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2007 Fours Head
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Fours Head Of
The River 2007

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A big thank-you to all competitors, officials and helpers who contributed to the success of today's event. Particular thanks to Mr McKinney and his small band of Umpires. And the gruelling job of manning the safety boats was again proved to be an invaluable one.

Thanks one and all.

Many competitors were, unfortunately, denied their racing opportunity. This is particularly galling since it could, in almost all cases, have been avoided had these crews heeded our advice regarding boating times.

Full results:

Division 1:

GLASGOW U.B.C.218:52Winner M Op 4x
Clyde/Cannottieri Sebino Lovere418:55 M Op 4x
GLASGOW U.B.C.520:01Winner M Res1 4+
EDINBURGH U.B.C.720:24Runner-up M Res1 4+
GLASGOW U.B.C.620:30 M Res1 4+
7= CLYDE A.R.C.121:04 M Op 4x
7= EDINBURGH U.B.C.821:04 M Res1 4+
GEO.WATSON'S2721:26 Op Ju16 4+
10 EDINBURGH U.B.C.1322:17 M Res1 4+
11 GLASGOW U.B.C.922:34 M Res1 4+
12 ABERDEEN S.R.A.2622:36Winner M Nov 4x+
13 HERIOT WATT U.B.C.1122:47 M Res1 4+
14 EDINBURGH U.B.C.1623:04 W Op 4+
15 STRATHCLYDE PARK R.C.2223:49Winner W Res2 4+
16 ABERDEEN S.R.A.3424:02Winner W Ju16 4+
17 CLYDE A.R.C.3124:12Winner M Vet Nov 4+
18 ST. ANDREW B.C.1724:21 W Res2 4+
19 CLYDE A.R.C.2124:42 W Res2 4+
20 EDINBURGH U.B.C.1824:52 W Res2 4+
21 GLASGOW U.B.C.4025:05Winner W Nov 4+
22 GEO.WATSON'S2525:10 M Nov 4x+
23 GLASGOW R.C.3025:13 M Vet Nov 4+
24 ABERDEEN S.R.A.2825:23 Op Ju15 4+
25 GLASGOW U.B.C.1225:51 M Res1 4+
26 EDINBURGH U.B.C.2026:01 W Res2 4+
27 STRATHCLYDE PARK R.C.3326:04 W Ju16 4+
28 ST. ANDREW B.C.3226:43 M Vet Nov 4+
29 ST. ANDREW B.C.2326:44 W Res2 4+
30 STRATHCLYDE U.B.C.4426:45Runner-up W Nov 4+
31 ST. ANDREW B.C.4327:58 W Nov 4+
32 STRATHCLYDE U.B.C.1028:33 M Res1 4+
33 EDINBURGH U.B.C.3829:06 W Nov 4+
34 HERIOT WATT U.B.C.3530:03 W Nov 4+
35 GLASGOW U.B.C.1433:06 M Res1 4+
36 EDINBURGH U.B.C.3736:14 W Nov 4+
37 STRATHCLYDE U.B.C.4636:20 W Nov 4+
38 GLASGOW U.B.C.4137:24 W Nov 4+
Did not start SPRC/CSRC15 M Res1 4+
Did not start GLASGOW U.B.C.19 W Res2 4+
Did not start HERIOT WATT U.B.C.24 W Res2 4+
Did not start CASTLE SEMPLE29 M Nov 4x+
Did not start ST. ANDREWS U.B.C.36 W Res2 4+
Did not start EDINBURGH U.B.C.39 W Nov 4+
Did not start STRATHCLYDE U.B.C.42 W Nov 4+
Not rowed out GLASGOW U.B.C.45 W Nov 4+

Division 2:

