  29-31 World Cup I - Banyoles ESP
  30 Castle Semple Regatta (website)
  30-31 Metropolitan

( from the Scottish Rowing Web site and David Biddulph's rowing calendars)


British Universities Regatta


GRC members competing: Iain Docwra representing Heriot-Watt uni was 3rd (Bronze medal) in intermediate 1x and Al Sarahs representing Edinburgh was 4th in championship 1x.

Results can be found on this page.


KFR 2009

Bob Reid looking into the tent.
BReid experiments
with a new GRC
blade design.

The 1st set of photos from SPR are here: Peter D has got his own Picasa album.

GRC 4- winning at SPR 09
Where's Uncle?

And now 'Uncle Alan' has passed on some more. They're on the other GRC Picasa album.

David Nolan has some great pictures on his Flickr site of GRC people at SPR: use this link to start a slideshow at the appropriate point.

Any more?

KFR - how did we do?


Lots of good performances that Al didn't have space to mention, below. The results are now out - see for yourself.

As usual, we had a fantastic effort from the whole club - and their families - to make the catering operation a success. All the more satisfying that we had a stonking performance on the water as well! Here's what Al says:

SPR was a pretty good start to the season for GRC. We had a good entry from junior to veteran, men’s and women’s, novice to open, in almost every boat type at some time or another. Results were a mixed bag for this first regatta of the season, but there were some great performances in what were sometimes tricky conditions out on the park. Men’s open 1x was a sea of yellow, with 4 of our scullers in the final. The victory went to Jonny, who led most of the way, with Sam just being squeezed out of 2nd spot 150m from the line. Jonny teamed up with his brother Chris to win M2- by a convincing margin and they again joined with Al S and Kieran to win the coxless 4. In the student events, Sam (racing for Strathclyde Uni.) won a very close race in uni 1x, with Al S coming in 2nd and Iain 3rd. In the Student 2x Dan and Willy scored a good win for Strathclyde and 3 of the victorious student 4x (Doug, Dan and Willy) were GRC regulars.

Particularly impressed by Kate and Olivia’s junior double, who in their second ever race and their first side-by side competition managed not only to qualify for 2 finals in tricky water conditions, but led the field home in their heat of women’s novice 2x. A few wee problems in the final cost them a shot at victory, but a great start and watch this space.

More from Al (and others, no doubt) later on GRCMembers.


'Good Housekeeping' - update

Redecoration is almost complete - thanks to volunteers Karen, Lynda, George and Lynn .


NO ROWING at GRC this Saturday.

Everyone is going to be at the park, racing and winning and cooking and selling and boating and winning and buttering and bartering and grilling and Winning and WINNING!


There is a junior session at 10 a.m. on Sunday for anyone interested - please confirm by if you're coming along.

How to keep up with GRC Goss

It's been pointed out that some newer members may not know that a lot of the GRC news is sent by email to 'GRCMembers' on Google groups.

Members can choose to receive every email as it arrives, or can choose to receive a single daily email - or none at all. Every member can send and reply to email, and also view correspondence on-line; new and archived. Details on how to join and how it works are on this page.


KFR - FINAL draw.

Marked-up versions with GRC races highlighted are here:

Read the thoughts of Our Leader on GRCMembers.

Twinkle, twinkle.

Don't forget that the main room redecoration will be going ahead this evening - tea and sympathy will be welcomed by volunteers Karen, Lynda and George.

Many thanks also to sponsors STAR Medical for their assistance in purchasing materials.


KFR* - provisional draw.

The provisional draw for next weekend's regatta has been published. Marked-up versions with GRC races highlighted are here:

Also - if you haven't done so, please tell Al what your availability is for helping in the tent on either day: on GRCMembers.

(* Kenny's favourite regatta)

6/4/09 Glasgow Spring Regatta banner


Full information is on the Regatta pages here: Glasgow Spring Regatta.


1/4/09 Glasgow Spring Regatta banner

Glasgow Spring Regatta - Entries close on Sunday!

Full information is on the Regatta pages here: Glasgow Spring Regatta.

Put your entries in the easy way: On-line entries.


Tideway Head 2009

GRC at 2009 Tideway. Picture from RowPhoto.
GRC 36th at 2009 HoRR.

Photos of Tideway are starting to appear. This is one of three on RowPhoto. Click on the photo for purchase details.
Jet photographic also have some (from Barnes and opposite Fulham).

There is a brief video clip on RowTV.

More Tideway success - GRC are top Scottish crew.

At today's Tideway HoRR there was an excellent performance from the GRC eight, finishing in 36th place and just over 1 minute behind the winning "super-crew" of Olympic scullers - well done to Al, Lins and the squad. The list of Scottish crews, below, has been updated to include finish positions.

20/3/09 Glasgow Spring Regatta banner

Glasgow Spring Regatta - 11th April

The event and entry information is now published. Keep watching - more details soon.

