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This is the archive of news items from 2008.

Ho ho ho!

Anyone wanting to work off the culinary excesses is welcome to contact Kenny about Saturday's 9:00 am outing.

(Use GRCMembers, Bulletin Boards or email GRCCommittee. Ask someone how, if any of this is confusing.)
No more web updates this week.

Merry Christmas!


Even the ducks are doubtful

According to the SEPA site (link on left) the river was going up through the 1.8m level yesterday. With today's rain (and tomorrow's - dearie me!) on top of that, rowing this weekend is looking very doubtful.

Ergos will be at a premium, too - so try to plan your 'outings'!

Still, anything is better than Christmas shopping.



Things will be running on an outing-by-outing basis over the next few weeks - make sure you stay in touch with what's happening and who it's happening with.

  • The web site will be updated when possible, but will be patchy over Christmas.
  • Use the bulletin boards (above) - ask someone how to do edits, if you want to add a message.
  • Use GRCMembers (top right) - go into the web version, it's easier.

Saturday (tomorrow)

  • Girls' quad at 8:30
  • Women's quad (four?) at 10.
  • Other 'beginners' at 10 also. Help out if you can.

Scullers head photos

Spotted on Rachel Quarrell's site:

Photographs from Dodsworld, Salt, Birdman and BigBlade amongst others.

The Winners

Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to enter Tubfest! yesterday. (And thanks for nothing if you didn't!)

We had two round-robin divisions in tub pairs, with the winners of those going to the final. Sandy and Clap formed an ad-hoc seeding committee and tried to balance the crews as fairly as possible.
After some hard-fought racing the winners were:

  • Bryan and Olivia, coxed loudly to success by Jules.
  • The losers in the final were Kristian and Peter (Olivia's dad - ho ho), coxed by Paul.

Meanwhile, Bryan was exhorting maximum efforts from all and sundry in the 300-metre ergo challenge. Best time of the day was produced by Al, but he was deemed ineligible for not paying his entry fee and not being present at the prizegiving.
As a result, joint winners were

  • Craig (who did pay!) and Bryan (fix?).

Winners were presented with sparkling presentation tankards, engraved: 'Glasgow Rowing Club - Tubfest 2008'. Thanks to Ronnie for organising those. Thanks also to Sandy for providing mince pies and for making sure that there was a constant supply of those and mulled wine available for contestants in need of sustenance.


At the Vesta Scullers Head, Johnny was 6th in Elite Lightweight (32 overall). Mrs Johnny was 2nd in Women's S1 Lightweight, in 245th position. Richard Mathieson is marked as 'did not finish'.



Good luck to...

...Johnny and Mrs Johnny who are both competing at the Vesta Scullers Head this weekend. Only other Scottish-based competitors appear to be Richard Mathieson from Aberdeen BC and two scullers from Loch Lomond.


Hard to believe they could pass up Tubfest! for something so trivial!

More photos

Davie Nolan has posted some excellent pictures from near the start of all three divisions of last week's '3 Heads' event. These are in addition to the ones already posted by Niall Darroch and our own Malcolm.

Saturday 6th - TUBFEST!

Update : Now with presentation tankards!


Clyde "3 Heads"

Dan and Johnny winning at "3 Heads" 2008
Dan and Johnny
Dan and Johnny winning at the 2008 3 heads. This and more pictures on Malcolm's Picasa album.

Clyde '3 Heads' race

Our record entry (17 crews) resulted in wins for Johnny in Open sculls (no surprise) and for Johnny and Dan in Res1 doubles (no surprise).
Rumour has it* that Malcolm and Russell won only a share of the Vet double - sharing with Pete and Clap... now that IS a surprise!

Well done everybody!

* Official confirmation once the results are published on the SARA web site.


Saturday: Clyde '3 Heads' race *

Yes, there are 3 races on tomorrow, at 10:30, 12:30 and 2:30. As a result, our Saturday schedule is different again!

  1. 8:30 - Seniors, training - including 'novice' 8 and girls' quad.
  2. 10:00 - Crews boating for division 1
  3. 11:00 - Juniors (if any)
  4. 12:00 - Crews boating for division 2
  5. 2:00 p.m. - Crews boating for division 3

If you're racing, make sure you're down early enough to check all your equipment - the people you're racing with might be busy helping with novices!

Start order

The final draw for the Clyde HoRR is now online.

* Title and format © A.Walker 2003


The Captain speaks:

Just a wee congrats to all racing at Clydesdale head. Good results all round and nice to see that GRC won some more pennants... ... ...It'd be good to get some of our new members into boats for one of the competitions in the new year.
Before Clap gets in first, Tubfest would be an ideal place to start.



The Winners!

