Club access

Dear Glasgow Rowing Club members,

We are going to trial a one way system to try to improve movement through the club grounds and to try to reduce any contact. This sounds rigid but it should not be difficult and keeps people flowing and reduces crossing over and inadvertent mixing.

In addition to this we are also splitting the grounds into 3 areas:

  • carpark
  • grass and tarmac boathouse area
  • steps at the river

On arrival at the club  – enter the carpark area. Move towards the grassy area and enter down the sloping path. If the grass area and hard standing areas look busy do not proceed. Ensure people know you are coming to row and the people leaving should finish their session as quickly as possible.

If arriving via the footpath between the steps and the boathouse please move to the sloping path on arrival unless you are sure that numbers are low and you can directly enter the boathouse area.

Once the area is quieter get your boat and blades and proceed to the steps area.

On return exit the boat and get equipment to the boathouse area as quickly as possible. Wash boat outside and inside and blades handles and spoons and put away or leave if someone else is using immediately.

Leave the boathouse area by the steps.