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This is the archive of news items from 2006.

No news is..... boring.

There's been so little to report, due to the ridiculous river conditions. Looks like we might get a last pre-Christmas row this weekend.

Al has updated his training schedule with the Christmas and New Years festive treats.

Details have been received of the SARA Indoor Rowing event (Sunday 11 Feb - details), the Head of the Trent (Sunday 18 Feb) and the Tyne Head (3 March). The paper copies will go on the training room notice board this weekend.

Before any of those, we should have the GUBC Western Head (27 Jan) and the SUBC Small Boats (10 Feb), both on the Clyde.... fingers crossed.



Ronnie, Kenny and Clap went looking at the river today and it was not any better than it was two weeks ago.

Christmas shopping, anyone?


Jonny - Vesta Head '06

Here's Jonny!
(On the BigBlade site.)

Tideway Scullers Head

Distracted by the unrowable nature of our own river, I hadn't even realised Jonny was racing on the Tideway last week, finishing 75th overall. (Results.) (Picture opposite.)


Who's got the hump?

More Inverness pictures on the Clyde site.


GRC Fours Head postponed.

Ronnie, Kenny and Clap went looking at the river today and it was not good.

The decision has been made to postpone the event - so we can all go and do enjoyable things on Saturday instead.

However - we willl need everyone to be prepared to muck in again on Saturday 9th December (i.e. 2 weeks later) when we hope to run the rescheduled event.

GRC Fours Head - 9th December. Latest details here.


's no joke on the water

'Snapper Ron' of Aberdeen has loads of photos of Saturday and Sunday at Inverness.



No real good news in terms of the performances, then bad news when Sandy's car broke down towing - and he was doing us all a favour as he wasn't even racing. (Results - Sat., Sun.)

B.Reid has provided some moby-snaps from Sunday.

Fireworks pictures now posted here. Sorry for the delay - busy week on 4s Head entries.

Fireworks party

Smoke on the water
What a night!

Many thanks to those of you who took the time to attended the fireworks
open night - I think you'll all agree it was most excellent!

GRC Fours Head - 25th November. Latest details on this page.


This Wednesday - don't forget!

Sculler's Head

Distant view of PT racing on the sunniest stretch of the Clyde
Another fine

Get out your magnifying glass and you might just see PT winning the Vet 'E' class in the recent race. (Moby snap, sorry - better ones are welcome.)

Nice day, though!


How to keep up with GRC Goss

It's been pointed out that some newer members may not know that a lot of the GRC news is sent by email to 'GRCMembers' on Google groups.
Members can choose to receive every email as it arrives, or can choose to receive a single daily email - or none at all.
Every member can send and reply to email, and also view correspondence on-line; new and archived.
Details on how to join and how it works are on this page.

Glasgow Rowing Club
2006 Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held in the boat house on Wednesday 15th November. The Agenda and details of a proposed change to the club constitution can be found here on GRCMembers.
VC quad - on
the Clyde site



More photos

Joe has added loads more to the '3 heads' photo gallery.

Respect our winners!

Congratulations to Beth - who won the Women's R2 pennant and PT - who got back on the trail, winning the VE pennant at yesterday's Sculler's Head on the Clyde.


Extreme river flow - are you able?

If the Scullers Head does go ahead tomorrow, it might be worth doing your own risk assessment, taking your ability into account before you go ahead and race.


Last chance for midweek evening rowing.

Once the clocks go back on Sunday, the Wednesday evening outing will be only a memory!

GRC  4s Head 2006

This year's 4s Head will be on Saturday 25 November.
This is a big undertaking, with hundreds of competitors on the water at the same time.
As usual, everyone will be needed to help out on the day  - and until we know how well off we are for manpower, we won't be accepting entries from GRC crews!
Here's last year's list, as a reminder of what's needed.

Other races.

There are, of course, other head races coming up: at Aberdeen (4/5 Nov - with the SARA Awards on the Saturday evening), Inverness (11/12 Nov) and Stirling (2 Dec).


View of the GRC stretch early on an Autumn morning
Beautiful, isn't it?

Malcolm responded to the plea for photographs of the event on 14 Oct with this lovely view taken early on the day.

Mike winning VB
Mike winning VB

Claire proudly provided this one and others of the GRC competitors in Div. 1.