A busy day at the club today - lots of boats on the water first thing, then the races:

  • GRC 'won' the Vet 8 (#entries = 1). Many thanks to Clydesdale for the lovely pennants. In the same race, the GUBC/GRC composite, featuring Johnny, were 2 overall, just behind EUBC.
  • More lovely pennants went to the GRC Vet 'D' crew (Pete Mowforth, Ben Green, Bryan Stewart and Russell Jones, coxed by Paul Ingram), who won the Vet fours, on handicap. The Vet 'C' crew were also beaten by Castle Semple (tut, tut), but Colette had the novel experience of steering her way past five (!) other crews.
  • results

This Saturday - Racing and training

We have crews racing in both divisions on Saturday: The crews for division 1 will need to be boated by about 11:30, so the usual schedule will be altered:

  • Beginners/novices session: 9:00 am This is for seniors and juniors. There will probably be an eight and some smaller boats. Helpers and other participants are welcome.
  • the RACE :
    • Numbers need to be paid for and collected between 10 and 10:45

    • Division 1 - Vet. 8 boating at 11:15. There is also a GUBC/GRC composite 8.
      Start is at 12:00.

    • Division 2 - Vet fours boating at 1:45.
      Start is at 2:30.
  • the start order
  • competitors info


Head shot of M.Mouse esq. Socks not visible.
Mickey Mouse is 80 today!

In breach of the usual 'no personal messages on the web site' rule:

Happy Birthday!

Wow... and he doesn't look a day over... 70.

Any better pictures, email the webmaster. This was the only one I could find where he was smiling. Would have preferred one with socks and blazer.


Aberdeen Head

GRC sent two different 'squads' to the two-day Aberdeen Heads.

a colourful addition to the collection
'Aberdeen blades' medal

Those who were success-ful (e.g. Colette Kerr) won a colourful medal as shown here.


We sent two 'waves' of competitors to Aberdeen for the Fours Head on Saturday and the Small Boats on Sunday. By any standards, the campaign was a success - Colette steered the Veterans to victory on Saturday in pretty difficult conditions, which just set the scene for Sunday, with GRC scullers winning 3 events (M2x, M1x and MRes2 1x) and setting the fastest times for both 1x and 2x in both divisions. According to the CotD website, the time set by Johnny in M1x (but not quite, with Al, in M2x) is a course record - which is pretty impressive if the conditions on Sunday were anything like those on Saturday. And Sam was only 11 seconds adrift of the previous best time, too. Well done, everybody.

Let's hope this weekend's race on the Clyde sees the recent trend continue - GRC wins at every event we've competed at.


The Last AGM

In a poignant ceremony which included the breaking of bread (samosas and mini spring rolls) and the symbolic drinking of wine (those bubbles might be a problem), Ronnie demitted the office of GRC President after 25 years of peerless service. The meeting voted to give him an Honorary Membership as a small measure of the club's gratitude, that being the only gift the club has at its disposal.

The only other current Honorary Member, Lindsay Dick, has succeeded Ronnie to become the second President in the history of Glasgow Rowing Club.

The other business of the meeting included the elections for the other Committee posts (details are on the Committee page) and the setting of the subscriptions for the new year. These are unchanged from last year.

From El Presidente:

Please remember the club's AGM takes place Wednesday 12th [today] at 7.00pm in the clubhouse. Savouries and a glass of wine ( or a soft drink) will be available from 6.30pm. I look forward to seeing you all there.

(a.k.a. "October Ergo League Times")

Bryan has been in touch with the latest yanking statistics:

The next big date in the Yanking calendar will be on February 2nd:


Optomist or pessimist?

Glass half-full:

The river level is dropping (having risen sharply on Sunday) and as long as there is not a lot of rainfall it will be fine again at the weekend.

Glass half-empty:

The weather forecast predicts heavy rain on Thursday and Friday - we're all doomed! (You may find this link useful.)

Forthcoming events

  • Saturday 8/11 - Inverness 4s head
    Sunday 9/11 - Inverness small boats
  • Saturday 15/11 - Aberdeen 4s Head
    Sunday 16/11 - Aberdeen small boats
  • Saturday 22/11 - C'dale 4s and 8s (rescheduled - from MARCH!)
  • Saturday 29/11 - Clyde Head (rescheduled)
  • Saturday 6/12 - TUBFEST!

Can any of these live up to the colossal success of the 2008 GRC Fours Head? Well... maybe just one.


GRC Fours Head - this Saturday

Update - the start lists and boating lists are now out.

Our own Head Race is this week. The weather forecast is promising and FC wants your support!

Saturday no, Sunday yes.

The club will be 100% involved in running Saturday's event, so there will be no beginners' session on Saturday.

The club will be open for business on Sunday and there will be a session for beginners at 10:30. Anyone interested (participant or assistant), please contact

It's raining, again

There will be disruption on the river this weekend: hopefully because the 3 divisions of the Clyde Head Race will go ahead as planned.