STRATHCLYDE PARK R.C.5318:12Winner M Op 4+
GEO.WATSON'S7218:51Winner Op Ju18 4+
STRATHCLYDE U.B.C.6118:54Winner M Res2 4+
GLASGOW U.B.C.6019:03Runner-up M Res2 4+
CLYDE A.R.C.5619:04Winner W Op 4x
Loch Ard/GUBC5919:18 W Op 4x
DUNDEE U.B.C.7019:43 M Res2 4+
STRATHCLYDE U.B.C.6619:47 M Res2 4+
ST. ANDREW B.C.7520:12Winner M Vet B 4+
10 GLASGOW U.B.C.6820:16 M Res2 4+
11 ST. ANDREW B.C.6320:23 M Res2 4+
12 GEO.WATSON'S7320:49 Op Ju18 4+
13 HERIOT WATT U.B.C.8620:51Winner M Nov 4+
14 DUBC /Castle Semple/Nithsdale5820:52 W Op 4x
15 EDINBURGH U.B.C.8921:00Runner-up M Nov 4+
16 DUNDEE U.B.C.9521:03 M Nov 4+
17 CLYDESDALE8521:05 M Nov 4+
18 STRATHCLYDE PARK R.C.8121:06Winner W Ju18 4+
19 GEO.WATSON'S 10021:14Winner Op Ju15 4x+
20 EDINBURGH U.B.C.8221:24 M Nov 4+
21 ST. ANDREW B.C.9121:53 M Res2 4+
23= CASTLE SEMPLE 9922:07 Op Ju15 4x+
23= GLASGOW U.B.C.10122:07Winner W Nov 4x+
25 HERIOT WATT U.B.C.9822:15 M Nov 4+
26 DUNDEE U.B.C.8822:32 M Nov 4+
27 GEO.WATSON'S5522:47 W Op 4x
28 STRATHCLYDE U.B.C.8323:30 M Nov 4+
29 ABERDEEN S.R.A.9023:38 M Nov 4+
30 DUNDEE U.B.C.8724:31 M Nov 4+
31 ABERDEEN S.R.A. 11024:36Winner Op Ju14 4x+
32 ABERDEEN S.R.A. 10725:33Winner W Ju15 4x+
33 GLASGOW U.B.C.9625:39 M Nov 4+
34 GLASGOW R.C.10625:53 W Vet Nov 4+
35 HERIOT WATT U.B.C.9228:54 M Nov 4+
Disqualified GLASGOW U.B.C.51 M Op 4+
Did not start EDINBURGH U.B.C.54 M Op 4+
Did not start CLYDE A.R.C.57 W Op 4x
Did not start ST. ANDREWS U.B.C.62 M Res2 4+
Did not start EDINBURGH U.B.C.64 M Res2 4+
Did not start EDINBURGH U.B.C.65 M Res2 4+
Did not start CLYDE A.R.C.67 M Res2 4+
Did not start GLASGOW U.B.C.69 M Res2 4+
Did not start HERIOT WATT U.B.C.71 M Res2 4+
Did not start GLASGOW R.C.74 M Vet B 4+
Did not start GLASGOW U.B.C.76 W Res1 4+
Did not start EDINBURGH U.B.C.77 W Res1 4+
Did not start EDINBURGH U.B.C.78 W Res1 4+
Did not start EDINBURGH U.B.C.79 W Res1 4+
Disqualified ABERDEEN S.R.A.80 W Ju18 4+
Disqualified CLYDE A.R.C.93 M Nov 4+
Did not start EDINBURGH U.B.C.94 M Nov 4+
Did not start GLASGOW U.B.C.97 M Nov 4+
Did not start ST. ANDREW B.C.102 W Nov 4x+
Did not start STRATHCLYDE U.B.C.103 W Nov 4x+
Did not start CASTLE SEMPLE104 W Nov 4x+
Did not start Clyde/GWCRC105 W Nov 4x+
Did not start GEO.WATSON'S 108 W Ju15 4x+
Did not start GEO.WATSON'S 109 Op Ju14 4x+
The Boathouse
Silverfir Street
Gorbals, Glasgow G5 0JZ

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