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Season Debrief

This season Glasgow rowing club had a competitive group of rowers that trained to compete at competitions all over the country. At the start of June, members of the club headed down to Metropolitan Regatta and competed in various different boat classes. On the Saturday results included wins in Tier 2 pairs, Tier 3 pairs and Tier 4 coxless fours with some of the fastest times of the day in the two boat classes. On the Sunday the coxless four combined with the coxed four to race in Tier 3 club eights where they walked away with the win in their category. The coxless four also performed well with another win this time in Tier 3.

The next weekend the Glasgow Rowing Club members competed at the Scottish Rowing Championships. Along with the squad that headed to Metropolitan Regatta, members of the “Novice to R2” squad performed well in the non championship categories at the event. The masters men’s squad also had some good racing with Bill and Pete just being pipped at the line by crew from Clydesdale ARC. 

Some members of the club also competed in the open championship category in events including open pairs, open coxed and coxless fours, open singles and open eights. The first of the championship finals to take place that included Glasgow Rowing Club was the D final of open singles where James placed fourth (28th overall). Next up was the B final where Euan and his partner from Strathclyde University placed 3rd (11th overall). After that there was the A final for which three of the club’s boats had qualified. Josh and Calum placed 2nd, Ethan and Duarte placed 4th (and fastest lightweight crew) and Rory and Matt placed 7th. After the pairs events the crews came together to race in the eight. The crew got off to a strong start but a good sprint from Heriot Watt University saw them take back second place in the last 500m. The final day of racing saw the eight split into a coxed four where both crews performed well in their races with the coxed four placing third behind two strong crews from Edinburgh University and Aberdeen Schools. The coxless four put down another strong performance in fast conditions to take the win in the event in a time of 6:19.91 which we believe to be a club record. At this event Catriona Scott also competed in Women’s Championship Pairs and Coxless Fours finishing 11th and 2nd in the respective events whilst competing as part of a Glasgow University Boat Club crew. 

After the Scottish Championships, crews had their sights set on trying to Qualify for Henley Royal Regatta so trained hard for final crew selection and in the run up to the event. As the coxed and coxless fours had performed well at the Scottish Championships the decision was made to enter them in the Britain Challenge Cup and the Wyfold Challenge Cup. Neither boat had prequalified so both had to run down the track during the qualification event. Sadly this year the boats were not fast enough with the Britannia Crew made up of Lindsey Vest, Euan Strachan, Matt Jackson, Ethan Mathews and Graham Ord placed 4th of the non-qualifiers. The Visitors Challenge Cup crew made up of Duarte Menezes, Rory Young, Calum Young and Josh Thompson were the fastest non-qualifiers for the event. 

After the disappointment of not qualifying for Henley Royal Regatta six members of the squad focused their attention to the Home International Regatta that took place at Strathclyde Park last weekend. After the final selection had taken place 5 of the members were good enough to represent Scotland as part of the men’s squad at the event. Ethan and Duarte were selected as the lightweight pair and walked away with the win at the event. Josh and Calum were selected to race the pair which placed second behind a strong English crew. Rory joined the pair along with Robert from Princeton University to race the coxless four event where they walked away with the win after a photo finish with a strong english crew. Calum, Rory and Duarte joined with other athletes from around the country to make up the Scottish eight with placed 3rd in their event. This year Calum was selected to captain the men’s team at the event. 

After a tough final selection process Catriona was selected to race in the Scottish Women’s Coxed four and Eight at the event. Both crews put in dominating performances to win both events. After a tough day of racing the Scotland Won both the Women’s and Men’s events. For the women this was the first time since 2017 and for the men it was the first time since 2015 that they had won their respective events.

Good luck to all the athletes next season. 

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