Results of Saturday's Races

It looks like GRC won the following categories:
  • Div1 - Vet 'B' 1x (Mike), M Nov 2x (Russell/Malcolm)
  • Div 2 - Vet 'C' 4x (Al, Russell, Malcolm, Raphael)
  • Div 3 - Open 1x (Jonny)
The results look a bit flaky and might be re-edited, but I think all of the above are correct. 

Well done, everybody!

Any pictures?

Jolly Roger in GRC colours

Autumn skulls!

Read this explanatory note from Gavin.

Newly discovered

Russell and Ben racing at Clyde sprint
Russell and Ben
at Clyde Sprint

Just found these on the Clyde Amateurs site; photos from their sprint regatta in August.
There are some good snaps of the VC four also.

Glasgow Rowing Club
2006 Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held in the boat house on Wednesday 15th November.

Proposals for any changes to the club constitution and nominations for Committee posts should be sent to

by 30 October.


RACING!!!! - Draw for 3 Heads Races.

The draw for the Clyde Amateurs '3 heads' is now on the SARA web site. Loads of GRC scullers in Race 1, only Jonny continuing into both other races - after his Boston success, he'll probably just want to keep going non-stop between start of race 1 and finish of race 3.

Note - the first race is scheduled to start at 10:30, so the river will effectively be closed for normal training from then until the end of the event (which will be at least 3 hours later, but I can't find start times anywhere for the subsequent races).

Ultra-lightweight  crew trials

ultra-lightweight cox
OK, mum, now I
 just need eight
 brothers and sisters.

Yes, it IS better to start them young, but...

8/10/06 GRC celebrates "Lighty-Lins"

On Saturday, the club formally congratulated Lindsay on her World Championship exploits by naming the new eight "Lighty-Lins".
The sponsors who contributed to the purchase of the boat were there to join the club members in honouring Lindsay's achievement - and in doing justice to the fine selection of delicious food that had been laid on by Joe and her many helpers.

Here is the first lot of pictures, with more to come - keep checking.

Alcune fotografie dal regolatore grasso*

RCC Tevere
RCC Tevere

Click on the photo for more images of how the other half row.
* - discuss

28/9/06 We have a new eight!

Please come along, with your friends, family and pets, to the naming ceremony/barbie/club social on Saturday 7th October at 1 p.m.

Let know that you're going to be there, and with how many others, please.

We've got 10 Norwegians wanting to row with us that day, and Jonny's bringing the Swedish contingent; so it could be a multicultural learning experience. 

No man and very few women can do that...... should see him bump!
Bill grinding... 
you should see 
him bump!

Click on the photo to see how the Annexe has progressed.

The Boat-naming event that was planned for September 30th has been re-scheduled for OCTOBER 7th. 

More details here.

PT in the Boston Marathon. Click to go to Jet Photographic.Jonny winning S3 in the Boston Marathon. Click to go to Jet Photographic.
PT.... and Jonny
18/9/06 Boston Marathon was yesterday (over a 31-mile course)
RESPECT is due! -  to anyone daft enough to do  this; to PT - who we all know has been giving this event some thought - and to Jonny, who decided to enter because he knew someone who would give him  lift.

PT turned in a respectable 4:45 in unpleasant headwind conditions.

Which makes Jonny's 4:06 and WINNER OF SEN3 1x all the more astonishing!

Results (by event) here.

15/9/06 IT'S FRIDAY, SO - 

Wimmin - look at 'the Pink Press'

Vets - look at 'Zimmer Frame Zombies'

to find out what Saturday has in store for you.

11/9/06 Veterans II
wants you to sign up for the 2007 experience!

More details here.

Have a look at the SLUG article with the same headline - it's bound to make the long winter outings more fun!
time to start looking at the Vets' Noticeboard on a regular basis, to find out what outings are planned and what training is required.
5/9/06 Ciao-ciao-chowder?
Is the Crab to be no more? 
For reasons beyond our control, 'the Crab' is no longer in a position to pick over the GRC scuttlebutt. 
This (first since Nov. 2005) was received last week: 
"Have been looking at the web. Do think you ought to remove the redundant crab unless anyone else wants to pick up the mantle of the noxious nipper." 
Any budding diarists out there? All applications in strictest confidence to 
4/9/06 From the Far East
A message for Lindsay:
"The St Andrew Boat Club would like to pass on its congratulations to Lindsay Dick for a magnificent achievement in winning Bronze at the recent World Championships in the Womens Lightweight 4x.

