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This is the archive of news items from 2007.


All the best

Let's all imagine the very best that 2008 might bring, and work together to make it happen!


Ronnie has promised not to mention the Burns Supper at the club on Saturday 2nd February as long as all the tickets are sold by the end of this week.



Is it something they put in the water in New Zealand? -


Um, rain, er......

Last Saturday was a bit embarrassing for Kenneth and myself when the expected turbulent water was strangely absent. Hmmm.... sorry.


Having put everyone off last week, for no good reason (see above), numbers for this Saturday are low, due to shopping, other engagements and injuries. Last chance :

Born slippy

Mr Reid wants to point out to people that "the temporary steps get very slippy when there is ice about. I don't know if you were aware that [name withheld] decided to use the temp. steps on Saturday because the girlies were [at the main steps]. He just stood on the top step and went flying. Unfortunately he was holding a scull above his head at the time and it landed on a rigger and the bow virtually at the same time. Maybe better than landing on the shell. He ended up at the bottom of the steps more than a bit shaken. Not many people use these steps now but worth a mention?"

In freezing or near-freezing conditions, DO NOT USE the wooden steps until they have been gritted or otherwise made safe.


Rain stops play

The recent rain and the weather forecast make it unlikely that Tubfest will go ahead this week. Final decision later today or early tomorrow.

The link to the SEPA site isn't helping much, as it's been rather hit-or-miss over the last week or so; check the 'last updated' date before believing what you see.


Tideway madness

Good performances from a few Scots who were keen/mad enough to race in Saturday's Scullers' Head on the Tideway.

Our own club was well represented by Daniel and Jonny, respectively 8th and 13th in the S3 class.


Does anyone fancy a......


Weather and Christmas shopping permitting, we might be able to have our own festive celebration in the GRC tradition.

Suggested dates : 8th or 15th December.

Use this link to discuss/suggest/dismiss the idea :

Keep up-to-date!

Remember to look at the bulletin boards above - 'pink press' for women and 'zimmer-frame-zombies' for veterans. These are usually updated on Friday mornings. You may need to press your 'F5' key to get the most recent version.


On other web sites..

There are other web sites?

The Tideway Slug has hit a rich vein of form recently, with a collection of things coxes shouldn't say to their crews. Language a bit risqué, but worth it: search for 'soundbites' (ctrl+F) to get them all.
Loads of rowing news, as always, on the Rowing Service and the good old SARA web site was kind enough to copy all of our Fours Head info and results last week.

All of these are permanently linked on the menu bar on the left.


It's all over!

A great effort from the whole club on Saturday. Well done to everybody that contributed to the success of the event.


No Parking!

To ALL GRC Members - Please do not use the club car park tomorrow. We need to use the space for visiting boats, being restricted as we are by the ongoing works.
  • If you have gear to drop off - do it then put the car somewhere on the street.
    Remember that boat trailers will be needing access, so be careful where you park. We need to be as considerate as possible to the residents, also.
  • If you can, leave your car and get a lift or something.


Let's get a Head

Saturday 24th November - it's the day we're all looking forward to! The list of duties for our own Fours Head of River can be found here: 2007 Fours Head Duties

If you have any last-minute quibbles, no point in emailing FC, you'll get his mobile number on the 'duties' web page.

Malcolm took four pictures at Inverness. This is the best!


Cool hands - look!
PT does it again!
Good pictures on the Victor Images web site.
- and again!


Heads you lose, heads you win

Mixed results at Inverness on Saturday. It was left to PT again to bring home some silverware (well, pottery) on Sunday. Some photos on the column on the right.
Now the focus turns to our own Fours Head this Saturday - more than 100 entries in 2 divisions!


Inverness this Saturday

  • Loading - on Wednesday at 6pm
  • Race 1 - If you're racing in the first division on Saturday you need to be there by 9:30, on the water at 10:30 and the race starts at 11:30.
  • Race 2 - If you're racing in the second division on Saturday you need to be there by 12:00 (at least!), on the water at 13:00 and the race starts at 14:00.

The crews have been listed here on GRCMembers.

