Latest C-19 Guidance from Scottish Rowing – 27 November 2020

Scottish Rowing latest guidance

The significant sections below relate to GRC which remains in a Level 4 in the National Lockdown.

Participants can travel freely for organised sport and physical activity or informal exercise within their own Local Authority area.  When a participant travels out with their home local government area they should follow the travel guidance detailed below.  Travel regulations are now legally enforceable.  See table below for information on what organised sport or physical activity is allowed at each Level.  For informal exercise general household rules should be followed

Travel – Participants of all ages who live in a Level 4 area should only travel locally (within their own local authority area) to take part in organised sport as detailed above.

Participants of all ages should only travel out with their local government area (up to 5 miles) to take part in informal exercise such as walking, cycling or running that starts and finishes at the same place.  Such activity should follow the Scottish Government meeting others outdoors guidance.

Club access

Dear Glasgow Rowing Club members,

We are going to trial a one way system to try to improve movement through the club grounds and to try to reduce any contact. This sounds rigid but it should not be difficult and keeps people flowing and reduces crossing over and inadvertent mixing.

In addition to this we are also splitting the grounds into 3 areas:

  • carpark
  • grass and tarmac boathouse area
  • steps at the river

On arrival at the club  – enter the carpark area. Move towards the grassy area and enter down the sloping path. If the grass area and hard standing areas look busy do not proceed. Ensure people know you are coming to row and the people leaving should finish their session as quickly as possible.

If arriving via the footpath between the steps and the boathouse please move to the sloping path on arrival unless you are sure that numbers are low and you can directly enter the boathouse area.

Once the area is quieter get your boat and blades and proceed to the steps area.

On return exit the boat and get equipment to the boathouse area as quickly as possible. Wash boat outside and inside and blades handles and spoons and put away or leave if someone else is using immediately.

Leave the boathouse area by the steps.

GRC Virtual Book Club

Whilst we are unable to train and socialise together Liam has constructed a growing list of popular books which are recommended by GRC members and that are worth reading whilst we remain isolated at home. The link is below and please feel free to update and add titles, reviews and comments as required.

GRC Reading List

GRC strava Link

For those athletes amongst us who wish to share and compare their training efforts Katie and Ronan have set up our link to the strava site.

GRC strava

Scottish Rowing – Club of the Year

It’s official and something we all knew already but GRC have just been awarded Scottish Rowing’s Club of the Year 2018/19. Well done GRC.

Club Of the Year

#ScottishRowingAwardsOur final award goes to Glasgow Rowing Club, Scottish Rowing Club of the Year 2018/19!Glasgow Rowing Club have been working with with schools to provide new opportunities for local children, engaged with Glasgow Sport to achieve their Club Mark Accreditation and have established a thriving recreational rowing squad. Congratulations to everyone at GRC!

Posted by Scottish Rowing on Wednesday, 8 April 2020