We wish her continued rowing success!"
What about you - 
Do you want to row?
Do you want to race?
Do you prefer talking about it, rather than doing it?
Do you want to cox?
you want to train?
Do you want to be left alone?
Do you
want to be coached?
Do you want to be a coach ?


If any of the above applies to you, that's fine - but it will remain your own little secret unless you fill out a questionnaire!

More details here and here.
Download your copy here.

This is for all members!
1/9/06 Regatta Cancellation news
Perhaps no surprise that Nithsdale was cancelled due to lack of entries. Note that the SPRC and St Andrew Head races have also been cancelled. See the 'events' board for forthcoming attractions.
Dilbert joins GRC

On a lighter note:

 (With apologies to Scott Adams and Dilbert ©.)

27/8/06 First and last chance
 - to mention that the GRC Vet C four won the 'Open' coxed fours event at Clyde regatta, beating some slightly surprised looking younger people. Russell and Ben were narrowly beaten in Novice double sculls.
Here's hoping for more GRC success today!
25/8/06 Scots at Dorney
A few interesting snaps of some friends at Dorney. 
Paul Mackie has managed to get some more publicity for Lindsay while maintaining his own anonymity by having his photo taken in the dark.
Since the BBQ had to be postponed, we are now proposing to have a
boat naming ceremony
for the NEW EIGHT and also have some form of party - indoors or out, depending on prevailing weather  - on
Keep the date free!
24/8/06 Clyde Regatta Draw
The Clyde Amateurs are running their sprint regatta this Saturday. Racing is from 10 a.m. until 3:15 p.m.
Here is the draw.
Take care- the river will be busier than usual.
Do not go downstream of the King's bridge between 9:30 and 3:30 on Saturday.
Nithsdale Regatta is on 2 September - poster, events and information.
Contact  if you want to compete.
Look at the 'Events' board to see a calendar of upcoming regattas and other events.
Dr. Luuurve, I presume?

No doubt worried that we might sicken without his diagnosis, the "Doctor of Lurve" has sent us a link to "Big Ross's Travel Blog".

Some members are apparently still in the dark about the Season 2006-2007 Questionnaire.
More details here.
Download your copy here.

This is for all members!
18/8/06 Last orders
Clyde Regatta entries close tomorrow. 
Contact NOW if you want to race.
17/8/06  Crackers?
thinks you might want to do this.
World Championships
In case you've been asleep for a few months:
Lindsay will be racing for Great Britain at the World Championships, at Dorney Lake, next week.

No-one from GRC has done that before!

(No Scottish club-based rower has ever done it, actually).
More details here (including TV schedule).