If you're going to be using the club on Saturday, can you let Clap know, please?


Saturday early outings

Remember to look at the bulletin boards above - 'pink press' for women and 'zimmer-frame-zombies' for veterans. These are usually updated on Friday mornings. You may need to press your 'F5' key to get the most recent version.


AGM update

The AGM was held last night, with about 1/3 of the club membership in attendance. The Subscription rates for 2007-2008 were set (no increases - some reductions!) and the Committee was elected. Thanks to outgoing committee member and Aberdeen resident Jonny Stevenson and welcome to new committee members Lynda Douglas and Ali Black.

More snaps

There are more photos of last week's Clyde Head: see the 'Photo Column', opposite.


2007 AGM

The Annual General Meeting will be held this Wednesday at 7pm in the club house.

(See the original Notice on GRCMembers, complete with a number of typographical errors - sorry!)

Clyde Head


Dan won his event - well done!

Comments from Big Al here.

Malcolm has uploaded a few photos from Saturday to the 'file' section of GRCMembers. You can also see them on the 'photo' column, opposite.

Clyde Head

Four snaps of GRC people racing over 3000m on the Clyde.


Also some more, courtesy of Clyde on the Victor Images web site. This one of Dan is a fine example.


Clyde Head

The final draw has now been published.


Entries for Inverness - be responsible!

If you are interested in racing at Inverness on Nov. 17th, read this thread on GRCMembers now! Make sure that you let Al know - on that thread - that you intend to race and in which division and event. Our Cap'n is very busy, he has a lot of things on the go and doesn't have time to chase after you - you need to tell him what you want to race in.


If you're having difficulty accessing the web-based portion of the GRCMembers Google group, or don't know what I'm talking about, have a look at this page that was created, to help explain, when we first started using the system two years ago : GRCMembersHowTo .


Clyde Head

The provisional draw for Saturday's head race is now available.

Big lumps of water

Any of you that have only recently started rowing on the Clyde might want to look at the link (on the left) labeled 'river level', It will open a page of the SEPA web site that shows, on a day-to-day basis, the effects of any recent rainfall on our river. As a broad rule, if the level is showing above 1.6 metres - forget rowing for a day or two!


If you're in the market for dietary supplements or a new HRM, have a look at this on GRCMembers.


Annual General Meeting

The 2007 AGM will be held on the evening of Wednesday 7th November, in the clubhouse.

The subscription rates for 2007-2008 will be set and the committee will be elected. Please send any proposals for changes to the Constitution and nominations for the committee to by Tuesday 24th October.

Don't forget.... look at the 'training' pages. The winter training cycle started LAST WEEK - so you should be well into it already!


Pay attention at the back!

  • For those of you that actually want to do some racing - read this note from Big Al.
  • Please think twice about leaving your rubbish around the club;
    • If it's a recyclable container, put it in the bin marked "RECYCLING" that is at the front of the boat shed, next to the eights. Please do not put other rubbish in that bin.
    • Why not just take your rubbish away with you - or even take a bag away (and replace it with a fresh one - there are loads)?
      We do not have a rubbish uplift and the only way anything is taken away is by the efforts of one or two club members.



You might be starting to think about your winter training regime. (Well, you might!)

Have a look at the 'Training' pages - you'll find all sorts of information, from the general to the specific - including a new 'Coxing' guide from FW .



Stirling Head - due on 22nd Sept. This event may be has been cancelled due to lack of entries.

Scullers Head (6 Oct, on the Clyde) - details are now available. (See this item on GRCMembers.)

BBC press release (for the yoofs):

  • Blast Glasgow 2007, Pacific Quay, Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September
    From Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September the Blast truck will be hitting Glasgow’s Pacific Quay. We’ll be providing fantastic free workshops for 13-19 year olds in a whole host of activities .

Photos from Zagreb

Some pictures of Saturday in Zagreb - a lovely day for a regatta. The first 4 snaps show just how close TK and FC got to that elusive medal! (No pictures from a rainy, windy Friday.)


