Scottish Rowing – Lochdown Regatta – 24th/25th July 2021

GRC had a modest attendance at this season’s first adult regatta at Strathclyde Park over the weekend. On the Saturday Andrew Laird was in action both days with SUBC in O2x and O4x. On the Sunday Ross Marchbank raced O Masters 1x with some stiff competition and succumbed to the inevitable Masters’ Handicap which saw a 26 second time difference across the participants. Stewart Milne found himself at the other end of the age spectrum racing O Nov 1x and set up at the start with a clutch of very much younger athletes and without the benefit of a age handicap. Despite this Stewart thoroughly enjoyed his first solo competition outing.

If the weather and this weekend’s racing has inspired you to get back to competition then get in touch with our Club Coaches and start training for the Castle Semple Regatta, scheduled for 4th September and which always provides a great day of racing across a wide selection of events. The 4th September is just 5 weeks away.

Stewart & Ross before they raced I’m guessing?
Rules & Guidance for safe use of the River Clyde by Rowing Clubs

As a gentle reminder to all Club members that the Rules & Guidance below have been reviewed and agreed upon by all of the Rowing Clubs who use the Clyde. For those who have been out over the winter months it will serve as a timely reminder as the river get busier again and for those who have been away for a while it is essential that you remind yourselves of the Rules & Guidance which are there for everyones safety and enjoyment.

River Rules & Guidance