Kenneth is awaiting your response on availability so we can work out who/how many can race! Discussion is on : GRCMembers.

Coaching / mentoring

Response to this has been less than overwhelming. Contact if you might be interested.


Tideway Head - one week to go

Here are the Scottish crews racing at this year's HoRR:

UPDATED 21/3/09

Start Status Crew Finish
90 S.4 Glasgow University I 192
137 S.1 Glasgow 36
178 S.3 Edinburgh University I 101
184 S.2 Aberdeen University I 215
200 S.4 Strathclyde University I 219
243 NOV Glasgow University II 401
277 S.3 Clydesdale 218
287 S.3 St.Andrews University 266
298 S.4 Heriot-Watt University I 329
331 S.4 Dundee University 254
336 S.4 St.Andrew 397
353 S.4 Deeside Scullers 315
369 NOV Edinburgh University II 335
381 NOV Heriot-Watt University II 408
415 NOV Strathclyde University II 369
420 NOV Aberdeen University II 398

As always, corrections are welcome: send them to


Women's Tideway 2009

Clyde /EUBC /Glasgow Rowing Club /GUBC composite which finished 6th in the 2009 Women's Eights Head.
6th at 2009 WEHoRR.

This photo of the Clyde /EUBC /Glasgow Rowing Club /GUBC composite returning upstream after the WEHoRR was kindly contributed by Matthias Auer.

More photos and website critique on GRCMembers.

Women's Tideway Success

From today's WEHoRR, the provisional results paint a very decent picture for Scottish crews, with the Clyde/EUBC/Glasgow Rowing Club/GUBC composite finishing in 6th place (started 200th). This crew includes GRC's Fran Jacob (also includes Mrs Johnny) and is coached by the patriarch of the Warnock dynasty, who will probably be very pleased with today's work.
Next best Scottish entry was Clydesdale at a distant 33rd.

Photo: from Jet photographic.

EUBC also collected the S4 pennant, underlining their improved recent form.


CARC 8s and 4s Head 2009

Fastest crew overall.
Fastest crew overall.

Peter D has taken loads of pictures: some on Malcolm's Picasa album...

Fastest veteran eight.
Fastest veteran eight.
Junior quad - first race
Junior quad - first race

A fine day out!



Novice women - first race
Novice women - first race
Novice women - Karen's album
Karen's pics

Click on the photo for full-size image.

Karen has added some pictures, on her own Picasa album.


No pictures Only one picture of the Veteran 4 (phew!).

Super Saturday

Great day at the club on Saturday, from first thing 'til last. Nice to see a variety of boats on the water at 8:30/9:00 involving a number of people who were not racing later, but we still had five boats leaving our steps for the race.

  • Congratulations to the 'big' eight - FASTEST CREW OF THE DAY.
    • (Next race: Tideway on 21 March)
  • GRC, in Fran Jacob, also had a share in the fastest Women's boat of the day, 3rd in race 2.
    • (Next race: WEHoRR on 7 March - next Saturday)
  • Fastest Veteran eight.

Good performances too, in their very first races from

  • the Novice Women's Eight, whose enthusiasm alone deserved a prize, and
  • the girls and Jules in WJu15 quads - not quite the fastest, but not the slowest boat of the day!

Oh, and the we also had the 'fastest' Veteran four of the day, too...

Results: on the CARC web site

Pictures: opposite.
More pictures to come, keep looking!



  • Beginners at 9:00 - Anyone wanting to get more involved in coaching/mentoring should contact
  • Race Division 1 (start 12:00)
    • crew # 3 men's Open 8
    • crew # 9 men's Veteran 8
    • crew # 32 women's Ju15 quad scull
  • Race Diviion 2 (start 14:30)
    • crew # 43 women's Open 8 (Fran)
    • crew # 47 women's Novice 8
    • crew # 65 men's Veteran 4

Start order : on the CARC web site

Tideway draws

  • Women's Tideway (7th March) - Clyde / Edinburgh / Glasgow / Glasgow University start 200th (Fran).
    Full draw: click here
  • Men's Tideway (21st March) - Glasgow RC starting #137. Looks like a good draw, one of the first new starts and in amongst some overseas crews.
    Full draw: click here

Things you see when you haven't got...

One of these: paintball turret

Could it be occasionally useful, mounted on the bow of a tub pair?


Slow news day

The results from Inverness have now appeared on "Hello!" SARA.

"The place for celebrity news (about people who don't do rowing in Scotland)."


Racing (1)

No results or other info on the net yet, but apparently the GRC/Semple eight were fastest boat, by some margin, at yesterday's event in Inverness.

"Snapper Ron" has a photograph of the results!

Racing (2)

On Saturday, the club will be busy with 3 eights (men's Open, women's Novice and men's Veteran) racing in the 2 divisions of the Clydesdale event, plus the girls' quad plus a veteran four, plus... ?