News from Zagreb

Following a bit of a shock in the VC race on Friday, the bold boys retrieved some of their usual form and were in a three-way fight for the finish in today's Vet 'D' race. In contention for the full 1000 m., they finished 3rd with no more than 2 seconds covering 1,2,3.

Aye, right!

(A new submission for 'My bumper book of Excuses' [Pub: A.Cameron, H'burgh 2005] )

"I had a bad octopus". (© K.Macmaster)

"What do you want - sympathy? !!" (© F. Macmaster)

2010 World Rowing Masters Regatta
This will take place in St. Catharines, Canada, site of the 1970 and 1999 World Rowing Championships.


This weekend

The BBC are taking over Glasgow Green;

Last night

Some outcomes of the September Committee meeting can be read on GRCMembers .

Coming soon.

The winter training schedules kick in at the beginning of October. By coincidence Kenny (currently flying the GRC flag in Croatia along with TK at the FISA Masters ) says that the Veteran Squad* will be back in business from Saturday September 29.
All those eligible - men and women - who might be interested in making the trip to London in March for the Tideway / Veteran Tideway weekend are welcome to sign up.

* alternative names, anyone?

(some forthcoming events in September)

Views of Lake Jarun
Lake Jarun - view 1
Lake Jarun,
looking East
Lake Jarun, in Zagreb, is the location of this year's FISA Masters Regatta.

These views were found on the web.
Lake Jarun - view 1
Click on this for a
larger version.
The 'naturist' connection might be an omen - last time a GRC pair won at the Masters, they went swimming beside the naturist beach in Cologne, the story goes.


2007 World Championships

Nice to see GB recover from the relative disappointment of finishing 4th in the M4- on Saturday, by winning the lightweight version, along with the W4x and getting impressive bronze medals in both eights events.

Reports on the bbc web site.

GB rowing news

....but now to the main event!!

34th FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta

Lake Jarun, Zagreb, Croatia, 6th - 9th September 2007

The end-point of FC and TK's* dedicated months of training has now arrived. They'll be heading off this week to Croatia, to race against the best of the world's more mature rowers. They're racing in pairs on both days - VC (Friday 9:43) and VD (Saturday 15:42).
Although they'll be well-supported by their yellow-t-shirted travelling fan club, they'll undoubtedly welcome your good wishes.
They will be aiming to join George Lawson and George Warnock as the only GRC representatives to have won medals at this regatta - lots of 2nd places, but just the two yokozuna.

* a.k.a. " Macmaster Kenneth Gordon, Kerr Robert Anthony"


World class.

GB book more Olympics places

(TV Schedule - see below).

Bottom of the class.

Crews excluded for doping violations.


A seminar.

Tomorrow (Saturday 25th) there will be a technical coaching presentation for any GRC members who are interested. The exact format of the session will depend on the audience and their demands, bt it is likely to involve some or all of: video recording and review, and discussion of rowing technique based on the ARA 'Faster with Foster' DVD.

This is all planned (?) to happen after the first water session, i.e. from around 10:30.


Is it a year already?

It's World Championship time again. This time last year, all eyes were on Dorney Lake where our own Lindsay Dick was competing for GB.
A year on and the Worlds have moved venue to Munich and there's no GRC involvement. But we can still watch:


Membership - have you paid?

Just a reminder that although memberships fall due in November, our ultra-flexible Treasurer will let you pay a proportion of the normal fee for the part-year from when you started using the club's very expensive equipment.

(Beginners have a 'try-it-and-see-if-you-like-it' amnesty.)


Saturday outings

8:30 - Eight plus small boats
10:30 - Beginners (read this on GRCMembers)



Just a reminder that the sprint regattas are nearly on us. As far as I can see there's been no reply to Al's note on GRCMembers.


If you've come to the web site because you're interested in starting rowing, fill out our enquiry form and tell us that you're going to come to a beginners' session at 10:30 on (most) Saturdays.



(some forthcoming events)




Lazy days

It's been a bit quiet recently on the web front: there hasn't been much GRC news to report. Contributions are always welcome.

