Revised C-19 Guidance

On 27th August Scottish Rowing provided a new update to their guidance for rowing clubs (Phase 3 Guidance for Rowing Version 4).

This has been produced in line with the Government guidance on health, physical distancing and hygiene

All details are available and should be read directly from the Scottish Rowing website.

The fundamental guidance remains the same and is contained in the image below:

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The main changes for GRC are considerations around facilities, indoor sport facilities (the gym), crew boat rowing and coxing.

Anyone using the club needs to be familiar with these details and to observe them carefully, for their own safety and that of others.

Facilities at GRC: Restrictions remain regarding access to the changing rooms, showers, gym and club room. The disabled toilet is in use.

Indoor sport facilities: Access to our usual gym is still restricted due to lack of ventilation. Equipment can be moved for a session in the boat bay, then returned to the gym. All hygiene and distancing measures need to be observed for any of these ‘indoor’ sessions, which will be helpful on a rainy day.

Crew boat rowing: there is gradual reintroduction of crew boat rowing, described in detail in the SR Guidelines. Please refer to these. One important point is that if one person tests Covid positive, the rest of the crew in that boat are counted as close contacts and will need to self-isolate following SG guidelines. Permission from the parents of Junior rowers needs to be obtained before any crew boat rowing.

Coxing: Anyone thinking about coxing needs to read the SR guidelines very carefully and thy are expected to follow this guidance in detail.

In addition please ensure you are familiar with and follow the safety guidance on this website, including the Rules if the River, and incident and damage reporting.GRC-Covid-19-Sculling 3rd Sept updatedExplanatory notes – Bookings and permissions

The need to use the existing boat booking and sign out/in sheets remains. This is essential to manage the number of members within the club grounds, boat allocation and most importantly will assist Public Health to implement Test and Protect if anyone tests positive.

The existing links to boat booking, signing out/in and cleanliness remain valid and are included below:

A message from C-19 Officer – Mary Rouse

Dear Glasgow Rowing Club members,

I have recently been appointed the Covid19 Officer for the club reporting to Scottish Rowing for any matters concerning Coronavirus.

As you will all be aware, this is a rapidly changing situation and although numbers of affected people at present is low, as people meet and return to more normal activities this may change.

At any time we may be told to remain in localised or more general isolation due to a rise in the number of cases of coronavirus.

Therefore, it is so important to remain aware of social distancing/ washing hands/ not touching face with hands. It is easy to forget and relax and this is when the virus will spread.

The club would also ask that you wear a mask from the car park until you are on the water or starting to use an erg outside.

The mask can be removed as you are about to start your activity and replaced when you finish. Masks can easily be tucked into clothing if you are rowing.

Masks reduce the spread from you to others and reduce your exposure to viral material in the air.

They are not a replacement for remaining 2m apart but are in addition.

Replace masks regularly or wash them if reusable.

Masks may also help with any decision that Public Health / Test and Protect will make when deciding the level of risk that anyone at the club will have been exposed to should anyone test positive.

Test and Protect should contact the person who tested positive and will discuss their movements and the level of risk attached to any meetings with other people. If the 2m distance has been adhered to and everyone was wearing masks the level of risk may be so low that there will be no need for anyone to be contacted by Test and Protect or for anyone to self-isolate for 14 days.

Please read the guidance on the Scottish Rowing and NHS Inform websites for the detail behind the current restrictions.

Please email me or Paul if you have any questions or speak to a committee member if there are any questions or concerns.

Hope to see everyone at the club soon.

Mary Rouse (Covid19 Officer)

Paul Ingram (Club Captain)

GRC Virtual Book Club

Whilst we are unable to train and socialise together Liam has constructed a growing list of popular books which are recommended by GRC members and that are worth reading whilst we remain isolated at home. The link is below and please feel free to update and add titles, reviews and comments as required.

GRC Reading List

GRC strava Link

For those athletes amongst us who wish to share and compare their training efforts Katie and Ronan have set up our link to the strava site.

GRC strava

Scottish Rowing – Club of the Year

It’s official and something we all knew already but GRC have just been awarded Scottish Rowing’s Club of the Year 2018/19. Well done GRC.

Club Of the Year

#ScottishRowingAwardsOur final award goes to Glasgow Rowing Club, Scottish Rowing Club of the Year 2018/19!Glasgow Rowing Club have been working with with schools to provide new opportunities for local children, engaged with Glasgow Sport to achieve their Club Mark Accreditation and have established a thriving recreational rowing squad. Congratulations to everyone at GRC!

Posted by Scottish Rowing on Wednesday, 8 April 2020