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It's this easy!

Have a look at this BBC video, featuring GB Olympic medallist Andy Hodge demonstrating how rowing on a machine and in a boat are not that different:

Steve Redgrave explains the different boat types:

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The Club

Welcome to Glasgow Rowing Club. The aim of the club is to promote active rowing at all levels. Club membership is open to all interested in the sport and a committee elected from its membership manages the club. Glasgow RC has its own clubhouse and a fleet of boats suitable for all grades and abilities. The club does not have any paid employees.


Safety on the water is paramount and all members should be able to swim at least 50 metres in light clothing just in case! Beginners are not allowed to use equipment without adequate supervision and until they have attained a reasonable level of competence should remain in sight of the clubhouse. Rowing after dusk is not allowed. Anyone who is acting as a coxswain must wear a life jacket. These are available in the club. In the event that a rower does fall in they should remain with their boat, which will not sink, and try to swim it to the bank where the incident can be dealt with.

Rules of the River

On the Clyde the rule of the river is keep left. This is the opposite from normal navigation rules and crews going upstream should remain close to the north bank (opposite the clubhouse) and go through the north arches of all bridges. Crews travelling downstream, towards the city centre, should keep towards the south bank and can use the centre and south arches of bridges. The Captain or senior official will advise on limits as new members become more competent.


Beginners should wear non-bulky sports kit. Initially they may have to sit around for periods and should be suitably clad for the prevailing weather, i.e. in cold weather a number of thin layers should be worn with long sleeves and leggings. Members are strongly advised to bring a change of clothing and a towel in case they get wet during their activity.


In addition to its fleet of boats the club has a small training room containing weights and weight training machines as well as a number of Concept II rowing ergometers (indoor rowing machines) for land training. For beginners there are 2 double and two single training boats, which are extremely stable. As beginners attain a level of competence they will be permitted to use racing shells.


The club policy is to allow beginners 3 or 4 outing before asking them to make a commitment to take out membership. Applications for membership can be made via the Captain, Secretary or Treasurer. Club membership entitles a member to have access to all club equipment, which the Captain deems them competent to use. The club has the following grades of rowing membership: - Senior, Junior, Student and Unemployed.

Enjoy your rowing!

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