Some beginners at 9am also. Anyone wanting to get more involved in coaching/mentoring should contact


Merr foties

Loads of excellent pictures of last week's race, from Davie Nolan, including most (perhaps all?) of the GRC racers. Try these links:

1. Bill&Russell... Ben&Malcolm... Matt... Willie
2. Rosh&Russell... Paul.. Paul again.
3....and Doug (SUBC)

BUR Head cancelled

From Rachel Quarrell's site: this weekend's race on the Trent is cancelled. (Direct link:


Inverness head

The provisional draw is now up (excel file). GRC/Semple composite is one of 3 Open 8s. Don't see anything else...


SUBC Small Boats Head 2009

Ben and Malcolm at the 2009 SUBC Small Boats Head.
Ben and Malcolm
go large
Some good pictures, again on Malcolm's Picasa album and again taken by Peter, but with Malcolm's camera... confused?

SUBC Small boats

Good performances from the various GRC entrants, but no silverware (corrections welcome!). Some pictures from Division 1 in the 'photo' column on the right. No picture, unfortunately, of our best performer, Matt, who was just 2 seconds away from a win in Division 1.

Results:  div 1 and div 2.


Saturday's outings


  • Races are at 12:30 and 2:30.
  • If you're in the first race, you probably want to boat around 11:45.

Not racing -

  • 9:00am - mixed fours: boats will need rigged, so be sharp.
  • 10:30 - girls' quad, ditto.
  • off the water by approx. 11:45

Clydesdale head - 2 weeks

Details for the Clydesdale Head on 28th February are now on-line - poster, crew invite and entry form.

Burns Supper/Valentine do

Saturday evening - be there or be at home. In either case, Ronnie wants raffle-fodder! - Burns Night 

Racing on Saturday?

Provisional Final* draw now up on the SUBC site, or

*Stop Press: These have now been updated.


Last Sunday

Well done Matt, winning the bronze in lightweight at the SARA Chain-yanking extravaganza. An impressive 6:31. Not bad for a wee bloke.
Results are now up on the Concept 2 website.

This Saturday

  • Various at 8:30
  • Women's eight at 10:30.
  • Girls' quad also at 10:30


As of this weekend we will be using a new system to record boat use - read more here : outing logging

Western Head photos

Some great pictures courtesy of David Nolan on his flickr album.

Ahunkahunka Burns'n'Love

The Burns-night-on-Valentines-day do is only a week away. A few tickets left - speak to the man at

Also - why not treat your beloved to something from the Burns-ing love selection?

Then again, if things aren't going so well, you could try this.


Wednesday evening - Committee meeting invite.

There is a very important Committee meeting on Wednesday evening at 6pm. As always, any club member is welcome to attend and 'listen-in' on the proceedings. On this occasion, members are being encouraged to attend and contribute any personal knowledge they have in the areas of Child Protection and Health and Safety. This is in response to the SARA Executive having made sudden and swingeing declarations affecting how our club manages these issues.


Saturday (tomorrow)

  • Vet eight(s?) at 8:30
  • Women's eight at 10:30.
  • Girls' quad also at 10:30.

Western Head 2009

GRC Vet 8 in (roughly) descending age sequence.
GRC Vet 'C' 8
Six scared vets and 2 ringers. With thanks to Craig Love. This and more pictures on Malcolm's Picasa album.
Photo © Peter Davison.

Western Eights Head

GRC's Vet 'C' crew had a comfortable row (weather was generally good, but with squally showers around the 7 seat) in the truncated race yesterday.

Results: Division 1 - Division 2.

There are some excellent pictures, taken by Peter Davison, on Malcolm's Picasa album.


Love Burns

Tickets are going fast for the portmanteau event that is the first-ever GRC Burns-Valentine Supper Evening.

  • Date: 14th February
  • Venue: The Boat House
  • Dress: Pink Tartan Tie
  • Tickets: £10 each, 1st drink free. Contact with your order.

Be there or go elsewhere for haggis & pink champagne.

This Saturday

GRC has one crew racing (Vet 'C' eight) in the GUBC Western Head - on the water at 10:45!


Happy (belated) New Year!

Web-man (Is it a duck? Is it a plane?) has been away ski-ing, and has returned with his skeleton undamaged, so normal web service will now resume.

Any news? - Besides, that is, the entries now being open for the GUBC Western Eights Head (Jan 24th, entries close next Sunday, 18th). Next event after that is the SARA chain-yanking extravaganza: "Let's all forget any technique we had."


Ho ho ho!

Anyone wanting to work off the culinary excesses is welcome to contact Kenny about Saturday's 9:00 am outing.

(Use GRCMembers, Bulletin Boards or email GRCCommittee. Ask someone how, if any of this is confusing.)
No more web updates this week.

Merry Christmas!

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