Friday evening Update: Clyde Head Race is CANCELLED.

However, the rainfall this week is raising the possibility that the river may be unrowable again.

Keep checking the link to the SEPA web site that shows the river level (click on "river level" near the top of the column on the left of this page).
The 'normal' level is about 0.4m; when it reaches 1.4m that generally means rowing is impossible. It has already been as high as 2.0m this week, and more rain is expected before Saturday.

Hope for the best.

Assuming all goes well, there will be a shorter-than-usual beginners session, with a mad rush to get afloat at about 11:00 - i.e. as soon as the last crews from Div.1 of the head race are past our steps.


Well done Al, #1:

Although the state of the river meant that rowing on-water was not-on, there was an impressive turn-out of hard-working, sweaty (and more - yuk!) athletes grinding out erg-miles at the club this morning. All under the expert eye and vocal encouragement of Al and Lins.

Well done Al, #2:

St Andrew/Edinburgh University Head of the Forth: Results are on the SARA web site. The GRC victory came from Al and Ali in Open 2x, with the Vet 'C' four just happy to survive the exertion.

rivel level snapshot from

...and the waters increased greatly on the Earth

Any rowing on the Clyde this weekend is looking unlikely at the moment (but we've been wrong before - see [13/12/07]).

The Forth at Stirling is less obvious.


From our (stbx) President:

AGM 2008
This year the Club AGM will be held on the evening of Wednesday 12th November in the Clubhouse starting at 7pm prompt.
Any proposed changes to the Club Constitution should be by 25th October.
Elections for all Committee positions will take place during the AGM. Nominations should be e mailed to me by 25th October.
As the final event in our 25th Anniversary year a Dinner and Dance will be held on the evening of Saturday 22nd November - venue ( possible City Centre Hotel) and price still to be sorted. This provided we have sufficient numbers interested. It would be our intention to invite some club sponsors as guests so it is important to find out asap is the event is going ahead.
IMPORTANT - Please asap, but within the next 10 days, to confirm if you will attend the function and how many tickets you would require.

2008 Fours Head

The details of our own Fours Head are now available. FC will be looking for help from EVERYONE on the day - but you can still have a race, if you're able.


Scullers' Head Results

Now on the Clydesdale web site: results.

Good effort from GRC scullers, including new member Matt Loader as our highest placed overall. No prizes today, but lots of promise for the forthcoming season.



Next Saturday, the winter Head race season begins with the Clydesdale Scullers' Head taking place on the Clyde and being raced in 2 divisions for the first time. The main race (for single sculls) is at 12 noon. We'll need to get our beginners off the water soon after 11, so we're starting at 10:30 - sharp! - on Saturday.

This will be the last 'open house' beginners' session for this year, on account of the onset of Head Races and less pleasant weather.

The following week, 11th October, the club will be racing at Stirling - all volunteers to run a truncated Saturday session are requested to get in touch with a.s.a.p.

The Record Breakers

Richard and Peter winning at the GRC Silver Regatta (2008)
GRC/ABC Vet 2x

Here are Peter and Richard - the new Boston Marathon record-holders - performing earlier this year at the GRC Silver Regatta. (© M.Prescott.)

'F'-ing brilliant!

The annual 31-mile celebration of rowing self-flagellation that is otherwise known as the Boston Marathon took place this weekend.

Our own Peter Trenchard was racing in the Veteran 'F' Double Sculls, partnered by Richard Mathieson of Aberdeen Boat Club.

Not only did the bold boys win their event - they did so in a NEW RECORD TIME!

Russel Jones, who had until recently intended also to race in Veteran, raced instead a composite Novice 2x, entered as George Watsons and finished equal 6th (dead heat!) in the category.

Well done, chaps.

Any pictures?

An offer you can't refuse?

Al has issued the following invitation:

The club's land training facilities will be open on Thursday evening from 5 to 7pm. So if you want to ergo/do weights etc. then come along anytime. However, no outings possible unless you are completely self-sufficient - no exceptions - sorry!

Just another Saturday

After all, the river looks good for the weekend.

We have the usual request for helpers and rowers at 10:30 and 11:00. We're expecting some new rowers at 11:00, along with several who've been down over the last few weeks.

At 10:30, an eight is likely, with FC in charge (that's 10:30, Lynda), although that might turn into a 4x+ and a tub 2- (are you paying attention, Mr Walker?).


The waters are rising...

Keep an eye on the 'river level' link (on the left, updates daily) to see how the persistent rain is affecting the river. Low tide on Saturday is around 10:30, which might mean that the first outing is difficult, but later ones might be better... wait and see.

[corrected 17/9]

Another busy Saturday

Help needed ...

It's a slow news week.




Latest news

No shortage of chat on GRCMembers about the merits or demerits of running ergo championships at Strathclyde Park - and whether the times were released the last time it wasn't done.

