Clydesdale ARC Scullers Head – 7th Oct 2017

After recent inclemant weather and the water leaving the Clyde, a tree had made it’s way to the Dalmarnock bridge and got lodged just below it. Due to this raising safety concerns, they shortened the course to a meagre 3k. GRC battled hard and noted some good results with several new entries for this years event. GRC’s Scotland Rower Calum managed to pull out the stops in the clubs Empacher single (due to Calum’s usual boat being broken the previous week) to finish fifth. New member and former Castle Semple sculler and rower, Steve Conner, took a slight detour after Rutherglen bridge embedding himself firmly in a tree which took several minutes to get free of (this is quite serious in a time trial event). Steve and captain Steve took to the double in the second division and succeeded in completing the course to finish in a respectable 15th place.




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