The Sunday Times article featuring GRC is not available online. However, Fiona Russell (who wrote the piece) has kindly given me her original copy which you can read here. If I can get the original photo, I'll include it, too.

The Talk Rowing site has recently been updated. As well as the message board (where debate tends to be a bit more 'lively' than RSR), it includes a new 'Club finder' feature. There is now a permanent link on the Links page.

Better late than never...

Bryan smiles in memory of his cherry
"Wait till Ross
sees this!"
Bryan displays the pennant that he won with the GRC Vet 8 at the Clydesdale Head in February. Many thanks to Clydesdale, who had to have replacement pennants made because the originals went missing after the presentation. (There was a mis-calculation of the vet handicap and the wrong winners were announced.)
What sort of Amateurs would stoop so low?


Sunday Times article

A few weeks ago we had journalist Fiona Russell as a guest, and her photographer colleague Tina joined us last week.

The resulting article and photos are on the back page of the Ecosse section of today's Sunday Times. (Now linked here.)

If you are interested in trying rowing at GRC as a result of reading the article, please come along on Saturday at 10:30 when we will be having our regular beginners session. Let us know you're coming by emailing

or phone 0776 825 0928.
Click on the "Where are we?" link at the top of the screen to see some maps showing how to get to the club.
The easiest access by car is from Caledonia Road.
Bus services from the city centre are 20 and 267.

News: GB secure first World Cup trophy


Do you wear a blazer?

If the answer is no (and you don't have blazer-wearing friends) then you probably won't be going to Lucerne for the final World Cup Regatta of 2007... which probably means you WILL be interested in the racing! You'll need to watch it on TV though, because you're not important. Here's how:


Knuckle Draggers

No, this isn't a comment on people who go to Henley and don't care about the racing but only want to be seen in the right places.

This is about the fact that the boathouse was not accessible on Sunday morning because some morons with substance abuse issues vandalized the locks.



Scottish interest at Henley is now entirely focused on comparing blazers, badges and socks.


Minor regatta news

There is a regatta on in England this week that can be relied on to get the attention of the non-rowing fraternity (aka 'the executive'). It's a shame they don't notice the racing, because it's very good.

It's called Henley Royal Regatta.

Up-to-the-minute information can be got at Regatta Radio. You need to use RealPlayer for this.


Scottish Champs 07
Like a Cornish cat
This, and all the best pictures, can be found at the Deeside home of 'Snapper Ron'.

What a difference a day makes

Scottish Champs 07
All square

Saturday at this year's Scottish was as grey and driech as Strathclyde Park can produce - yes, THAT BAD!
Then on Sunday everything was sweetness and light; no wind, perfect calm and glorious sunshine.

Click on the photo to see more - the ones that look black&white are the ones from Saturday!

  • The photos are pretty poor. If anyone has more pictures - go ahead and put them on a Picasa album and I'll link them from here.


Scottish Championships update

Saturday was cold, windy, damp and depressing. Have I missed anything? TK and KM raced early in the Vet pairs and came second. They then jumped into the four, which came second. The composite intermediate quad came... second. This reporter went home.

Sunday was a glorious alternative, at least in terms of the weather - flat calm windless conditions and hot sunshine for most of the day.
In the morning we had four crews to support: MNov 4+, two WNov1x and a MVet 1x. The Novice contingent all qualified for their finals and were well pleased, while Malcolm was unable to overcome his infinitely more experienced opposition in what was a straight final.
In the finals;

  • the Novice four (Pete, Bryan, Ben, Raphael and Paul) had a bit of a ding-dong battle with Dundee Uni for the 5th and 6th spots which went all the way to the line.
  • In the sculls, Darge finished a strong and very creditable 4th, while Katie was going well until 600m, when the Strathclyde Park beastie almost claimed another victim. Better luck next time! (But probably not in GRC colours... sob.)
  • Update - Good news from PT ("The Saviour of GRC") :
    "  Richard and I won the 2x and I won the 1x.  "
    In the afternoon all our hopes of victory were hanging round PT's neck like a sickly albatross.... at time of writing, the outcome is still unknown (to me) watch this space!