More importantly - looks like a busy day at the club on Saturday.

Have a look at the GRCMembers emails to see the newest topics:

(You need to sign in to Google to access these....)

If you are still not able to access the GRCMembers group online, then you're probably the sort who'll enjoy the ergo league.



Details are now on the permanent panel to the right of the 'News' column on the main web page.

As usual - have a look at the Bulletin Boards and also check GRCMembers.

Beijing Oly logo


GB Rowing has certainly done its part, by contributing six medals - including two Gold, to the record British medal total.

Medal table.(from BBC Sport)

Various links to information about the regatta, and the Olympics in general can be found on this page.


The photos of last week's Barbecue and Boat-naming extravaganza are beginning to appear. See the 'photo column' on the right.



Eight at 10:30 - please be prepared to help out by rowing in this, along with some of our more recent new members. Any help with beginners is welcome - though we won't know for sure what is needed until nearer the time.

Beginners - please get in touch, via , to confirm that you're going to come down on Saturday - or that you're NOT coming!

  • Keep a close eye on the Bulletin boards (top of the main page: "Pink press" and "zimmer-frame zombies") and 'GRCMembers' email.

2008 Olympic Regatta

  • The regatta begins on Saturday 9 August.
  • The finals of all events are on the following Saturday and Sunday:
    • Saturday - 1x , 2-, 2x (women's and men's) and M4-.
    • Sunday - Lightweight 2x, open weight 4x and 8 (all women's and men's) and LM4-.
  • There is a full schedule of racing with notes of the GB crews involved (with times in BST) on the British Olympic Association's 'Team GB' site .
  • The full programme of racing can be found on the FISA page (link below).
  • General regatta info can be found on
  • TV coverage

...all of this is of course merely decoration for the main event, which is...

Kenny's Incredible Beijing Olympic Shweepstake


More details will be along presently. Watch this space!


Boat-naming and barbecue

A.Walker and the new Vespoli pair that bears his name.
2 Sandy Walkers!

Karen (one half of the GRC synch- ronized swimming team) has posted some photos on her Picasa 'GRC photos' album - glad someone reads this stuff!


Ronnie says:
A big thanks to those who prepared, cooked and generally helped make the event the success it most definitely was !! From a personal and "Goldie" family point of view, things could not have been better. I look forward to seeing a crew in the "Goldie" four being successful on many occasions.
Sandy says:
...for once I was at a loss for words.
Clap says:
Any photos for the web site?
(If you have any - please stick them onto a web-based gallery, preferably Picasa, and I'll link them here.)

BBQ Saturday

Around 80 people are expected tomorrow for the barbie. Weather is looking less than perfect, but lets wait and see.


All the heavy rain means that it might be a bit tricky for beginners - but there's always the barbie!

Home countries

Results, report and numerous photos of last weeks HCI are on the SARA web site.

Note that there are a number of pictures (click here for one) of our lovely new Vespoli pair. It was raced by Chris Logan and Iain Rice of GUBC, who finished third in a close-fought race behind Ireland and Wales.

Fran Jacob was racing for Ireland in the W2x, finishing 2nd behind Wales.



We're trying to change the Saturday set-up over the next few weeks. One part of this will be to try and get more people involved in crew boats the 2nd Saturday outing, rather than just have a 'deil-tak-the-hindmost' race for small boats. Volunteers will be needed, to look after beginners that are not ready for crew boats. This can hopefully be achieved on a rota basis, if enough people are willing to help.
  • Keep a close eye on the Bulletin boards (top of the main page: "Pink press" and "zimmer-frame zombies") and 'GRCMembers' email.
  • Be prepared to take out beginners.
  • Get in touch using the 'contacts' form on this web site: contact us

Summer barbecue - Aug 2nd - get your tickets!

Unsurprisingly, there will be a monster boat-naming ceremony at the traditional GRC Summer Barbecue on August 2nd.

FC eagerly awaits your ticket order - all welcome.


Fran at Henley

Fran at Henley Royal Regatta 2008
Henley quarter-finalist

This photo of Fran racing at Henley can be purchased from Big Blade.

Well done Fran - UK Champion.

Fran Jacob was again the flag-carrier for the club, competing in single sculls at the National Championships. She did us proud, and is the new British Champion.

Congratulations also to her coach, George Warnock who saw another of his crews, the GUBC pair (Chris Logan and Iain Rice), winning a silver medal at the regatta, easily beating all Scottish opposition - and creating selection problems for SARA.

Post script:
Fran was the only Scottish (-based!) senior Gold medallist, and there were only 3 Scottish senior silver-medal crews.

Saturday outings - changes

Starting in August, we're going to look at putting an eight out for the 2nd session on Saturdays (around 10:30). The purpose is twofold: - to get more people on the water for a useful outing - and to give an opportunity for quicker development for the recent beginners.

