GRC Burns Supper

GRC have had to cancel this weekends Burns’ Supper. If you have paid for tickets, please contact the treasurer for a refund or kindly donate to club funds :-).

We’ll not see you there :-(.


or in English if you prefer ;o)

Please contact a member of the committee for refunds.

2 responses to “GRC Burns Supper”

  1. Charles Sharkey says:

    I am glad to see that your rowing club is doing well and growing. However, I live nereby and find the state of the culb’s building an eyesore. It lowers the tone of the area. I am aware that club members are not responsible for the graffiti of some mindless individuals, but I do think it’s incumbent on the club to have this eyesore removed.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for your comments Charles. We have been blighted by local youths using our club as a Friday and Saturday night drinking zone. We are frequently clearing up broken bottles and bags when we arrive in the mornings. If you live nearby, it would be useful if you could notify the police when you notice individuals gathering for this purpose. We try to paint over graphiti when we can but it’s an expensive business that the club can barely afford. Our membership fees for a sport are low and we have to maintain an extensive fleet of boats and training equipment. We try to arrange for the grounds and building to be maintained to a good standard but the repeated vandalism by local youths, some of whom you may know, push the cost of running our club into levels which are unsustainable. We would much rather these youths join in on a weekend morning rather than tag the building and grounds.

      Many thanks.

      GRC Captain.

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