National Veteran Regatta

TK and KM jumped again - this time from their four into KM's van, pair-topped, to go to Nottingham for the Nat. Vets' Champs which take place on Sunday. They raced in Vet 'D' pairs in the afternoon, finishing fifth overall with only half a second separating 3rd 4th and 5th places.

No news is good news.

It certainly is - there will be no web updates for a couple of weeks, because yours truly is off to sunny Spain!
Vaya con Dios.


Scottish Championships

The final draw is now published. There are lots of GRC competitors:


  • 10:10 MVet 2- Kenny and TK
  • 10:55 MVet 4+ Kenny, Mike, Andy, TK and Paul
  • 12:55 MInt 4x - GRC composite (who that?)
  • 13:55 WVet 4x - GRC composite (Lindsay)
  • 15:55 MInt 2x - GRC composite (Ali Black methinks)


  • 11:10 MNov 4+ h
  • 11:20 WNov 1x Katie
  • 11:30 WNov 1x Darge
  • 11:35 MVet 1x Malcolm
  • 16:10 MVet 2x GRC Composite (PT and Richard)
  • 17:25 MVet 1x PT

TONIGHT! -Boat Loading will take place after Wednesday's outings. Sandy will tow and the loaded trailer will be stored at Kenny's yard in Hillington to allow an early start on Saturday.


Quiet for the time of year...

Scottish Champs next weekend (16 & 17 June). The club is likely to be closed that Saturday - unless anyone wants to arrange otherwise?

Business as usual tomorrow.


Rowing on TV

This weekend's first World Cup Regatta will be on TV. Not the same excitement as last year when we could watch one of our own members, but still good.

Two steps forward...

We've got a set of temporary boating steps, while the construction work is under way.

More details on GRCMembers.



Many thanks to the 10(!) competitors, and to coxes Jo and Colette. We had 5 boats, so 4 races. Ronnie's pizza and burgers went down a treat and justice was seen to be done when the right crew won (Joe and Clap)!

More for your diary

2-3   Jun  Metropolitan     
9-10  Jun  Durham  
16-17 Jun  Scottish Championships  
17    Jun  Loughborough / National Veterans   
23    Jun  Berwick  
29    Jun  HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA Qualifying   
30    Jun  Nithsdale    
7     Jul  Talkin Tarn  
13-14 Jul  Henley Veterans



TUBFEST THIS SATURDAY - with added veggy pizza!

is looking for entries NOW for the Scottish Championships

Discussion on GRCMembers.


Next week - TUBFEST!

Castle Semple Regatta

Possibly loading at 8:45 on Saturday (tomorrow). Weather still questionable, so keep looking at your email and/or the SARA web site.


Race info on the Castle Semple web site.

The beginners' session will be as scheduled.

From 'Snapper Ron' - at CARC Regatta

Vet C four at CARC regatta
Two ate all the pies?

Another win for the GRC Vet squad, although it looks like the 2 man needs a bit of work on fitness and timing.

Coach George - from the Clyde ARC site
Don't argue - do it!

.....and he definitely doesn't look impressed! (From the Clyde ARC site.)


Last Saturday

GRC had mixed fortunes -

  • the Vet 'E' (in the end) crew suffered from never having rowed together before, losing to the host club, Clydesdale.
  • The Vet 'C' crew took revenge later in the day by beating the same opposition (who were obviously softened up by that earlier race) and winning the event (picture opposite).
  • TK and FC raced, even though FC looked as though he should have been at home in bed.....
  • The men's Novice crew will never know what might have happened - half the crew had already gone home thinking they had lost, when word was received that their opponents were disqualified.
    NB - Not all of the Novice crew could be contacted, since they have not filled in the contact details forms and filed them in the folder that is kept for that purpose in the Committee room. On this occasion it meant that a race was lost - in a more serious situation it would mean that it was impossible to contact a relative in an emergency.
    Can everyone please ensure that Emergency contact details are provided to me ( ) as soon as possible if they are not already in the folder.