FC will also be re-instating a vet squad (training and racing) for those who are prepared to show the requisite training effort.

Summer barbecue - Aug 2nd - get your tickets!

Unsurprisingly, there will be a monster boat-naming ceremony at the traditional GRC Summer Barbecue on August 2nd.

FC eagerly awaits your ticket order - all welcome.


Henley update

Fran's Henley campaign was short-lived, losing in the quarter-final to the eventual winner of the event.
Good to have a GRC boat racing at that level again.
The GUBC boys went a stage further, racing in Saturday's semi-final, where they fell to Newcastle Uni, who went on to win the event (a good weekend for Tyneside, with Tyne ARC winning the Wyfolds, also).


Come on, Fran!

Henley (Friday):
Today is quarter finals day - for most events. Fran is racing at 10:20 (race #20) against one of the 'selected' scullers in the Princess Royal.
GUBC have a day off in their event, racing in tomorrow's semi-final.
See the 'schedule' and 'results' links below for more info.

Glasgow - Saturday

Back to business as usual on Saturday, after last week's efforts at Queen's Park. FC is looking forward to seeing all his little helpers in an eight at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Be there - or be in bed.

Update (Thursday):

  • Both Scottish crews won yesterday, so will race today (Thursday) at 12:15 (race #34)
  • Schedule
  • Results
In what can only be described as a head-to-head in the Prince Albert, it was Edinburgh who got it in the eye, being beaten easily by GUBC.


It's that time of the year again; shouts of 'come on, Tim!' at Wimbledon (yes, really) and the tension rises as the Scottish assault on Great British Sporting Bastions is mounted.
As well as Andy Murray's efforts at SW19 it's good to see GRC represented at Henley again. This time it's Fran who is competing in the W1x event ("The Princess Royal Challenge Sculls"). Quarter finals are on Friday.

Before then (and also coached by George Warnock), the GUBC 1st four are a 'selected' crew in the student coxed fours event ("The Prince Albert Challenge Cup" - which has a ring, doesn't it?). Correction : Racing starts on Thursday today (Wednesday), with the possibility of a quarter-final against arch-enemies Edinburgh on Friday Thursday (no racing on Friday).


GRC at the Southside Festival on 28th June

Remember that we will be putting boats on the water in Queen's Park for the first time on Saturday 28th June as part of our involvement in the Southside Festival.

Your FC needs YOU!


More Proper Rowing - Poznan

Hodge returns for Beijing warm-up (I wonder how the women got on at Marlow)
On TV ( Radio Times )

Good luck!

Scottish Championships weekend - good luck to all our GRC competitors.

GB News:
Hodge returns for Beijing warm-up (Includes a mention for the GB women's quad racing in the open (i.e. men's) event at Marlow, as they had no event at Poznan.)

Saturday schedules

Scottish Championships this week, and the Southside Festival is on 28th June - rowing will be affected on both days so ensure that you make sure you know what you're doing - if you aren't sure - ask!

  • Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th -
    • Scottish Championships at Strathclyde Park.
    • For non-combatants, Rowing on the Clyde as usual at 8:30 (or 9:00?) and 11:00.
  • Saturday 21 - business as usual
  • Saturday 28 - Southside Festival - Rowing MAY be on in the morning - but you'd better check to see who's doing what!
GRC members can check using... GRC Members.
Non-members should try the email address.

Scottish Champs Draw

This is out now. One assumes that it is provisional and liable to change - so keep an eye on the SARA web site for updates.

PDF files, with the races involving GRC competitors highlighted, are here:


Arising from 2 recent sculling-related episodes:

  1. If you do want to pause for a reflective nose-pick, be very careful that you only flick away things that you aren't going to need in order to be able to drive home safely.....
  2. It's always best, when capsizing, to do it in front of a busy boat club on a Wednesday night when the safety boat is around.

Summer barbecue - Aug 2nd - mark your diary!

Unsurprisingly, there will be a monster boat-naming ceremony at the traditional GRC Summer Barbecue on August 2nd.

New Boat News

New boat #1
  • Last night we received our newest addition to the GRC fleet - a Vespoli coxed four (~95kg).
    This boat was purchased with a grant sourced by Ronnie from 'Awards for All'.
New boats #2, #3
  • Also due soon is a new 2x/2-, also Vespoli and also for a big crew. Expect an announcement of a new heavyweight sculling boat, too!
    These boats are ALL OUR OWN WORK - well done fundraisers!
New boat #4
  • (Belatedly, from last month's committee meeting - mea culpa)

"Thanks were again due to Mr Walker and his excellent Tuck Shop, which had helped GRC finance the purchase of a rather lovely heavyweight Empacher sculling boat from Dr Lurve. Well, actually, from his dad."



