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2007 Fours Head
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Glasgow Rowing Club

Fours Head Of
The River 2007

To be held on Saturday, 24th November 2007 on the River Clyde 
over a downstream course of approximately 5000 m.

Events offered:
1st Race - 11:30 am 2nd Race - 2:00 pm
Men's 1. Open quad scull
2. Res1 four (coxed)
3. Nov. quad scull (coxed)
4. Vet Novice four (coxed)
14. Open four (coxed)
15. Res2 four (coxed)
16. Nov. four (coxed)
17. Vet 'B' four (coxed)
Open Junior 5. JU16 four (coxed)
6. JU15 four (coxed)
7. JU13 quad scull (coxed)
18. JU18 four (coxed)
19. JU15 quad scull (coxed)
20. JU14 quad scull (coxed)
Women's 8. Open four (coxed)
9. Res2 four (coxed)
10. Nov. four (coxed)
11. JU16 four (coxed)
12. JU15 four (coxed)
13. Vet 'B' four (coxed)
21. Open quad scull
22. Res1 four (coxed)
23. Nov. quad scull (coxed)
24. JU18 four (coxed)
25. JU15 quad scull (coxed)
26. Vet Novice four (coxed)

Entries must be received by Sunday, 18th November 2007 at 5.00 p.m.

Please use the on-line entry system on the GRC web site.

The draw will be made immediately after entries close.

Entry fees

(including S.A.R.A. levy).
  • Senior events - £25.00 per crew,
  • Junior events - £20.00 per crew.

Discounted fees if
paid in full before race day:

  • £22.00 (senior) and 
  • £17.00 (junior) 


Alistair Browne
115 Barons Hill Ave.,
West Lothian EH49 7JQ 

Mobile:0776 825 0928

racing at the GRC fours head in 2005
Racing for the line in 2005

Important Notes

  • At least three crews must race in an event for a prize to be awarded.
  • No "time-only" entries will be accepted. Any crew wanting to test themselves is welcome to enter in an open category.
  • The race is for fours and quad sculls only. No other boat classes will be accepted.

  • In each race a prize will be awarded for the fastest crew overall.
  • Additionally a pennant will be awarded to the fastest crew in each event contested. Each member of a winning crew will receive an individual prize.
  • Special prizes of three litres of spirits will be awarded to the most successful club at the event and to the most successful University at the event. Composite crews do not count towards these prizes.

  • Open Junior events are open to all competitors whose rowing age is less than the specified age. Women's Junior events are open only to female competitors who also fulfil the age qualification.
  • No veteran handicaps will be applied - each event is given its age class and any Veteran crew of equivalent or greater age class may enter that event.
  • The Veteran Novice event is open to crews who are Veteran A or above and also Novice.
  • The starting order will be arrived at by reference to the 2005 results.

  • Entries must be made by a responsible member of the Club (e.g. Captain, Secretary) and must be received by the Entries Secretary by Sunday, 18th November 2007 at 5.00 p.m. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Entry fees (including S.A.R.A. levy).
    • Senior events - £25.00 per crew,
    • Junior events - £20.00 per crew.
  • Discounted fees of £22.00 (senior) and £17.00 (junior) are offered for payment in full received with entries.
  • All competitors must possess a current racing licence issued by SARA (or other governing body). Licence numbers must be supplied or else competitors may need to apply for a SARA Day Ticket.

racing at the GRC fours head in 2004
Getting crowded in 2004

Please note -

Club packs will be provided on the day, including race numbers and race information for all crews.

Each pack will be released when payment in full of the club's entry is received.


The Boathouse
Silverfir Street
Gorbals, Glasgow G5 0JZ

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