Next Saturday

We have a variety of crews racing at Castle Semple. This will affect the normal schedule on Saturday morning, depending on race times for those involved. More details about beginner/casual crews will be announced later this week.


Racing 2

The final draw and further information for competitors for Saturday's regatta are now published. As previously stated, check to see when you are racing - allow at least 1 hour before that to get yourself and your equipment organized. Note also that all racing crews need to be registered with the organizers at least 1 hour before their first race.

The works!

The building work relating to the M74 drainage has started. The most immediate effect will be that car parking space will be reduced as of tomorrow for the next 5 months or more. This weekend will probably be your last chance to sit on the current steps and discuss the world's ills; temporary steps should be along soon.

Also - entries close tomorrow (Friday) for Castle Semple (19th May) and EUBC (26th May). See below.



GRC have entered a men's novice four and two veteran fours* on Saturday. If you think you are in either of these, check the provisional draw to see when you are racing - allow at least 1 hour before that to get yourself and your equipment organized.

If you aren't sure if you are racing or not - ask AL!

is also looking for entries NOW for Castle Semple (19th May) and EUBC (26th May). Details of both are linked below.

* Also an OPEN pair!


Some forthcoming events:
(remember that you can always use the 'calendar' links on the menu on the left, or use the GRC Calendar that is on the 'events' noticeboard)

Remember to check the closing date for entries!


Furry boots?

Entries for the North East Regatta close on Sunday.

The poster and forms for the Metropolitan Regatta (2 & 3 June) are in - they'll go up on the board this weekend. Entries close 25 May.


SPR news 1

It's always good for the club to get a name check in the more mainstream rowing media, like today's headline on 'the Tideway Slug'. Before anyone asks, this story was not provided by anyone involved in producing this web site! Go Jonny!

SPR news 2

It was disappointing to see nothing in the Sunday papers about Scotland's 'showpiece' regatta. But don't despair; there's always this exciting and informative piece that answers all the questions that potential rowers in Scotland might have about what we do: Grainger still at the top of the pecking order (Herald, UK)


SPR roundup:

Thanks to everyone who helped over the weekend - some doing more than their fair share, as always....
(More on GRCMembers.)

The regatta Results are now available - congratulations to TK and FC for keeping the flag flying!


Some forthcoming events:
(remember that you can always use the 'calendar' links on the menu on the left, or use the GRC Calendar that is on the 'events' noticeboard)

Remember to check the closing date for entries!


SPR 'Final' Draw: Saturday and Sunday.


SPR Revised Draw: The revised draw for SPR is now available.

Snapper Ron - has put up his portfolio from Saturday's regatta. As expected, there are some very good pictures of the GRC crews - and everyone else!

Nice day for a race

Paul leads the GRC Vets to victory
On course for a win

SABC regatta on the Clyde - photos and video. (Click on image.)

Jonny and Matt at SABC 2007
Jonny and Matt

Next photo (and many more) courtesy of 'Snapper Ron' - our friend in the North.

Bottom picture; another view of the Vet 4, this time courtesy of David Nolan (on the SARA web site) - lots of good pics.

GRC Vet 4 at SABC regatta 2007
Vet 4 again

SPR this weekend! - the draw is now published

Deep joy. If you haven't already done so, make sure you give

your availability for the weekend.

Now the good news - GRC won both the events entered on Saturday - the Vet B four won over Clyde and Jonny and Matt (composite) took advantage of their elders to win the Open pairs final, after an 'easily' verdict in round 1.

Pictures opposite, results here.


3 Small Heads - CANCELLED

Sorry, folks. Too few entries.

Normal rowing activities on Saturday.

Tideway article on 'the Slug'

To set our own woes in perspective, the Tideway Head had to be abandoned on Saturday. There's a very good article about how it all transpired on 'the Tideway Slug'. Look for the heading 'SINK, SWAMP OR SWIM'.


3 Small Heads - all hands!

The list of duties for race day is here.

Also - remember that we're having a pre-race spring clean this Saturday - inside and out.


A beginner's view.

An interesting look at rowing from the outside, from the Guardian.