Met regatta

Fran had a good 2nd place in Saturday's S1 singles. RowTV have some nice footage here. Fran's race is at 5:00 minutes in, just after the end of the pairs race featuring Clyde's Caitie and Lorna. Listen carefully toward the end and you'll recognise the Warnock bellow.

Met regatta this weekend

A strong Glasgow (Warnock) presence at Met. regatta, with GUBC fielding entries in men's S1 and S2 eights and fours and our own Fran Jacob racing in S1 sculls on both days and Elite sculls on Sunday. All coached by GAW, of course.
Saturday Draw
Sunday Draw

Snapper Ron goes central

Loving every moment
We're not worthy...
Racing to the pie queue.
Can we stop now?

Snapper Ron has done it again, producing lots of excellent photos from Castle Semple and Clydesdale regattas, including those linked here; of some lithe, athletic GRC rowers. (Oh, and some overweight veterans.)

Proper rowing - Lucerne next

Update - Live Sunday racing free online at (normally a subscription service).

TV schedule

Details, as always, courtesy of the Radio Times.

GB four hit by second injury blow


A cauld blast

The Gong Show!
See my medal?

Some photos of Semple regatta.

A bit dreich - the GRC efforts were good, but no cigars - except Paul's win with the GUBC novice four.

Scottish Championships

- are on 14 and 15 June. Entries close on June 3rd - full details on the SARA web site.


Business as usual - first outing 8:30, volunteers needed at 11:00 to help with beginners.


Anyone rowing tomorrow? (Friday)

We have a visitor from the US who'd like a row tomorrow if anyone is using the club. Any offers?

Competitive events - the future

There is a review under way of how events are presented in Scotland. You can download the questionnaire here. Now is your chance to air your opinions, if you have any!

You might want to read the thoughts of Chairman Al, on GRCMembers.

Saturday outings

This week, a small contingent will be heading down to Lochwinnoch for Castle Semple Regatta.

Saturday Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to organize and assist with beginners' outings at 11 a.m. See this message on GRCMembers.


I'm moved...

Pull up a stool!
As ithers see us...?
Always delighted to receive a present! Thanks, Lynda and Karen (a.k.a. Kim and Aggie, the Queens of Clean*), who could never be accused of simply going through the motions.
* © R.Jones 2008

Saturday - regatta on the Clyde

There will be racing this Sat., From Dawn till Dusk (good picture - very scary).
First GRC race is at 8:45 - Pete Craig in Vet 1x.
Last GRC race is in Vet 4+ at 16:44 (deep joy!).
Have a look at the provisional race schedule on the SARA web site. If you aren't racing, or are wanting to have an outing between racing, try to schedule it so that you aren't coming or going during the 'Long course' sections of racing. These 1500m. races will start at Polmadie bridge and go round the corner in front of GRC. The 'Short course' races are over 500m., from just above the suspension bridge. Both courses finish at the Clydesdale fence.

Also - if you are racing in an 'unfamiliar' combination, try to get a decent practice outing in before your race if time permits, rather than sitting around getting sunburnt (if the weather holds).


More 'Silver'

Douglas has added another million photos to his gallery of the 'Silver' regatta.

Coming soon....

For those of us who'd rather watch the experts than do it ourselves:

  • "The World Rowing racing season is just around the corner, with two major events staged next week at the Olympiaregattaverein in Munich: the first Rowing World Cup and the Final Paralympic Qualification Regatta.
    Follow the racing live during the event on thanks to the live race viewer, live commentary, daily race reports, and photo galleries."

  • Also on TV (from the Radio Times):
    • Live Rowing - Sunday 11 May 9:30am British Eurosport
    • Rowing World Cup - Sunday 11 May 3:00pm BBC2 Scotland
    • Rowing World Cup - Sunday 11 May 5:30pm British Eurosport
    • Rowing World Cup - Monday 12 May 9:15am British Eurosport

SPR* - review

There are results and a brief review of the regatta on the SARA web site.

Al has posted his vote of thanks to everyone on the GRCMembers board.

As always, corrections are welcome (and I'm sure PT would have won if he'd been racing!), but I believe that Fran's was the only GRC success at the weekend, winning Women's Open sculls on Sunday.

* And the winner of the unofficial GRC reverse acronymic championship of 2008 is - Russell!

  • Sunny paddling and racing for a
    satisfying points result or
    sinking, pitching and rolling; then
    splendidly prepared rolls before
    stacking, packing and retiring......
  • All splendid, positive replies from our singularly personable Reverend! However......Stultifyingly Poor Regatta......
  • And Malcolm might just get there to make these
    splendidly prepared rolls if this
    Scottish petrol refinery
    suspends pensions reform thereby
    stopping petrol rationing at these
    shyster price-hiking retailers......

