Castle Semple Regatta – 30th May 2015

GRC took a small trailer load of boats and rowers(/scullers) down to Lochwinnoch to compete in the largest one day regatta in the country. There was a huge entry this year from clubs across the country meaning the regatta, across 6 lanes, ran from 08:30 in the morning until after 19:00 (due to some minor delays). Races were spaced at only 4 min apart so a tightly packed schedule saw many crews compete for the titles.

Among the winners, GRC saw only one first place with Miss Gilchrist finishing first in the WJ16 1x heat thought she was unable to make it to the final of this event. However, GRC did manage to come second or first in all bar the Novice Singles final, though Paul did do a fantastic job battling the rough seas (tough for us river dwellers) to reach both the final and to complete in an admirable 5th overall out of 12 competitors in this hotly contested event.

Time Event name Stage 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
9:06 WNov 2x Ht 2 SPRC GRC SABC NARC ASRA (Low)
9:42 Vet 2- F SPRC/IRC (E) GRC (C)
11:32 WJ16 2x Ht 1 SPRC (Payne) GRC SABC (Paton) GWC (McKinnon) NARC CSRC (Harkins)
12:00 WNov 1x Ht 2 GSRC (Nielson) SPRC (Francis) GRC (Mone) ABC (Wood) SABC (Masnikosa)
12:24 WJ16 2x F N SPRC (Payne) GRC CSRC (Miller) GWC (Tandon) ASRA SABC (Paton)
12:44 WNov 1x F N IRC (Ellis) GRC (Mone) ASRA (Douglas) GSRC (Nielson) SPRC (Francis)
14:10 Nov 1x Ht 1 AUBC (Coles) GRC (Ingram) GHS (Laurenson) CSRC (White)
14:50 WJ16 1x Ht 3 GRC (R. Gilchrist) SABC (Chowings) SPRC (Ord) GSRC (Neilson)
15:42 Nov 1x F N SPRC (O’Neill) SABC (Flockhart) GSRC (Urquhart) AUBC (Coles) GRC (Ingram) CSRC (Conner)