From the Mystery Snapper

TK and FC in the SUBC Head
The updated SUBC Head photos.


Malcolm sent me 7 more photographs from the SUBC Head. They were on a CD that was on a table in the main room, apparently. 

So, we don't know whose they are, but they're very good. 

You can see them, and the earlier ones, by clicking on the picture on the Photo column, right. 



The posters have been received for

Both should be on the noticeboard on Wednesday.

Remember, you can find upcoming events on the 'events' noticeboard, at the top of the main page.


This is from Bob Neil, organizer of the Scottish Schools' Head: "Many thanks (to) Glasgow Rowing Club , which always provide excellent changing, boating , safety and catering facilities for us."
I'm sure everyone who helped was happy to assist Bob, who's put a massive amount of personal effort into Scottish Rowing over a very long time. Bob's full message is on GRCMembers.


Rachel Quarrel has launched a new on-line rowing magazine, the 'Rowing Voice'. It's in a PDF format, designed to be printed off and read like a paper. The only drawback is that it's a big download for those luddites who don't have broadband (you know who you are!).

Details of the first issue are here: It is unsurprisingly Home-counties-centric, but does have a full set of recent results, including the Scottish Heads and trials.


We have guests!

Remember that the Scottish Schools' Head of River is on this Saturday and that the HQ and catering facilities will be hosted at GRC.

3 Small Heads - 4 weeks away.

Please read this note on GRCMembers. It is important that you let

know a.s.a.p if you intend to race!

If it's on the interweb, it must be true.

There's more of 'Al - the early years' here.


Don't panic!

If you saw on the SARA web site that we have a new captain - don't worry, it's just taken Clap this long to get around to telling them that Al had assumed the position!


In case you were wondering, the pennants for last weeks win are still evading capture. Someone obviously likes them.


We're not worthy

There are some very nice comments on last week's Vet 8 from Big Al on GRCMembers.

Of course, he's no stranger to the odd compliment himself, as this thread on Talk Rowing testifies.


Don't worry, PT!

There was some slight (?) consternation in the Girvan area yesterday due to a mix-up at the presentation on Saturday when it appeared that the Clyde Amateurs had been awarded the Veteran prize.

Rest assured; we have received confirmation from Tom McGuinness (race organizer and club Captain) that the pennants will be with our crew a.s.a.p.

Virtuous, victorious veterans

GRC's winning veterans
Joe provided this snap of Saturday's winners.


The Vet C 8 managed to control their panic at being FC-less and beat the Clyde outfit on the handicap (and only a second behind in real time, with 24 seconds to spare).
Special mention for first wins to Bryan and Raphael, two of the five novice rowers in the boat. (Yes - 5!)

Big Al's composite crew (don't mention their ages) was a very close 2nd overall in Division 1.

Sadly, the Gurlz had to scratch from the event.

C'dale 4s & 8s Head: results (on their new site).

From our overseas desk

How the other half of the planet does it
Should we try?

Kenneth received this from Beth's wee OLDER * brother who was in Canada recently.

* Beth is a little sensitive about this.


No FC!!! What will we do?

In the absence of Kenny's calm organizational skills, just a reminder that there is a Veteran 8 racing in tomorrow's Division 1 race.
Please check here to see if you are in it!
The start is at 12 noon, so please make sure you are at the club by 10:45 at the latest.

Also racing tomorrow are Big Al (composite crew in Div 1) and the GRC Gurlz in division 2.

Have a good race!

C'dale 4s & 8s Head

: draw and competitor information



The latest punishment exercises are now on the training menu.


More dates......

Aberdeen Head - March 3

Schools' Head (see below) - March 10

Women's HoRR - March 17

Tideway HoRR - March 31

Tideway Vets - April 1 (apt?)

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Who says rowing isn't romantic? (published by " La Slug")

SUBC Small Boats

GRC Novice men
These pictures from Malcolm, who says " The  mystery person who took the ones from the first division kindly revealed herself...... ".

SUBC Small Boats Results


The provisional Inverness start order is now up.


Dates for your diary

The GRC "3 Small Heads" race will be held on 7th April - all hands required to make it a BIG success!