And the last word:

  • Tsk, someone's politicising repartee,
    sensibly presenting reports. However, I forgot to add: Succeed proud rowers, for GRC.
    While in the tent: sell products! Retail!
    But for me, nothing will change: much more sculling practice required.
    Sorry, can't help it. I know it's a problem. Do we have to go through this for every regatta? I don't think I can stand it.


It's the first big Scottish regatta of the summer and EVERYONE will be at Strathclyde Park.

You should have seen the miles of correspondence this week about our catering efforts. We need everyone to muck in, particularly first thing on Saturday and last thing on Sunday.
Oh, and we do have some crews racing, too!

  • (p.s. Crews need boats.... boats need transport to regattas.... crews need to put boats on transport... If you're still confused read this.)

The provisional draw is on the SARA web site, along with various reminders about Rowing Licences © (A.Walker, Prop.).
If you're racing, make sure you check your race times early on each race day.

*Strathclyde Park Regatta or
Stupefying, Pointless and Repetitive or ....
Any other suggestions?

No rowing on the Clyde this weekend (26 and 27 April).

There will be NO SESSIONS at GRC this weekend!


How to save 50 pence.

That nice man Snapper Ron in Aberdeen has produced a very impressive 15-page programme for his regatta, with a cover price of 50p but which is also downloadable in its entirety as a .pdf document; which demonstrates (if proof were needed) that there is no truth in at least one of the rumours about Aberdonians.

Sadly, entries, although substantial, are almost exclusively from Aberdeen. Sign of the times.


Upcoming regattas

From the SARA web site:

- and more:


GRC 'Silver' Regatta

Sandy showing his mellow side.
Man of many hats.

Karen has added a few(!) more photos. This one captured Sandy's response when asked if he could do a Racing Licence on the day as a favour.

Fran wins 1x at the GRC Silver Regatta.
Fran's first!

Malcolm put some photos of the regatta on GRC Members. Click on the picture of Fran to go to the Picasa album (the GRCMembers files don't seem to be directly link-able).

GRC Novice 2x
Double Trouble

Douglas has put some of his photos up on his own Picasa gallery . Click on the photo, or link to it from the GRC gallery.

'Silver' Regatta - success!

The Glasgow Rowing Club 'Silver' Regatta ran according to plan yesterday, with almost all of the excitement contained in the racing, although there were two occasions when scullers discovered the hard way that the water temperature at this time of year bears no relation to the brightness of the sunshine. Sandy and his safety crew (Bill Mac) were quickly on hand to provide assistance, and the services of Dr Lurve were not required.

The racing programme ran very smoothly, in large part because of the experienced team of Umpires, ably led by the sartorially splendid Mr McKinney.

It was good to see GRC crews contesting a number of events notwithstanding the heavy commitment of personnel required to run the regatta, and in fact we were close (in a GRC/SUBC composite) to winning the main event of the day, the Men's eights, losing to Clyde in the final, having beaten Clydesdale to get there. In the end the only event we did win* was Women's Open Sculls, carried off in two races by the club's newest member, Fran Jacob. Well done Fran (and coach GW) - an auspicious start to the main season

Thanks, as usual, to all the helpers - and in particular to George, Sandy and Bill Mac, who stepped in, weeks ago, to make sure the regatta course and the necessary infrastructure was prepared and ready!

* It has been pointed out that the GRC/ABC Vet 2x combination of Peter Trenchard and Richard Mathieson (who didn't point it out) were victorious in their event, too!

1 April 08

'Silver' Regatta this weekend!

The Glasgow Rowing Club 'Silver' Regatta will go ahead this Saturday. Racing will run from 10:30 am until approximately 4 pm. The provisional draw will be published later today.


To celebrate this special anniversary, we will be awarding a club prize of a set of gold-plated sculling oars to the most deserving club on the day!

You might think we obviously cannot afford to do this.... and you'd be right.... but when did reality ever put the brakes on a wacky scheme in Scottish Rowing?


What's an anthropometrist?

will happily explain to the first 20 people that ask.

Boat race coverage

For anyone interested, the boat race (the one that gives everyone the wrong idea about rowing) will be on television this Sunday.(Oops. Good job no-one reads this nonsense.)

The Herald have a piece about it today.

Interestingly, the 'rowing correspondent' is on an (all-too-brief) absence... so - no excuse for this, then.


Tideway aftermath

HoRR results are here. Mixed outcomes for Scottish clubs; GUBC were fastest Scottish crew, while SUBC had their boat trashed by vandals.

The Veteran Head was cancelled. ("What a shame!" - S.Goldie)

Various descriptions and discussions of both events; on the Tideway Slug, the Rowing Service and



The main event is on Saturday, starts at 9:45.

The Veteran Head is on Sunday, starts at 10:30 over the same course (Mortlake to Putney).

Give us a shout!


Women's Tideway...

...did go ahead, surprisingly!