Anyone interested in travelling to Dorney to lend some support?
Why not start a discussion on the GRC Google group?
16/8/06 Faskally '06
Click here for details of this year's Loch Faskally coaching weekend, from 20-22 October.
More details.
15/8/06 Lindsay IS racing at the World Championships!
No details yet, but Al says there may be heats, rep and final
14/8/06 Racing.... we still do that?
No GRC entries for Inverness this Saturday.
Clyde regatta is on 26 Aug and entries now close on Saturday 19th.
10/8/06 Lindsay racing at World Championships?
Although the crew list was published yesterday, the final decision is yet to be made whether Lindsay's lightweight 4x will represent GB at the World Champs in Dorney on 20-27 Aug.
9/8/06 More racing!
  • Details of Clyde regatta now available: - notice and entry form.  (For some reason, entries for this close on Saturday, although the event is on 26 Aug.)
  • Entries close on Friday for Inverness.
Look at the 'events' board for a calendar of imminent  dates. 
7/8/06 Extension news
Thanks to those people who assisted George, Bill and Sandy on Saturday.
See what you achieved, opposite and here.
Lindsay at Lucerne 2006
Lins at Lucerne
Here's a picture of Lindsay, at the recent Lucerne World Cup Round, proudly wearing her GB colours.
Thanks to Al for the photo.
Dan in GB colours
Dan on GB duty
....and here's one just in of Daniel in his GB kit at the Coupe in Groningen.
4/8/06 Postponed!
The Summer Barbie will not be on Saturday 12th August. A new date will be announced soon.
More here.
2/8/06 Slash and burn?
This Saturday, we will be doing a bit of chopping and lopping of trees, to clear some space for the new 'boathouse extension'.
Many hands make light work!
Bring your gardening gloves.
Tools will be provided
31/7/06 Coupe de la Jeunesse Looks like Daniel raced as the 'reserve' at the Coupe and won both his races. GB won the match outright, easily.
is looking for additional hands to help run the bar at the Commonwealth Regatta this weekend: 10:15 to 17:15 both days.
Details are now in for the Nithsdale Regatta on 2 September - poster, events and information.
Contact  if you want to compete.
26/7/06 Anyone want to RACE?
Details are now in for the Inverness Sprint on Aug. 19.
Entry form, Event Poster and Rules of the Event
Contact  if you want to compete.
Don't forget the
 Summer Barbecue.
 - "the Glorious Twelfth", i.e. two weeks away.
24/7/06 Quick update
In the last two weeks:
  • Lindsay was 10th fastest boat at Lucerne and is hoping to race in the World Champs at Dorney next month. ( ....this from The Herald's
    a hilarious cartoon character a hilarious cartoon character.)
  • At Nat Champs  Jonny had to drop out of his race while, Al was 4th in his pair - not bad considering the amount of practice.
  • Scotland did reasonably well at HIR on Saturday, though not as well as we would have if any of the GRC performers had been racing....
  • Correction - Daniel did represent Scotland on Saturday, in Junior 1x and Junior 4x. He's now off to the "Coupe de la Jeunesse" match as reserve sculler in the GB squad. Good luck!
After the heats, Lindsay goes into the rep - only 2.3 sec. behind GBR1 who go straight to the semi.
- Semi-final for Lindsay!
- SF1, @ 2:21 (BST).
Talkin Tarn Regatta
Russell and Dunc - click to see original.
Russell and Dunc
Just these 2 snaps from Talkin' - none of the GRC Vet 2-, a.k.a. "Steering, Glasgow".
Kat sculling. Click to see original.
Kat sculling
7/7/06 No Talkin' ?
Sorry - forgot to mention last weekend's regatta. Russell and Duncan won through to the semi of Nov 2x but were beaten there. Katrina lost to 'big, muscly' scullers in both Ju 12 1x events.... and FC and TK got lost.
6/7/06 14,15,16 July -
Nat. Champs, Strathclyde Park.

The draw is up; looks like only Jonny (OL1x) and Al (O2-) representing GRC.

Of course, Lindsay is busy on GB business this weekend (see below) and Daniel is also chasing GB selection.
New boat Raffle.
Tickets will be on sale this weekend - get your £10 ready!
4/7/06 Lucerne this weekend.
Lindsay's GB representation continues with Lucerne regatta.
Looks like the LW2x crews have been changed; Lindsay is in GBR 2, but with a different partner.
Racing will be on Fri, Sat and Sun.
  • More info here. UPDATED
30/6/06 Summer Barbecue.
Yes, it's time to get on the summer frock and the slingbacks - well, so Ronnie tells me, but I'll stay casual myself.
8:45 D Sculls J.W. Logan & C.M. Logan v. M.W. Wells & S.C. Rowbotham (4th race of the day, vs GB squad...)  
UPDATE: Logans beaten, 'easily'.
9:05 Britannia Aberdeen B.C. v. Lea R.C.  
UPDATE: Aberdeen won, 1¾ lengths.
10:00 Temple Glasgow University v. Univ California, Berkeley, USA  
UPDATE: GUBC beaten, 3¼ lengths.
6:20 Fawley Sydney R.C. & Mosman R.C., AUS v. Walton R.C. & Glasgow R.C.
UPDATE: GRC interest ends as Daniel's crew loses by 2¼ lengths.
....this from The Herald's
a hilarious cartoon character a hilarious cartoon character.
Big Blade has lots more like this of Daniel at Henley.
Walton/GRC racing at Henley

racing at
Click for Top 100 rowing sites