The Scottish Schools' Head will be raced on the Clyde on 10th March - the Regatta HQ and food bar will be at GRC.

This Saturday - SUBC Small Boats. Start Order now up on the SARA web site (div1, div2). Big cheer for the GRC competitors!

This Sunday - SARA indoor event - Go Jonny!

17 Feb - Inverness Head (Entries close TODAY!!!!)

24 Feb.- C'dale 4s and 8s Head (Entries close 18 Feb)


Western Head - Correction!

I have been corrected - the SUBC crew with Dan at stroke did not win Res2 on Saturday (shame, as it would have been 3-in-a-row for him), but were beaten by Watson's, and were 55 seconds adrift of the Semple crew with big Al.

My only excuse is my naive belief in the ability of race organizers to publish accurate results!

Western Head

Before the race
Ye're smilin' noo!
Malcolm provided these pictures - though how he took the ones of the boat he was in must remain a mystery....

Western Head

GRC took the water competitively for the first time in living memory.... OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you have to admit that a lot of water had flowed under the bridge since the last time!

Anyway - the Vet 'C' eight passed the C'dale crew and left them miles behind - but not far enough to beat the handicapper.

Al was in the Semple composite boat in Open and Dan was stroking the winning SUBC Res2 boat
(that finished 5 seconds ahead of the Semple composite boat). See correction, above.

Results now available on the SARA web site.

And there are lots of pictures of the GRC competitors, provided by Malcolm.


Urgent - do you want to enter the Ergo 'championship'?

Entries must be in by today. (Missed that, sorry.)

This from

(also on GRCMembers):
" If you'd like to enter, then either
  • print out an entry form and take your own entry to the rowing academy, strathclyde park (with cheque) OR
  • fill in a form electronically and send it to me (BY E-MAIL) by 6pm [Friday] night. I will print them, take them in and write a cheque."

Wanna blog?

Those busy Google people have updated the Google Groups interface - quite different appearance, but the functionality is unchanged for our purposes. What is new is the option to create your own web pages that can be uploaded to Google's web space and be visible to your other group members or even the whole web if you want. You can also now upload files and even 'create a profile, including a picture and quote', to share with the group.

Any budding bloggers out there?

Burns Night

Burns Night 2007
Piping hot!
There are lots more Burns Night pictures.

From the Tideway Slug today:

" The website online entries system for the women's head is now live and taking entries for the race on Saturday 17th March, 2007. The site address is

Entries close on Sunday 25th February at midnight... Book early to avoid disappointment!"


Finally, some action!

First, the bad news - the river was totally unrowable this weekend - as bad as anyone can ever recall.

Now the good news - the Burns Night was a great success. The speeches were excellent (even the one from that bloke from that other club), Joe delivered her very entertaining poem without upsetting Sandy any more than she intended and Ronnie got £110 in from his raffle. What more could anyone ask for?

Joe has provided loads of photos (see opposite) and has inaugurated the first GRC 'mystery knees' contest. (A dedicated 'mystery knees' page will be along soon.)

Racing! (Remember?)

Next Saturday - Western Head (GUBC)

Saturday 10th February - SUBC Small Boats (also Novice fours....)

Sunday 11th February - SARA indoor event


Here's to a successful 2007

The web site has been a bit quiet recently, due to holidays and stuff.

The next competitive opportunity is the GUBC Western Head on 27th January (2 weeks away). Remember that you need a 2007 rowing licence to race at it; if you don't have one yet and you want to race, fill in your form NOW and get it to Al, along with the requisite cheque.

Does anyone have any fantastic photograph for the photo column? It's been a bit quiet, too.

Does anyone have anything else they'd like to publish to the club or the wider rowing world? As well as adding content here on our own web site, SARA's Rowing Action is always looking for articles and photographs.

Anything you want to communicate to the GRC membership can be sent to the "GRC Members" Google Group (details here if you're unfamiliar with it) - but remember that whatever you send goes straight to the email inbox of most members and some past members of the club, so try not to send anything that may cause offence!

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