The composite crew with GRC's Lindsay Dick and Fran Jacob were 17th overall and 9th in their S1 division - well done! Only 35 seconds behind the overall winners and 17th out of 236 crews finishing the race.

A lady called Rachel has posted these photos. There may be more on the WEHoRR site.

More Eights

You might want to have a look at the Vesta web site for the Tideway Vets draw:

Good luck to GRC in the Clydesdale head.

See you next week.


Nature watch

Cormorant on the River Clyde
"Sit up at the finish!"
Malcolm has some photos of the local fauna, on GRC Members. Click on the images to see bigger versions.
Urban fox by the River Clyde
"Going to the M74 demo?"
Urban fox by the River Clyde

New website

Ronnie's favourite boat purveyor has a nice new web site.


Rowperfect are looking for feedback on a number of things, including their "Look after your Cox" competition.



The list of entries for the HoRR is now up. Looks like 11 Scottish crews, only 1 from a non-University club (ABC, crew 28).


Next, please:

On the SARA web site: Clydesdale 8s Head (8th March) details: poster, crew invite and entry form

Some results

  • From Inverness (Sat): - division 1 and division 2
    • PT sorely missed by his soulmate,
    • fast time from the women's composite crew in both races,
    • while the composite veteran boat stuffed all comers.
  • From the Tyne (Sat): Tyne Head results
    • Good wins for GUBC in both divisions.
  • From the Trent (Sun): Head of the Trent
    • Cambridge blue boat wins, Goldie 2nd
    • Leander S2 crew stroked by Invernusian Alan Sinclair.

Women's Tideway

Draw is now up. GRC composite is crew #186. Also 2 crews from GUBC.


Results are on the Official Chain-Yanking Website.

Happy Valentine's day

'Silver' Regatta

This year is the 25th year since the formation of Glasgow Rowing Club. As part of the celebration of that anniversary we will be hosting a main-season regatta, for the first time for some years, on Saturday April 5th.

More information is on the regatta page.


The updated draw is now up on the SARA site.....

....but still no more information about the


There's a piece about last Saturday's event in the Hootsmon - however, no results anywhere, a.f.a.i.c.s.



Details of the SARA Ergo Champs are now on the SARA web site.

GRC interest is confined to two events: in Women's Open (Race 24), new member Fran Jacob is making her first outing for the club, while old member Jonny Stevenson is competing for Aberdeen UBC in Men's Lightweight (Race 18). Good luck, both.

(And zillions of our student buddies from GUBC, of course - good luck, too!)

If I've missed anyone, my apology is sincere.


Entries close this Friday (event is on 16th Feb).

Burns Supper

Any incriminating photos? (If you have any - please stick them onto a web-based gallery, preferably Picasa, and I'll link them here.)


Saturday - SUBC Small Boats - CANCELLED

Very disappointing for organizers and competitors alike.


(IF the bottom 3000 is rowable at all)
  • Tideway veteran 8 - be ready to go out at 8:30.
  • Mixed 8?

...or there's always the ergo-boat!


- oh, and the chain-yanking. Entries close TODAY.


At present access from Caledonia Road is blocked due to road works. Access is only possible via Ballater Street.
We have no idea what it will be like on Saturday or how long this situation will last.

Here's a map that includes the route from Ballater St., starting opposite the Adelphi Centre.


GUBC Western eights head - CANCELLED

The draw has been published!

GRC has two boats racing, both in division 1.... weather permitting.

Tideway veteran 8 - be ready to go out at 8:30 - more info here on GRCMembers.

Mixed 8? - read the GRCMembers correspondence!

SUBC small boats head - entries close this weekend; speak to big Al.


More head news

  • On-line entries are now open for the GUBC Western Head (Sat. 26 Jan.)- using the 'original' version of the GRC on-line entry system.
  • The details have been published for the SUBC Small Boats/Fours/Time-only* Head (Sat. 2 Feb.).

*This event has obviously been carefully designed to elicit a warm reaction from the SARA Race Control Committee [A.Walker, Prop.].



First race-practice for 2008 - the GUBC Western Head entries are now open.

Burns Supper - Feb 2nd

Tickets now available from


Happy New Year!

Lots of call-offs this weekend.
Look at your relevant notice board for more info.
If the weather is foul there's always the "ergo-boat" - keep thinking about that technique!

Some forthcoming events:

(info plundered from David Biddulph's excellent site)

* NB - Following discussions between GRC, SUBC and the SARA Race Control Committee, we have cancelled our own Small Boats Head, allowing SUBC to take over this more favourable date.
Like James Bond, we will return - we are hosting our first main-season regatta for some years, featuring side-by-side racing on the Clyde, on April 5.

Ergo "Championships"

We've received details of a chain-yanking event. (From the SARA! - how did you guess?)

Lots of large files, so they are linked here rather than have them fill your email inbox;

Click for Top 100 rowing sites